J'nali and Gorinth's Weyr

"Welcome traveller!" As you walk into the next weyr, you are greeted by the site of a heavy set young man, who is repairing a broken riding strap. A strangely colored gold flit is perched on his shoulder.

You greet him, and he turns and waves a hand. "Heyla! I am J'nali, rider of Brown Gorinth. This is Terra, my special little flit. I found her egg at a Gather at Gallimim Weyr. Gorinth should be here soon, he's just finishing his meal." At almost that moment, an extremely large brown dragon lands neatly on the flight ledge.

"Big, isn't he?" J'nali laughs, sensing your amazement. "You're lucky he is so big and hungry, or we wouldn't be here at all. Gor flew White Januth and she laid seven eggs on the Sands of Jerdan Weyr. They've hatched now, so now we have to go visit Januth every day. Not that I mind seeing Calate every day. Calate is Januth's rider, my weyrmate. Today, we've got to do a Search too It's funny, actually, I never thought I'd Impress, and here I am looking for more people so they can stand. But it was almost four turns ago that I stood on the Sands at Jerdan Weyr." Very suddenly, all the light in the weyr seems to disappear. "Gorinth, get your head out of the doorway, please." The enormous head is drawn back, and once again, light floods the weyr.

"He wants to go, but then he wanted to see you." explains J'nali. "Would you come out and let him see you? We really do have to go, but we can spare a few moments. You nod, and step out on the sunny ledge. The large dragon tilts his head at you, then closes his jewel-bright eyes and rests his large head on the stone. J'nali laughs softly, and you expect that the dragon had made a comment or joke. "He wants to go see his Januth NOW, and here I am fooling around with little people that just come into the weyr. Really, we do need to go now. I want to see Calate anyway." J'nali blushes, then throws himself onto his dragon's neck. He doesn't even need riding straps, he fits perfectly between two neck ridges. He raises his hand in farewell as the huge brown launches into the air. You watch the dragon's large figure until it disappears between then turn back into the weyr, stopping to read the hides you see posted on the doorpost on your way out.

Rider NameJ'nali
DragonBrown Gorinth
RankFighter (soon wingsecond)
Petsflit, goldTerra
Weyrmatewhiterider Calate

Dragon's NameGorinth
ParentsGold Hannith and Bronze Crenseth
MateWhite Januth

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