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LMV Embroidery/Pageant Pins is proud to offer rhinestone pageant pins, tack pins, dance pins, embroidery services such as pageant banners, t-shirts, tote bags and makeup capes



Above is just a sample of what we carry. We carry Director, judges, crown pins, king, queen and princess pins and other items!!! Click on the link below or picture above to visit our pins page! Check out our Pageant Pins/Jewelry page for more items available...Keep checking back as new items are added often.

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LMV Offers Embroidery Services

Order your T-shirt or Sweatshirt today for that special customized Gift.

IN STOCK Sale price Tshirts for white and light steel colors $9.00
White sizes: 2/4(3), 6/8(4), 10/12(3), 14/16(3), Ad Sm(4), Ad Lg(3), Ad Xlg(1)
Light Steel Sizes: 2/4(1), 6/8(2), 10/12(1), 14/16(4), Ad Sm(2)

IN STOCK Colored tshirts $10.00 ea

Red Sizes: 10/12 (3),Ad Small(1)
Azalea Sizes:(hot pink) 6/8(1), 14/16(1), Ad XL(1)
Classic Pink (light pink) 2/4(1), 6/8(1),10/12(1), 14/16(2)
Slate 6/8(2)
Cornflower (blue) 10/12(1)
Sky Blue: 14/16(1)
Gold size: 2/4(1)

Sweatshirts begin at $11.00 (if available)

Embroidered T-shirts/Sweatshirts


Embroidered 1 and 2 color material banners

Need a pageant banner for that special little girl or contest winner? Embroidered wrap banners start at $17.00 each for white satin or $21.00 for 2-color satin material plus shipping/insurance extra. We don't charge extra for shoulder designs and we don't restrict embroidery space by inches. Example: some only allow 15 inches of embroidery and then the price goes up. We will do our best to fit your title in the banner if size allows.Samples page for more photos and MORE details.
Click here to order your monogrammed banner

Now offering Make Up Capes and Tote Bags. See Samples Page for MORE details.

Click to see MORE samples/details of our work!....

Email for more details on embroidered items....We may have what you want or may be able to get it! Money Orders or Paypal accepted.


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