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Makara's Resources
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General Information

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pleasant site

University of Memphis Institute
of Egyptian Art and Archaeology


Lots of excellent links

Virtual Egypt

Thought provoking paper about Moses and Hatshepsut

Young Egyptologists International

18th Dynasty Family Tree

Reeder's Egypt Page

Great information on Hathor

Good information on Hatshepsut

Kement Organization

Per Sekhmet

Quick list on major gods

Culture exhibit on Egypt

Good for beginners to Egyptian Religion


Egyptian Medicine

Good Search Tool

Women of Ancient Egypt

Eternal Goddess

Wonderful pictures

Egyptian Dreams - Replica Egyptian Statues and Figures, Hand Painted Papyrus Paintings, Egyptian Collectables, Oil Burners, Leather Items, Canopic Jars, Gods and Goddesses, Pharaohs and Queens, Pyramids, Scarabs and Wonders from Ancient Egypt...

Graphics and Jewerly:

Miscellaneous Links you should visit:

Battle On! - Tom's Xena Page

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Everything on my sites is either mine or used from somewhere else with the thought that it was okay to be used on this non-comercial site. If this isn't true email me and I'll fix it. I've provided links to the sites where I got some of my information and pictures. If I missed something, email me and I'll fix it.