Liralth and Kianna

You are walking down the weyr's halls when you pass an open door. Curious, you enter and find yourself in the middle of a very large weyr. A young girl of around sixteen turns is shifting through a tall stack of papers. Her coppery hair is cut short beneath her chin, which juts out in frustration. She happens to glance up and see you. She rises and nearly knocks the papers off the table.

"Oh, shards!" she grabs the stack and straightens them just in time. She sighs in relief, then turns to greet you. "Excuse me for the rude greeting traveler. I am Kianna. I usually don't do records, but Branth is on the Sands so Zilsa asked me to keep track of them. Did you come to see Liralth?" You didn't, but as her face lights up with the word Liralth you nod. "Great!" she gushes. "She's right out here, on the sunning ledge." You follow her and are amazed to find an enormous gold lying down in the heat. She opens one eye lazily to gaze at you, then closes it. The tiny girl rushes to her dragon's side and begins to rub the great eye-ridges fondly.

"This is my beautiful one, Larilth. I Impressed her from Gallimim Weyr around New Turns. We're the Weyrwoman's seconds now, and one of the only two queens in the weyr." She grins happily and pats the great neck. "I used to have worries about being left behind on the hatching grounds. Now all I've got to worry about is those stupid bronzeriders. They won't believe that I'll let Liralth decide who flies her." She laughs, and you nod, trying to avoid the subject.

"My family was certainly glad I Impressed, but I guess they're one of my problems too. They think that because I'm a goldrider, that gives them permission to do whatever they want. Oh, well, someday Liralth and I will fly down there and she'll give them a little talk." She laughs, which is enough to wake Liralth. Grumbling, she turns her large head to her rider and snorts. Kianna laughs. "Oh, dear, she's hungry. I've got to go now, but it's been nice talking to you." She climbs on Liralth and they take off. You agree silently that she was the one talking, and leave.

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