Ginnal Forest

You enter a bright forest. It's trees have leaves of gold and silver, as well as green. Suddenly, a flash of color, and you find yourself looking at a chipmunk-like animal. Then, a rustling sound announces the arrival of a young girl, perhaps ten or eleven. Her light brownish hair is long, and her brown eyes are deep set. "I am Jessie" the girl explains. "I am the caretaker of this forest, home of some of the forest creatures Destiny has adopted. That little terror is Gilshar, a ginnal. I bonded him." A soft noise comes from behind you, you turn and see a strange but beautiful creature staring at you with large eyes.

Jessie laughs. "That is Caldonia, a rare drigus. She's rather shy, but she's motherly. Since she can't have children of her own, something about her genetics, she stays here and helps me tend the babies. There aren't any others at the moment, so she gets bored and doesn't have anything to do except watch Gilshar when I have to go away. Perhaps you will visit us again traveller, when our forest is more filled." She smiles hopefully and you agree before setting off into the forest.

Gilshar and Caldonia came from the Silver Unicorn
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