Selinoth and F'nal

You walk out of the undercaverns, glancing at the horizon. It's darker than you remembered, and you better either bribe a rider to take you home or find a spot on the floor. Still walking, you bump into a young man of maybe twenty one turns. The boy falls to the ground, but as you reach down your hand to help him up, but he waves it away, rubbing his head. "Watch where ya' going, you deadglow!" he mutters, the looks up at you and pales considerably under his tan. He shoves a mass of pale blond hair out of his blue eyes, and shrugs his shoulders sheepishly.

"Did I say deadglow? I'm sorry, I though you were my cousin Ounali. She's always bumping into me, or it's me bumping into her. Did I hurt ya'? I'm bluerider F'nal, by the way. I was hoping to get something to eat, or at least finding Ari walking around. But I guess there's no hope of that, I'm still getting lost around here and I'm a rider!" He laughs, finally standing up. "But I shouldn't be keeping you out here. How would you like to come see my weyr? You can see Selinoth too!" You accept his offer and follow him through the weyr.

The weyr is dark, and F'nal hurries ahead to light a glowbasket. You follow, and are suddenly attacked. Yelling, you try and pry your attacker from it's grip on your face. "JILAN, OFF, NOW!" At F'nal's voice, the blue flit lets go of you and flies over to F'nal's shoulder.

"What do think you're doing, attacking guests?" F'nal scolds the little creature. "I'm sorry traveller, he always does this. I guess I should have warned you. This is Jilan. I found a clutch on the beaches near Glass Island Weyr, and took them to the weyr. In return, I got an egg, and here's my flit. He can be annoying, but he's a good companion. The weyr's just up ahead, you can go ahead this time, though I promise there aren't any more flits lurking in the darkness." He grins, and you wonder if your host has more of a sense of humor than you first thought.

F'nal's weyr is fairly clean and nicely decorated. A carved wooden table with a stone jug stands in one corner flanked by four matching chairs. Thick carpets in shades of red, blue, and green line the floors. Tapestries grace the walls, and you can just see the large light blue dragon basking in the sun on the ledge.

"Nice, isn't it?" F'nal grins. "For a while after I was Searched, my father wouldn't let me take anything from the hold. He was flaming mad about me leaving, being his oldest son and all. But I'm happier here, especially now that I've got Selinoth,and that leaves m' brother the ship that would've been mine, so he's happy too. I'm just not cut out for fishing, I get seasick. M' uncle was nicer though, Ounali's da'. He's the Masterfisherman, so dad had to let me go. Felt better that Ounali came too, felt that uncle Lar got what was coming to 'im. I'm glad to know someone, but Ounali can get real old. Always so proper, likes to play by the rules. Hah! But I got to stand before she did, on the sands at Glass Island Weyr, and here's my beautiful blue. After Seli reached his full size and right after he flew Kyliath, we went right down to the hold and demanded what was mine to begin with. Father wasn't too happy 'bout that, but he gave in and I think my brothers were impressed. Anyway, what about that klah?" You nod, and he hands you a stone cup. While sipping it, you ask him about this Kyliath. He grins.

"Ari's green. Well, Arilani actually, but that's sort of long. My weyrmate, though neither of us ever considered that possibility. We were friends as weyrlings." He flushes, but continues. "Sel used to flirt with her during weyrling classes and not pay attention." He smirks at his dragon, who snorts and pretends to be asleep.

"Now actually, we have a son, Hannal. Headwoman Baliana has taken him on as a fosterling, but he still comes around to play with the flits. He's a good boy, and Seli likes him." You congradulate F'nal and he thanks you.

"My mother was estatic about her first grandchild being born. She's been getting mad at my brothers for Turns because they won't settle down and get married. I think she's going to send my youngest sister to the weyr as soon as possible to keep an eye on him."

You finish your klah while chatting awhile with your host. Finally, you look out onto the flight ledge and arise with a start. The sun is just peeking over the horizon on the eastern side of the weyrbowl. F'nal follows your glance and laughs. "Looks like we talked the whole night through, friend. And Selinoth and I have to get up early to learn about being on watch. I'd offer you a bed, but I usually just sleep with Seli so I'm afraid it isn't very clean." He shrugs ruefully and you say that it's all right, then leave to go down to the kitchens. Maybe you can get an early breakfast.

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