Ikalin's Weyr

You are walking around the main weyrbowl when you see a large gray and white canine ambling slowly along.

You call it over and it complies, wagging itís tail. You scratch itís ears and it licks you, then quite suddenly it stands up and walks off. You follow it, up a few flights of stairs and finally into a largish weyr, which seems deserted. Suddenly, a large brown lands on the platform outside the weyr, a several minutes later a young man dressed in riding clothes strolls in.

The man removes his goggles and jacket, then turns to you. "Heyla, traveler. I am brownrider L'ink, and that big lug is Corovith. We're wingseconds now, so we almost never get time back in the good old weyr." He shakes his head sadly, then grins. "But what's the use of mourning when I get to ride the smartest, fastest, and most beautiful dragon in the weyr? And anyway, my brother L'nir is wingleader, so it's not like I don't know anyone in the wing. I think I know everyone in the weyr, actually. Me'n Monty been here our entire lives, though Corovith was hatched at Talor Cliff Weyr." You ask if Monty is the canine which you followed, and L'ink nods.

"Yep, that's my boy. He sort of belongs in the lower caverns, but he still sleeps up here, and I play around with him when Cor's asleep. Like he is now, actually." You look up, surprised you hadn't seen the big eyes closing. "He sleeps almost as much as he did when he was a hatchling, by his own egg! Oh, well, I'm sort of tired too. Excuse me, but I've got to get some sleep, there's threadfall tomorrow. Clear Skies." He rises up and heads towards the sleeping room of the weyr. You stand up and bid a soft farewell to the sleeping dragon before leaving.

Monty is from Glass Island Weyr

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