The Treasure Hunt

Have you gone on a treasure hunt recently? You know what a treasure hunt is, don't you? You simply click on the little treasure chest on the main shops page and accept the quest, then follow the clues until you find your prize, usually a rare item. Simple, right?

Well, not really. Sometimes the clues can be baffling, and halfway through the hunt the clues become scrambled. As a result, the quester usually gives up in despair.

To prevent that from happening to Forest Cafe guild members, we've constructed a database of treasure hunt clues and their answers. We don't give the scrambled version because it varies between accounts, but if you have the answer already it becomes pretty easy to figure out the clue.

*Note* Sometimes the next clue will not appear on the correct page right away, and you'll have to refresh a few times. If you come across a puzzling clue that isn't addressed here, please neomail scotland4ever.

“Let everyone know just how much of a star your pet is.” – Pet Spotlight, on the bottom of the Pet Central page.

“Should you bring an umbrella today, or will it be bright and sunny in Neopia?” – the weather page, click on World on the menu bar and scroll down to where it says “The Weather in Neopia”

“Best roller coasters in Neopia.” – the theme parks page, go to games, and go down to the picture of the ferris wheel at the bottom of the page

“For a game that is just out of this world” – gormball, go to games, to adventure games, to the little circle of pets tossing a ball around.

“Find the island mystic you must” – Just like it says: go to the explore map, and go to mystery island-the island mystic’s hut is on the top far left, on the two little islands

“Have you adopted one of these slave pets yet?” – Go to the explore map, click on the space station, and go to the grundo adoption agency. You have to actually click the little gray button and go to the page where you create grundos.

“Test your memory skills in this game of concentration and speed” – Kiko Match, one of the puzzle games

“Cartoons are awesome and cartoon games are even better” –go to the shops page and click on the little arcade that says ‘cartoon network’

“What are these neopoints and what can they do for me” – go to the help page and click on ‘account problems’ (next to the blue kau); go to where it says “What are Neopoints” and click on the link under that (it says ‘here.’) A page will come up, telling you how many neopoints you have

“Test your neopet knowledge and win some quick np” – go to Lenny Trivia, under puzzle games

“bid your way to the item you desire” – pretty easy, go to the auction house

“make a wish and it just might be granted” – Wishing well, on the shops page

“it is always better to give than to receive” – Go to the money tree, on the shops page

“winning loads of np can be as simple as choosing some numbers and buying a ticket” – go to the Neopian lottery, it’s a chance game (click on the little lottery balls on the side of the chance game page)

“a way to share your website with others that have common interests” – go to the World page and scroll down to the bottom, then click on “Neocircles”

“tell your friends about the coolest site on earth” – go to Pet Central and click on “Send a pet to a friend”

“giant monsters duke it out and Neopia hangs in the balance” – Go to games, to adventure games, and click on the large, ugly green Chia. You’ll go to the game Chiazilla vs. MechaChiazilla, which is the answer.

“you would be wise to run the other way if you encounter one of these creatures” – Go to the World page and click on “Evil” at the top of the page