Into the Silence

You jump as a loud voice echoes through the cavern. "It is not often travellers find their way here, how shall I say...unchallenged. You must be worthy then. Stay there."

Image Copyright Dee Dreslough, Colors by Aurora

You gasp as the speaker steps into the light. The enormous amethyst dragon chuckles, blue eyes sparkling with amusement.
"Sorry for startling you, but you should have seen the look on your face! You may call me Destiny, the shapeshifter. This is my sanctuary to creatures who time wishes to forget, and a haven for those who believe in them. None may come here wishing to do harm. Do you wish to explore? There are many things to be found. You may follow our librarian Daphnia to the library, where you may find poetry and book reviews as well as an map of the lair and lair updates.

Or you could follow Curtis to visit the residents of the lair. Or, you can look below to find different causes we in the lair support, and webrings we belong too.Feel free to look around, but no stealing. There are serious conciquences for stealing." You gulp, eyeing the sharp claws tapping the floor, and then make up your mind.

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