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Aah - but did God not also say "thou shalt not take moochers in to thy..hut.."?!

well, let's just hope none of my mates will press charges against me for the pictures displayed on this site.. he he

soo..this is my crib on the web. Might as well get this one out of the way at once: I haven't really put any work at all in to this page, so considering all the hours spent doing more fun stuff than sitting in front of the computer trying to make this dump presentable - I'd say it's really alright.

Come see me n me mates in St Andrews!

like 2 bug ppl?

Backgrounds featured on this site are SOOO totally n_o_t from

When I grow up (which, according to some ppl will never happen), me 'n' Allis on ice will go to pha-ngan - the coolest Thai island

EEEW - a picture of me?!
Well what the hell is it doing on MY homepage???

BTW, did you know that today is

now, I'll only say ONE thing - and I'll be real brief about it, too:
"....Laugh you butterfly that dances in the mud,,,,,, laugh you piece of dentalfloss,,,, you burn me toast,,, laugh you pig that flies in the sky with rainbow twinky fluid,,,,,,, plus three litres of highoctane petrol....."

Oi! Are you a metalhead? In that case you had better check this out and don't 4get to go looking for me at W:O:A EVERY August..!

oh, and if you're in the mood 4 it you might as well drop a few lines here

spaced-out hippiebastards, beware!

Close-up pictures of the weird lint found in Elvis' navel

my true love

well what does it look like to you, dumbass?