Rhyolith and Jeshat

You stroll around the weyrbowl, passing several empty weyrs. You just heard the bell for the evening meal, and you're half thinking about going to eat. While passing the dragon lake, you hear a shriek, which has to be very loud as you can hear it over the roar of the waterfall. A small green flit is being pursued by a gold, her wings beating rapidly. The gold finally catches her and gives her several cuts before you rush up and chase her off.

The green allows you to pick her up, and you examine her injuries, which all appear minor. The long scratch on her wing will keep her from flying for awhile, but that's all. The green whimpers pitifully, and you give her some of the dried meat you always carry with you. She eats it, then looks very suddenly in a different direction and shrieks almost as loudly as she had to begin with. You look in the same direction, and see a girl coming your way. She sees the flit in your arms, and begins to run, long blond hair streaming behind her.

"What have you done to Gibralt?" she yells, snatching the flit from your arms. She looks over every inch of the flit carefully, and seems to listen to her, while you try to explain what happened. "Oh! I see, I'm so sorry, thank you for saving her. I'm greenrider Jeshat, also a farmer. Would you like to come to my weyr while I patch Gibralt up? You can see Rhyolith

You nod, and follow her to the main weyr building and up a flight of narrow steps. Finally, you reach a small pleasant weyr. A groggy green weyrling looks up at you from the stone dragoncouch on one side of the weyr.In the dim light of several glows, you can see several pots of soil with sprouts of different varieties of plants.

"Messy, isn't it?" Jeshat asks, having finished the flit's wing. "Like I said, I'm a farmer, grew up in the farmercraft hall. My parents were both only teenage apprentices when I was born, apparently something about a very broody green being taken out of the weyr. So I was raised by one of the Masters, and have had probably more experience with growing things than some of the Masters themselves, though I'm only a journeywoman. I wasn't exactly thrilled to be Searched, and they had to force me onto the hatching sands. Then a voice came into my head when I was sitting in the corner and sulking. At first I didn't want to answer her, then I looked into Rhyolith's eyes and I didn't want to leave her." Jeshat smiles at the memory, seeming a bit ashamed of her first rude behavior.

"Gibralt was thrilled to have her, because she could steal some of Rhy's meat. Rhy is rather attached to Gibralt too. She was the one that heard Gibralt's distressing thoughts and told me. Now, she needs to feed. Do you want to help with the meat?" She smiles sweetly, and you aren't sure whether she is putting this as a compliment or not, but you have seen dragons eat and don't wish too again. Quickly apologizing, you back out and head for your evening meal.

Rhyolith was Impressed at Jerdan Weyr

Gibralt is from Sapphire Weyr

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