You decide to follow the more friendly gryphon. Past the mountain you were just on, you climb a few rocky hills and lope through a small field full of a strange orange plant. I'm lucky she's easy to spot. You gasp as you stumble over a large chunk of stone and fall flat on your face, luckily into a pile of grass.

Why have you commme? A very loud voice hisses in your head. You feel a headache coming on.

"Tris! Leave them be, it's a friend!" A more familiar voice shouts nearby, and a thud accompanies a gryphon landing. You turn around to see a black dragon grudgingly (and slowly) closing it's mouth, just inches from your head.

"Sorry about that!" Alrain, the yellow gryphon from the heights, folds her wings over her back and trots over to you. "Tristan has been a bit agressive lately. He's an oxynite dragon from Moonstone Weyr. He's just slow to warm up to strangers, don't let the first impression fool you;he's a softy." She smiles affectionately at the dragon, who has stalked off behind a boulder and is now sulkily blowing little tounges of flame in your direction.

"What are you doing here?" You ask, looking around you. Many large boulders dot a small field full of silvery-green grass, which slopes steeply upwards at one side. Near the boulder where Tristan the black dragon is sulking, a huge wall of rock rises vertically into the air.

"Pretty, isn't it?" The gryphon looks around at the strange site. "I found it when I was just a kid. One day I was hanging around at the nursery in the Lair, and saw baby Tristan terrorizing all the other hatchlings. The nursery aides didn't want him around, so I felt sorry for him and brought him here. He says he likes it. Now, one of his cousins down at Dragon Guard sent him an egg to take care of. I didn't think it was a good idea, but he's become almost permanently attached to that egg. I don't think he'd want you to come close to it, but you might be able to catch a glimpse of it over there, near the hot springs." She points her beak to a shallow indentation full of bubbling water nearby.

The egg is minnnne. Don't touch! The black dragon slithers from behind his boulder and places himself between you and your view of the egg. Uncertainly, you turn to Alrain.

"Tristan, I swear, I've never seen a broody male dragon before. Maybe you'd better go, traveler. I could accompany you back to The Heights if you wish. Or there's a portal over there back to The Lair. Click on Tristan to go to Moonstone Weyr, or on the egg to go to Dragon Guard.