The Dolphineer Hall

You circle Everest Beach until you see the Dolphineer Hall set into the rocks on the other side of the bay. As you walk along the dock to the hall, you here squeeing. Looking into the water beside you, you watch as a dark colored dolphin pokes its long nose out of the water.

A middle-aged man surfaces a few seconds later, and you help him out of the water. "Thank you, friend. I am Dolphineer Master Bullar, and that's my partner Dart." He points to the dolphin, and it chatters cheerfully. "Are you here to see the Hall?" You nod, and he smiles grimfully. "Sorry, but it's not open to visitors yet. We're still trying to get things in order, and it doesn't help that all I've got for help are a journeyman and an apprentice. They're good kids, but don't know everything they need too, and so I've gotta teach 'em as well as work on the hall. We were just visiting a pod out by the Southern Islands. You wouldn't think it, but Everest is virtually an ocean weyr. There's a short underwater tunnel that leads to the open ocean right over there." He points again, and you see two new figures moving in the water.

"Ah, those are the others. The lighter one, that's pulling the boy, that 'uns Kib. The other's Thea. The girl's her partner." The dolphins both reach the dock, and the people are pulled up by Bullar. At his urging, they introduce themselves. "I'm Pasq." says the boy, nodding his head to you before turning to Bullar. "Kib said that there's a big storm brewing farther to the South." Bullar nods, but frowns at him, and you suppose the journeyman will get a scolding for being rude. The taller girl smirks, and turns to you. "I am Gina, traveler, and that's my Thea. Don't mind Pasq, he hates everyone except Kib because he couldn't Impress a dragon." The boy turns on her, but the dolphins begin to squeal and both people back off. Bullar quickly sends them to the hall, then turns to you. "Excuse their rude behavior, friend. I suspect that they secretly like each other, though I must say I have no proof. I'm afraid you must go now, as I must warn all sailors about that upcoming blow. But please come back soon, we might have calves which need a dolphineer!" You walk back to the weyr.