This is my very first attempt at fan fiction. It took me acouple weeks to finish. It's not all that long. E-mail me and tell me what you think!

No One Else Comes Close

Lombard, IL at 3:15 in streets

"God, where are we? This does not look like Chicago," Brian said as he drove down 22nd Street.

"I think we’re lost. We should ask for directions," A.J. suggested as Brian turned on to a street named Westmore-Myers Road.

"Are you nuts? Just about anyone we ask will scream. We’ll create a mob. And we don’t even have our security with us, A.J.," Brian said. "Let’s just pull into this church parking lot and look at the map."

"Do you even remember what exit you pulled off at?" A.J. asked, digging the map out. "We don’t even know what town we’re in."

Brian turned into the parking lot. As he did he glanced at the sign that told them what the name of the church was.

"Well, this church is St. Pius X. And it’s on the corner of Madison and Westmore-Myers road," Brian said as he parked the car. "We could always ask that girl."

A.J. looked over his sunglasses at Brian. "Are you nuts?"

"Well, maybe she’s not a fan. She doesn’t look like a teeny bopper," Brian said in defense.

A.J. looked the girl over. She had on a coral color dress shirt that was unbuttoned to reveal a white shirt, jeans, and a pair of shoes. To A.J. they looked like Doc Martens. She was okay looking. Nothing about her would have made him look twice. He did like the color of her hair. It was sort of a brownish, reddish, blondish color. However, as he studied her more she was really cute. As A.J. was checking her out, Brian pulled the car over to cross her path. He then rolled down his window. The girl stopped. She pulled off her earphones and looked at him.

"I was wondering if you could tell me how to get to Chicago from here?" Brian asked, looking into her light green eyes. They were beautiful. Brian had never seen anything like them before.

"This exact spot?" the girl asked with a grin.

Brian laughed. "No this here town. We have no clue what town we’re in."

"Who’s we?" she asked, looking in the car. "Oh, Brian and A.J. How did you two get out here all by yourselves?"

Brian turned red with embarrassment and grinned once again. "We went out to explore on out own and got lost."

"Only because Brian got off on the wrong exit," A.J. commented, rolling his eyes.

"You’re the one who had to go out and see Huntly’s outlet mall," Brian said in defense. He pointed to all the bags in back seat filled with A.J.’s stuff.

"We’d like to get back to Chicago," A.J. said, who couldn’t understand why Brian was still a bit red and all smiles.

"I’ll tell you on one condition," she said. "No, two."

"Anything," Brian said and realized that it was true. There was just something about this girl. He didn’t understand it one bit.

"One, give me a ride home. Two, have your picture taken for me to show Jennifer, so she can show Jeannette," the girl said. "They’ll never believe that I met two Backstreet Boys."

Lombard, IL at 3:26 at Sara’s house

The girl lived across the street from the church and down a bit. Brian drove the car down to the house. He pulled into the driveway, turned off the car, jumped out, and pulled down the seat so the girl could get out.

"Oh, I’m Sara by the way," she said to A.J. as she began to get out. She paused and stuck out her hand. A.J. took it and shook it.

"You already know who I am, right?" A.J. asked.

"You’re the guy with the strange hair from ‘N Sync, right?" Sara asked as she drew back her hand. She let out a big smile after she had said this. It took A.J. a moment to get it. Once he did they got a big laugh out of it. Brian was left in the dark as they walked up to the house.

"Wait here," she told them and disappeared into the house.

A moment later she came back to the door. She instructed them to come into the house. There they met her mom. She asked them a bunch of questions while Sara was looking for her camera. They passed the test. When Sara had returned her mother suggested they take the picture upstairs. A.J. agreed. He wanted to see this girl’s room.

"Hey! There’s no Backstreet or ‘N Sync poster’s on your wall!" A.J. exclaimed as he walked into the room.

Brian walked in and spotted the CD rack. He went over and scanned the disks.

"Hey! You don’t have any Backstreet Boys CDs!"

"Oh, I have one," Sara announced and slipped off the bed she was sitting on. She handed the camera to A.J. on her way over to her dresser. She opened a drawer and pulled out their first CD. She handed it to Brian.

"Well, how come it’s in the bottom of a drawer? You’ve go more Beatles and other CDs. You’re no Backstreet fan," Brian accused jokingly. A.J. realized he was flirting. But why? This girl couldn’t be a day over sixteen of fifteen.

"Well, the Beatles are a lot older than you. I like older men. They were the original boy band," she explained, raising her eyebrows a bit.

Brian stood there staring at her. She stood there looking right back at him. Her eyes were the most beautiful things in the world. He totally forgot that A.J. was in the room till A.J. took a picture. The flash made Brian move and put his arm around Sara. A.J. took another picture a bit surprised by Brian behavior and look in his eyes.

"My turn," A.J. said, handing the camera to Brian. Brian took a picture or two of A.J. and Sara. A.J. then said, "Let’s do something."

"Like what?" Brian asked.

"Well, you have a car. I have a permit. My mom likes you guys because she feels like she’s known you forever," Sara started.

"We could go for a ride," Brian said, looking at Sara.

"To Chicago because I know the way," Sara said

"But, how will you get home?" A.J. asked.

"Train," Sara said and Brian tossed her the keys. She turned on her heels and was out of the room. Brian followed close behind. A.J. picked up the camera that Brian had discarded on the bed. He bet Sara would want some more pictures of her night with the Backstreet Boys.

Chicago, IL at 7:40 in Northwestern Station

"I had fun tonight!" Brian yelled over the din of the trains. He really didn’t want her to go. He didn’t really know why.

"Me too! Beat a night on the phone!" Sara yelled back.

"Hope you didn’t have too much homework!"
"Actually, I didn’t have any!"

Brian nodded. He bent over and said into her ear, "Would you mind giving me your number? We could do this again or come to our concert?" He really wanted to see her again see her again. He just had to.

Sara took the pen and paper Brian handed her. She wrote down a note and her number. She then handed it back to Brian. Brian took it. He then bent over and kissed her on the cheek. He could smell the perfume of her shampoo mixed with the smell of the train. It was a very strange smell but Brian would always thing of Sara when he smelled a train station. Sara simply smiled and got on the train. Brian watched the train leave, then looked down at the paper.

Gave you my John Hancock instead.

Sara’s number- 555-0742.

You know where I live.

Brian slipped the paper into his coat pocket. He looked out to where the train had been. He had to see her again. Now that she was gone there was something missing. There was just something about her. She had beauty that no other girl had.

Chicago, IL at 7:35 in the Ritz Hotel

"A.J., where’d you and Brian pick up that chick?" Nick asked.

"In a church parking lot."

"Isn’t she a little young for you two?" Kevin asked, pulling a beer out of the fridge. He faced A.J. and furrowed his brows at him.

"Ha, ha. We pulled over to ask her for directions, that’s all. It’s easy to forget her age. She acts just like us," A.J. explained. Well, he tried to. There was something about her. It was real easy forget that she was only sixteen. She had this charisma about her that spread to everyone and they were like under a spell of some sort.

"It’s like having Nick back," Howie teased. Nick had been trying to act real adult like and serious lately for some strange reason.

"Huh? What does that mean?" Nick asked, clueless.

They all laughed at him. Nick turned and left the room.

"Man, Joker can’t take a joke," Howie said.

"Well, I like her. She’s pretty cool. For a teenage girl. But, I think Brian likes her more, though," Kevin commented as he sat down next to Howie. Kevin had seen the way he looked at her. His eyes gave him away.

"You saw that too?" A.J. asked, who thought he had been seeing things.

"Yeah, he had that ‘I love you’ adoring look in his eyes. I’ve only seen that one. With his last girl," Kevin said. "I’m a little worried. How old is Sara, again?"

"Sixteen. Just turned sixteen," A.J. sighed. "She’s just so cool. You know most girls would have screamed, fainted, or acted dumb. At first I didn’t even think she knew who we were. But she did and does. She knows our songs. She’s just not the typical teeny bopper."

"If only she was five years older," Howie sighed.

"Now, don’t you start too," Kevin warned, shooting a look at Howie.

New York City at 11:00 in a basketball court

"Now, I like to play basketball. We don’t get that chance very often to play," Brain told the camera, dribbling the ball in-between his legs.

They were once again doing a TV special. This time for MTV. There was an interviewer and a cameraman with them. The interviewer had told them to act like the camera wasn’t there. Sara announced that would be boring. So Nick, Brian, and Sara talked to the camera like it was a person.

"If you came to my house you could play more often," Sara pointed out. Brian chucked the ball at her. Sara stuck out her tongue at him as she caught it.

Brian had flown Sara out to New York City for the weekend. It was spring. Brian called, e-mailed, faxed, wrote whatever to keep in touch. HE just had to. He felt that if he didn’t he would go nuts. The interviewer was still confused on why she was there and who exactly she was.

"So you are again?" the interviewer asked.

"The Backstreet Boys little sister," Nick explained. "Her name is Sara McLitcardeeson Backstreet. We love her all the time."

Nick walked over to her and hugged her.

"And all the time?" Brain asked.

"She loves y’all," Sara said.

"Exactly," Brian said and kissed her on the forehead. He could smell her shampoo. He wanted to sweep her up into her arms and hold her there.

"Yep!" Nick said quickly and kissed her on the cheek.

Sara smiled, tuned and missed the look Brian shot Nick, and said, "Let’s play!"

The interviewer took Nick aside. "Is there a problem between you and Brian? Does he have a thing for her?" The interviewer looked like she had a story brewing in her head.

"No," Nick simply lied and went out to join the game that went on a half an hour till A.J. and Howie showed up.

"Sara, didn’t you want to go shopping with the ever fashionable me?" A.J. asked. "We’re on our way. Or are you too sweaty?"

"No! I didn’t really play. Catch you later," Sara said and chucked the ball at Nick.

A.J., Howie, and Sara then left. They took the interviewer with them. Nick and Brian were left alone.

"Brian, you gotta be careful. I really don’t approve of this, but if you’re gonna feel this way, you gotta hide your feelings," Nick warned.

"What do you mean?"

"Brian, the interviewer asked me if you had a thing for Sara! Do you know how much shit we’d be in if the public found out? The media’d have a field day! Brian Littrell, age twenty-four, is in love with a sixteen year old girl! And they would love to hear the story how you and A.J. picked her up in a church parking lot!"

"Aw, Nick, you make it sound like Sara’s a hooker," Brian said, trying to brush it off.

"Brian, listen to me. I’m your best friend. Keep those feeling hidden. Try harder."

"Well, it’s hard when you’re flirting with her! You don’t know how it feels to not be able to show your true feelings!" Brian yelled and swung his fist at Nick’s face. He stopped short of Nick’s face. "I need to think." He was so frustrated. Sara had been the best thing that had stepped into his life since they had hit it big. However, these feelings were something he did not know how to handle.

"Okay," Nick said and started to leave. He stopped at the gate and looked back into the courts. Brian was gone.

New York City at 2:05 at an Amercrobie and Fitch shop

"You’re brand conscience, aren’t you?" A.J. asked as Sara placed an armload of clothes on top of the armload A.J. had put up on the counter.

"Uh, uh," Sara replied. "When are you guys gonna be on TRL?"

"Why?" Howie asked surprised.

"Carson. One of my goals in life is to meet Carson Daly," Sara said as A.J. handed over his credit card. A.J. lifted an eyebrow and looked up over his sunglasses at Sara.

"Why would you want to meet Carson?"

"I dunno. Ever since I watched it this summer I wanted to meet him. He’s such a dork," Sara said with a laugh.

"You want to meet him because you think he’s a dork?" Howie asked.

"Yes. I’d tell him that too."

Howie turned to the camera. "Did you hear that Carson?"

"I will meet him one day," Sara said, then faced the camera. "Watch out Carson! You’ll be getting a piece of my mind soon."

A.J. took his credit card back from the clerk and said in a spooky voice, "Be afraid, be very afraid, Carson!"

"Hey!" Sara retorted, taking a bag from A.J.

New York City at 3:30 in the Plaza Hotel

Nick walked into Kevin’s room. Kevin sat up surprised to see Nick home.

"Hey, what did you do with Brian?"

"He said he needed time to think. Then he vanished," Nick explained.

"Sara, again?"

"Yeah. You know, I’m surprised he hasn’t blown up at A.J. He’s the biggest flirt," Nick said, baffled. Why Brian would pick him to blow up at even though he was just covering his tracks was beyond Nick’s comprehension.

"Oh, take it easy, Nick. Bry’s in love. I’ll talk to him. Maybe I’ll set him right. This is really unlike Brian. In love with a girl eight years younger than him. Gosh, the media would have a field day if they knew. That would be bad," Kevin said.

Nick nodded in agreement. "You know how we should hook Sara up with?"

Kevin raised his eyebrows up, afraid to find out what Nick was thinking in that twisted mind of his. "Who?"

"Justin Timberlake of ‘N Sync. He’s near her age," Nick said, with a growing smile.

"No, Nick, no," Kevin said, shaking his head.

New York City at 12:30 at the Plaza Hotel

"Man, that was great. I still love those girls screaming for us while we sing. I can still hear them," A.J. said as they walked into the hotel. He then began to sing "I may tun and hide when you’re screamn’ my name, alright. There are the prices of fame, alright. All of our time spent in flashes of light!"

"To bad Sara fell asleep halfway though it," Nick commented. "Do you want me to carry her?"

"No," Brain said, tightening his grip on Sara. He’d never hand over to those goons. Even if she was fast asleep and didn’t even know it was him. He knew he had her in his arms.

"I always knew she didn’t like our music," A.J. commented.

"I don’t know how anyone could fall asleep during a concert," Kevin said as they stepped out of the elevator.

"Well, it was past her bedtime. She’s always in bed by ten or nine. By ten or eleven she’s gone. Just like tonight. Brain, you back’s going to be killing you tomorrow. Why don’t you just wake her up?" Howie suggested.

Brian rolled his eyes. They just didn’t understand. They would never. He walked over to couch and carefully put her down. He fetched a blanket and covered her up. Howie’s mom came out of her room. She stood there for awhile till Brian saw her.

"Are you going to leave her there?" she asked.

"Yes. She got a seven am flight. She needs to be up by 5:30. If I fail to get her up…" Brian started.

"I’ll wake her up and get her there," she finished for him and left the room.

Brian looked down at Sara. She was so calm and cute when she was asleep. Her hair fell perfectly around her face. Her mouth was set in a little pout and looked so inviting. Brian know better. Brian bent over and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

Somewhere in Europe in the summer of 2003 during a photo shoot.

"Wow, Sara, you blend right in with us so well," A.J. commented when he walked into the makeup room.

The Boys were doing a layout for Teen People. Wardrobe had put the Boys in color block shirts. Blue for Brian; red for A.J.; lime for Kevin; yellow for Howie; and orange for Nick. They all had black pants on and black leather jackets. After they all had this on, wardrobe had decided they need white shirts unbuttoned over the color-blocked shits. A.J. had walked in to find Sara, now nineteen, sitting in the makeup chair dressed in a similar outfit. She had a pink shirt on and her coat was cut to accent her body shape. She looked great. If it hadn’t been for Brain, A.J. might have hit on her. She had grown into a gorgeous woman. The makeup people had dolled her all up and the hair stylist had put blonde streaks through her hair. The stylist had also piled her hair up on top of Sara’s head and had strands colored blonde hanging down. She looked very cool A.J. thought. No wonder Brian liked her.

"You let her streak you hair?" A.J. asked.

"No," Sara said, turning in the chair around. "It’s real expensive hair mascara. Washes out."

"Too bad," A.J. said. "Brian likes blondes."

Sara chucked a tennis ball at A.J. He ducked in time for it to miss him. Sara turned back around and pulled out her sunglasses. She stuck them on her face. Studied herself in the mirror. A.J. looked at the tennis ball that had been thrown at him. His mind trailed back to when he had watched Sara and Nick play tennis last year.

"Nick, you are such a sorry tennis player," Sara teased, looking at Nick. He was out of breath and complaining his arm hurt.

"I hate tennis. Let’s play basketball."

"Uh, uh. You told him you’d play me. One game you said."

"We’ve played more than one," Nick whined.

"No. It’s only seven love, love. We still got one more love then it’ll be game."

"Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!" Nick whined tossing his tennis racket.

"Nicky, what the hell are you doing. You said you would play, play," A.J. called out. "Being whipped by a girl. Wait till Carson finds our about this. You’ll loose all those girl fans."

Nick had been determined to win so A.J. wouldn’t tell Carson and keep all his fans. However, Nick lost and A.J. called Carson and told him what had happed on live TV. Nick didn’t loose any fans from what they could tell. However, AJ. had gotten a good laugh out of it. A.J. came back to reality.

"Where’d you get a tennis ball?" A.J. asked.

"I never leave home without it. If you squeeze it, it tones your muscles," Sara explained and left the room.

A.J. picked up the tennis ball. He remembered a conversation he had had with Brian shortly after Sara had left New York for the first time. The time they had done the MTV thing. Brian had just come back from taking Sara to the airport.

"This is nuts," A.J. had said.

"What?" Brian had asked, taking off his coat. "It was nuts for me to take her to the airport and see her off?"

"No! Being in love with a sixteen year old girl!" A.J. had screamed. He had been so frustrated lately with Brian. "It’s sick man! Now, if we weren’t famous I’d wouldn’t be so worried."

"You don’t have to worry. I’m just going to wait," Brian had said. He played it off like it was nothing. This frustrated A.J. even more.

"Wait? How long can you wait?"

"Till she’s in college or time."

That’s where the conversation something."

"Do you even know if she likes you in that way?" A.J. had asked. Kevin had pointed that Brian had this adoring look about his all the time. However, no one knew how Sara felt. Brian could be setting himself up for a disaster. That’s the last thing they wanted, a droopy Brian on tour or in the studio.

"In time, A.J., in time."

That's where the conversation ended. That was three years ago. Sara had just finished her freshman year at Knox College. She was spending her summer vacation with them on tour in Europe. During her junior year of high school A.J. had noticed something. Sara had fallen for Brian. The way the looked at each other, the way the felt so comfortable with one another, and the way they argued even gave it away. And now, what were they going to do? The media had been hinting of a romantic link between her and one of the Boys all the time. First, it was Nick. Then it was A.J.’s turn. Then Howie. But more recently it was Brian. The only reason the rumors had never been able to carry off was because the Boys could put them down. She was just like a little sister to them.

"A.J. what are you doing?" Howie asked, poking his head into the room.


"’Bout what?"

"The Brian situation."

Howie rolled his eyes and left he room. A.J. put the tennis ball back on the counter and left the room.

"A.J. there you are," said the photographer, Dimitri.

Dimitri set the Boys up in the line clump he wanted them in. He stood back then called Sara over. He waved a note in his hand as he talked to her.

"What?" she asked. She looked shocked and surprised.

"Yes. Teen People want to do a layout with you and the Boys," Dimitri said, pushing Sara forward. "Now, where do I want you?"

He had now successfully pushed Sara into the clump line. Of course he had pushed her near Brian. Brian put his arms around her shoulders and placed his head on her right shoulder.

"There! Perfect! Now look cool! Smile!" Dimitri called.

Teen People article titled The Backstreet Boys and Me

T.P.-How long have you been with BSB?

SARA- Since I was sixteen. I’m nineteen now. You can do the math.

T.P.- Do you have a favorite boy?

SARA- That’s a hard one. Well, no. I like to talk to Brian and other junk. A.J.’s a good shopping partner or Kevin; I love beating Nick at tennis, and just hang out with Howie. I don’t know what I would do without them. I can tell you that.

London, England at 7:30 at the Firmdale Hotel

"My God! Read this," Kevin said. "It had begun."

Kevin thrust a tabloid paper in A.J.’s face. A.J. took it gingerly. He looked at the front page.

"Brian and Sara’s affair (How old is she?)" A.J. read. He looked at the pictures. He couldn’t even tell if the people were Brian and Sara.

"It’s only a tabloid," A.J. said, tossing it aside. "They’ve tried this before. It’s only somewhat true. They’re just not having an affair."

"Well, look at this," Kevin said, tossing down a Time magazine. "Page ninety three."

A.J. looked at the cover. There was a picture of an older man and a much younger woman. The headline read: What’s America Coming To? A.J. opened to page ninety-three. He flipped through the article till he spotted the picture they had taken a month ago for the Teen People layout. They were standing in their clump line and Brian was just looking cool. Not affectionate. It looked like it was set up. Why would they pick this picture? There was other ones that showed Brian and Sara’s feelings more. Just as A.J. thought this, a white circle caught his eye on the page. It was where Brain’s hands came together and Sara’s were placed on top. There was a line leading from the circle to an enlargement of what was in the circle. Sara had a ring on. Not the normal silver ring she always had on, but a silver ring with a big old diamond on it. Brian also had a ring on. It was a plain silver band. A.J. read the caption. "Busted: from the looks of this picture Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, 27, is either married or engaged to Sara McDougal, 19. Age difference-8 years. Shit. Since when?" A.J. asked.

"I don’t know. Read the part that talks about them," Kevin said.

A.J. scanned the article. It began with them. It read: Brian Littrell had long told the world that Sara McDougal was just a ‘friend.’ Last week I was looking through my daughter’s Teen People and my eye was caught by this rock of a ring that Ms. McDougal had on. I went digging and found out that Brian had had a thing for Sara since day one. How could America– make that the world- be so blind? Just go back and look at old footage and pictures of them interacting with Sara. It’s pretty easy to see that Brain has a thing for her. The other Boys tried to cover it up. I’m not totally sure about them, but Brian is following in a Hollywood trend. Older men, much younger women…

A.J. stopped reading. " Damn it. What are we going to do?"

"First, we’ll talk to Brian," Kevin said.

London, England at 9:30 in Firmdale Hotel

"Brian, what’s this?" Nick asked, showing Brian the picture in Time. "It’s everywhere. What’s the deal?"

Brian looked at the picture. "It’s a promise ring. I gave it to her when she graduated from high school last year. I promised to marry her once she got out of college. The ring on my finger is the ring she use to ware. I had it made to fit my finger. That’s all."

"That’s all? Brian, it’s all over the media! We might be finished!" Nick exclaimed, waving his arms around in the air.

"No, Nick, we won’t. I’ll come clean. People still like Woody Allen and he married his adoptive daughter. President Clinton made it through the Monica thing. I really didn’t do anything wrong except fall in love with a girl eight years my junior. That’s all. I didn’t take provocative pictures or sleep with her to get a thrill. All I did was love her for who she was. Nothing more, nothing less," Brian said and left the room

Press conference later that week in London, England

Brian looked out on the sea of reporters. He was nervous. He turned his head slightly. Nick was standing right behind him, as were A.J., Howie, and Kevin. They were there from moral support. They didn’t have to drag themselves into this but they did. They where his friends and they would stand by him. Brian turned and looked at his hand. He had once asked Sara why she wore that ring.

"Because. It wards away evil and if it fails it’ll see you through it."

Those words rang through Brian’s mind as he looked at it. He then took a deep breath and began to walk out. "So help me God."

As Brian walked out, a hush fell through the crowd. It felt as if time had stopped. The only noise that Brain could hear was his heart pounding and the noise the guys made as they walked out. Brian fell into his chair. The other guys fell into their chairs. Brian was glad for the chairs and table. His legs had turned to jelly. He looked down at the ring for support. At the sight of it he wished Sara were by his side. She was in some village with his mom is Switzerland. She most likely had no clue what was going on. He took a deep breath and picked a reporter to stare at. He talked like he was just talking to him.

"Y’all are here because of the article in Time or the tabloids. Parts are correct, parts are not. I’ll tell you what I told Nick. I’ll come clean. People still pretty much like Woody Allen. He married his adoptive daughter. President had an affair with the much younger Monica and he lived through it with the country mostly behind him after it was over. Many people date and marry people much younger or older then them. You can’t help whom you fall in love with. I really didn’t do anything wrong except fall in love with a girl eight years my junior that’s all. I didn’t do anything sick or perverted. All I did was love her for who she was. Nothing more, nothing less," Brain said and left.

London, England at 7:45 at the Firmdale Hotel later that day

Brian sat on the couch watching the TV blankly. The door soon flew open and Sara ran in a frenzy. Brian got up off the couch.

"Brian! I heard what happened. Why didn’t you call? I had my cell phone on! I could have ~"

She had reached Brian by now. He put a finger over her lips too quiet her. He then grinned at her.

"Nice to see you too, love," Brian said and remover his finger.

"Hello, Brian, love," Sara said and kissed him.

"Thank you. Now," He said, taking her shoulders and setting her down on the couch. He then kneeled down in front of her. "I handled it myself. I didn’t want to drag you into this. Everyone now knows and soon the won’t care. You don’t have to worry."

"So I didn’t kill your career?" Sara asked, giving him a look.

He looked into her green eyes and melted just like the first time he had looked into them. "No you did. I knew you wouldn’t. I love you."

"I love you too."

Brian got up a little and kissed her again.

April 15th, 2005 the NBC Today Show

"Yesterday, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell married Sara McDougal in a private ceremony in Chicago, IL. Sara will graduate from Knox College in May then go on tour with the Boys. Many happy blessings to them," the reporter said. "They look so cute together."