Gryphon Heights

You step through the portal and wait a few seconds before opening your eyes to get them adjusted to the light. Then you open them and look around. Wherever you are, it looks empty. There's lots of red dirt and rocks, but very little vegitation. You take a few steps forward when suddenly something hits you very hard from behind and pins you to the ground.

"Give me one good reason why I should let you live, stranger." A gravelly voice growls in your ear. Terrified, you gulp once before speaking.

"I'm a guest of Destiny's, she told me I could visit around," you manage to stammer. The weight moves slowly off your back and you turn around slowly to find a fairly small bright blue gryphon. It's still considerably larger than you are though, and the way it's staring at you makes you uncomfortable.

"Perhaps Destiny did send you." The gryphon mutters, and you wonder if it really wanted to eat you that badly. "I am not an it. I am Eliant, queen of the heights, or at least these gryphon heights. Destiny granted me this realm when I found it and directs all gryphons she finds here. Soon, I shall have many companions. At the moment I only have one, and she's always running,"

"Mom! You didn't attack another visitor, did you? I'm so sorry traveler. Are you hurt?" The large yellow gryphon, who suddenly appeared in the sky to the North lands gracefully and moves over to you, seeming concerned. When she is satisfied that you're all right, she turns to the older gryphon.

"You're always saying how lonely you are, mom, why do you keep attacking all our visitors?" She scowls at her mother.

"Don't you be telling me what to do, Alrain. If you weren't gone all the time, I wouldn't have to attack anyone." The two gryphons lock eyes, and you move towards the portal.

"No, wait, don't go!" Alrain turns her head towards you and gives you a gryphon smile. "Feel free to wander around as long as you like. Mom won't attack you anymore, will you mom?"

Eliant mumbles something about disrespectful children, then stalks off and flops down in a patch of sun. Alrain smiles apologetically at you, and takes off in the direction from which she came. You turn to go, then turn back. I wonder where Alrain is going. Maybe I should follow her. Or maybe not...

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