It's so cold! You shiver as you wait for your transport...your host, that is, to speak. While waiting, you are surprised to find that you are standing up. And you can't feel the dragon underneath you.

"You can open your eyes now, my friend." Destiny's voice sounds very different. Actually, quite masculine. And you never noticed that she rollled her vowels before.

"You're going to have to move in a while, we need to put this right where you're standing."

"What?" Startled, you open your eyes to find a tall, stocky man standing beside you. A few yards away, two other men, a centaur, and what appears to be a dwarf are directing some sort of stone block, which floats on it's own several feet above the ground. All are up to their knees in snow, except for the dwarf, who is having a hard time keeping his nose above the surface.

"This block needs to go right where you're standing. It's the last one in this particular area. If you don't mind...?" His voice is tinged with annoyance, so very slight you can't tell if you imagined it. You don't want to take any chances though, and you quickly move.

"Thank you." The man motions to the others, who quickly direct the stone to hover over an indentation in the ground. Then the man who spoke to you utters a quick, harsh word under his breath and it drops sharply to the ground.

Suddenly, the air around you crackles with electricity and tiny silver sparks dance through the air. When the sparks clear, the air around you is much warmer. Looking around, you are surprised; all the snow is gone! The stone is still in the ground, but it has sunk several feet into the ground and seems to have melted a bit on each side.

"Did it startle you, traveler?" The man turns to you again, this time smiling. "That was the last plien-cane to be placed in this area. Welcome to the land of Duiendane! I am Rorfind, master mage of this canerigar." His voice is friendly, but you have no idea what he is talking about. You don't want to be ignorant, but your face must look confused because the man laughs good-naturedly.

"Ah, I'm forgetting, you're new. Plien-cane is Duien Elvish for 'Power-stone', and a canerigar is a command tower. Literally, "Stone-command", but canerigar sounds better, ehy?"

"That's easier to understand." You smile. "But I'm looking for my host...the purple dragon?" Gazing around, you see blank faces. Surely someone as large as Destiny could not be missed. "She said her name was Destiny..."

"Ah! You'll be talking about the Everchild." Rorfind's face lights up. "You must be a guest of some prestige to be coming from the Everchild herself. You know, it just happens that we're stowing one of her friends in the canerigar. He's still got three more days left, but I'm sure he'll be happy to take you to Bordenguard. Anamir, would you fetch the good sir Alerel please?" The centaur walks off to a tall black tower you never even noticed before.