Raoth and J'dan

You flatten against the stone wall as a fair of flits dashes by you. Feeling a wooden door behind you, you duck in, and find yourself in a pleasant weyr. A small green rests on the flight ledge, eyes whirling an even blue. You greet her and then look for her rider.

The dark curtain separating the main room from the rest of the weyr moves, and a tall young man of around twenty turns walks in, a blue flit from the fair on his shoulder.

"Heyla! Raoth didn't tell me we had visitors. I am J'dan, and of course you've seen my green beauty? And this is Ulan. He's taken to flying around with the other flits, and I needed him to send a message. Would you like some klah?" You then relize how thirsty you are, and gratefully accept. He pours two cups, then hands one to you.

"I'm glad you came." J'dan tells you. "Visitors have been slacking off since Raoth and I started flying in a fighting wing. We use a flamethrower at the moment, as Raoth wanted the option to have at least one clutch before she decided whether to chew firestone or not." You agree that it is a good choice, and J'dan nods gratefully. "Yes, we thought so. It's time for Raoth to hunt now, it's been about a sevenday. You're welcome to come, but I don't think you'll want to." You nod, and decide to move on.

Raoth was Impressed at Talor Cliff Weyr

Ulan was Impressed at Cape Weyr

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