Adopted Creatures

You follow the little gray dragon for a few minutes. Suddenly, he disappears! Frantic, you turn in all directions, then turn the next corner ahead.

There's a dragon breathing fire at you! You scream, and are startled to hear the dragon laugh.

"I know Destiny told me not do that, but it's so funny! Oh, traveler, you're still here? I'm Elliott, from the Save The Dragons Foundation, and this is where you can find all us creatures that Destiny has taken in. They are sorted by type as much as I could, Dragons being scaly creatures, Equines being somewhat furry quadripeds, gryphons being mixes of birds and four legged predators, and miscellanious being creatures that don't fit anywhere else." He takes a deep breath.

"That was a mouthful! Oh well, have fun. Sorry for...scaring you, heehee." He strolls off, still laughing. You shake your head, then head for the portals.





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