David and Dakal'zeri's Aery

An aery? You remember now, I'kal saying that Everest Aery was sharing buildings with the weyr until it grew. You walk in, and are almost knocked over by a older boy, around nineteen.

"Oh! Sorry!" he pants, turning to you. "I am David, rider of blue Dakal'Zeri, a Geoperna dragon from Savat Aery. Oh, here he is now!" You turn, and see the large blue perch on the ledge outside the aery.

Greeting, traveller. the dragon says, speaking quite clearly. David, can we go yet? David grins. "We were just heading to the lake for a sort of gathering. Would you like to come?" You would love to, but remember that you must visit the rest of the riders. Reluctantly, you bid the boy and dragon goodbye, as they wink out of sight close after take-off.

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