Zeslioth and Jikkali

You are walking through the halls of the weyr, feeling quite lost. You see a young girl of maybe fourteen turns in front of you, and you ask her if she could show you the way out. She smiles, but shakes her head.

"I'm sorry traveler, but I have to get back to my weyr and Zeslioth, my dragon. You're welcome to come and see my beauty." She looks at you hopefully and you can't help laughing before you accept her offer.

"Great! I'm Jikkali by the way. Here, the weyr's right here." She opens a door and a tiny gold flit barges out.

"Hanta, you're going to kill me!" Jikkali scolds. The flit chirps and you are surprised to feel a picture of a green dragon snapping at you...or is it the flit? Jikkali laughs and opens the door the rest of the way, leading you farther into the weyr. "Zeslioth doesn't like Hanta, and now Hanta's scared between that Zes's going to fry her to a crisp for earlier offenses. It's a good thing that Zes DOES have more sense than Hanta, or I think she's try. She laughs, then stops as you both enter the main weyr.

A green dragon, huge to you but smaller than most you have seen, sits upright on the stone dragoncouch. Jikkali runs to her immediatly and spends so long scratching her eyeridges that you wonder if you have been forgotten. Finally, and somewhat reluctantly, she turns away from her dragon, eyes shining.

"This is my Zeslioth, traveler. Isn't she gorgeous? I Impressed her at Talor Cliff Weyr's Sands. I try to never be away from her, but I had to get something to eat or I'd starve myself and that wouldn't help her." She smiles and once more strokes the dragon's large head. You see that she is lost in her dragon's eyes, and you creep out quietly to leave them alone.

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