Thanks for wanting to adopt a wonderful pet!

Pet Adoption

So you want to adopt a pet? Great! We've got many to choose from. Just follow these simple steps:

1.Find the pet that's right for you at our adoption agency (down below).

2.Contact the pet's foster parent on Neopets with the name of the pet you want and your account name- all foster parents can be neomailed, and unless otherwise stated they don't mind being contacted at another e-mail address if you can't neomail.

3.Wait for the foster parent to give you a quick background check-just to see how many pets you have, if you are a member of a guild, etc.

4. Pick up your pet at the appointed time in the pound. Adopting a pet means paying the amount asked for by the adoption agency.

5.Start having fun with your pet!

So are you ready? Then go on to the pet list