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The Boyfriend From H-E Double Hockey Sticks

She sat at her desk blankly looking at two magazines. It was her and her boyfriend's five month anniversary. She hadn't spoken to him in over a week. She also didn't care. She didn't like him any more. However, she couldn't bring herself to break up with him. She really didn't know why. After Homecoming maybe. Annette let her eyes focus on the magazines. One had 'N Sync on the cover and the other one had the Backstreet Boys on it. She looked from Nick to Justin then back again.

"The curly haired blonde one is better looking," she mumbled and wrote it down. She moved her eyes to JC and Brian. This one was harder. She wrote down both. She then looked at A.J. and Joey. From what her friend Starra had told her Joey was a lady's man. To Annette he looked like a football player. She wrote down A.J. She then looked at Lance and Howie. She once again wrote down both. "Between Chris and Kevin.....Kevin."

She folded up the paper and stuck it in a box. She couldn't think straight. She had just wasted her time going through which boy band member was better looking. She pushed her long curly dirty blonde hair out of her face and tied it up in a sloppy knot. She stood up and hunted for her phone. Once she found it she dialed Starra.

"Starra, I'll pick you up in twenty minutes....You'll see," was all Annette said and hung up the phone. She grabbed her car keys and was out the door.


"JC! What the hell are you doing! Ya gonna get us killed!" yelled the young man at his friend. He hung on tightly to the arm rests as JC drove like a mad man through the mall parking lot. He screeched into a parking spot and turned off the car.

"Curly, you gotta loosen up. Live a little," JC told his young friend. "You can loosen your grip on that there arm rest, Justin. I think itís dead."

Justin glared at JC. "I don't know why you are in such a good mood, but I'm driving home."

JC just grinned and got out of the car. Justin timidly opened the door and got out, happy to be on solid ground. Across the parking lot he spotted a beautiful blonde get out of a bright blue car. Her raven hair friend also got out, but Justin was memorized by the blonde. She walked into the mall followed by her raven haired friend.

"Curly! Justin! What's your prob?" JC called.

"Huh?" Justin asked.

"We gotta go in. We don't have all day."

Justin shook his head and followed JC in.


"You're over Jon?" Starra asked with unbelieving eyes.

"Yes, but I don't know how to break it to him. He is my Homecoming date," Annette said unconvinced.

Starra shook her head and went back to eating her burger. Annette twirled a loose piece of hair with her pinky and looked off into space.

"JC!" Justin cried in a loud whisper. "There's the girl from the parking lot!"

"Huh?" JC asked, turning around and looking at who Justin was pointing at. His eyes were caught by a beautiful blonde girl who promptly put her chin in her hand. "The blonde?"

"Yeah. She's so fine," Justin breathed.

JC could tell he had lost Justin. "Well, Curly, why don't you go talk to her? I'll finish up here and meet you back here, cool?"

Justin nodded and started over to the table. JC shook his head and went about his way. Starra finished her burger and picked up her soda. Annette continued to twirl a lock of hair with her pinky. Justin watched her as he approached the table. Starra set down her soda.

"Annette, Jon is so blind and even if you continued to ignore him, he won't get the clue," Starra said.

"Excuse me ladies," Justin said, standing next to the table. The blonde slowly looked up at him. She had dark jade eyes that were not hidden by the little oval glasses she had on. "I was wondering why two gorgeous ladies like you were sitting alone?"

"You're Justin Timberlake," the raven hair girl breathed. Justin prepared for her to scream, but she just looked at him with her mouth opened. The blonde looked at her friend with a look of confusion.

"Who?" she asked.

"Justin Timberlake," her friend sighed.

The blonde looked at Justin.

"That's me. May I sit?" he asked with a southern accent that stuck out in the northern area they were in.

"Sure," the blonde said as she studied her friend. "I don't know why she knew your name. She's not psyche or anything."

Justin lowered himself into a chair. This girl had no clue who he was. He grinned his boyish grin at her.

"What?" Annette asked, catching him grinning at her. She noted he looked very cute when he grinned that way.

"Oh, I was just thinking that you have very beautiful hair......What's your name?" Justin asked as he saw her cheeks go pink under her pale skin.

"Annette Jeffories. That is Starra Quinnlynne," she answered.

"Annette. What a pretty name," Justin added.

"Jon never-" Starra started but was cut off by a glare from Annette. Justin saw this and wanted to know.

"Jon never what?" Justin asked. With his luck this beautiful goddess had a boyfriend.

"Jon never told me I had a beautiful name," Starra said quickly. "Excuse me."

Starra quickly jumped up and made her way to the bathroom. Justin turned his attention back to Annette and she looked down at the table.

"What's wrong?" Justin asked.

"Jon, my boyfriend. I don't like him any more," Annette said.

"Oh," Justin said a little down.

"Just as well. He'll break up with me soon, hopefully."

Justin looked up. "Hopefully?"

"Yeah. I don't wanna break up with him. I mean, I do. I just don't know how to do it. And I don't want to do the braking up. I can't believe I just told you that. Starra is the only one who knows. I wanna move on, but-" Annette stopped and put her face in her hands.

Justin reached over and placed his hand over her hand and removed them from her face. He took them in his and looked at her. She looked like she was unsure of what to make of this. Justin slowly withdrew his hands, really not wanting to, but he did. He smiled at her.

"I don't mind. My ears are always open," he said and pulled his ears out. Annette giggled. Her little pug nose wrinkled up. She was so cute.

"Thanks. How did-"

Justin turned around to see what had caught Annette's attention. JC was standing behind him. Annette's dark jade eyes grew large.

"Oh, you're Justin from 'N Sync," Annette said, looking back at Justin.

"I guess JC is your favorite," Justin pouted, making his bottom lip stick as far as it would go.

"No, now don't pout," Annette told him, reaching over with a light purple nail and lightly tapped his lip. Justin drew his lip back in. JC rolled his eyes and pulled out a seat.

"I'm JC, if you didn't guess," JC said.


"Well, nice to meet you," JC said, sticking his hand out. Annette shook it.

"I need to go collect my friend. It was really nice to meet you two," Annette said and gracefully got up from her chair. She headed off to the bathroom.

"Wow, Curly, you've got a great eye," JC commented after Annette left. "Come on, let's finish shopping."

Annette opened the door to the girl's washroom. Starra was standing in front of a mirror.

"I can't believe it. I acted like a total goof in front of Justin Timberlake," Starra breathed.

"I bet he gets that all the time, Starra," Annette explained.

"Yeah, I'm just like the others."

"Come on, let's go find some shoes."


Starra picked up her purse and they exited the bathroom. They headed down to JC Penny's.

Meanwhile, Justin and JC wondered around the mall going from store to store.

"Curly, where do they have what you are looking for?" JC asked impatiently.

"I dunno. Let's try Penny's," Justin replied.

JC and Justin headed over to JC Penny's and looked around. They still didn't find what they were looking for. Justin had a hard time keeping his mind on what they were looking for. His mind kept drifting to Annette. Her beautiful dirty blonde hair, her dark jade green eyes that seemed to swallow him up, and her little pug nose. Oh, and her smile. He loved that smile she had. It had sadness behind it, but Justin knew after she was freed from that Jon, it would be a even better smile. As he thought this he spotted Annette.

"A.J. what shoe is better?" Starra asked, sticking her foot out for Annette to see.

"I dunno," Annette replied, looking at Starra's foot.

Starra turned her nose up and looked back down at her feet in the mirror near the floor. Annette took out a pair of shoes and put them on her feet. Justin and JC walked up.

"So, we meet again?" Justin teased as he walked up to Annette. He watched her slowly lift her head and meet his azure colored eyes with her dark jade eyes.

"I guess we do," Annette said with her sad smile.

"JC Chasez," Starra breathed.

"One good thing about her, she doesn't scream," Justin informed JC, as JC looked down at Starra.

"Do you want me to?" Starra said in her normal voice, when she realized they were making fun of her.

" I mean, please don't," JC stumbled.

"Jacey, just say sorry," Justin mused.


Starra asked JC which shoe he like better and he stood there studying her feet. Justin walked over to Annette and looked at her feet. She had on a pair of silver platforms. She was blankly looking at her feet. It was like she wasn't even there. Justin was sure she was thinking about something along the line of Jon and what to do.

"Annette?" Justin asked, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Huh?" Annette asked, looking up.

"Is there anything wrong, really?"

"Oh, no. I'll get these," she said quickly and picked up the box and walked over to the check out counter.

"Those," JC said, pointing to the dark blue strappy heals that Starra had on. Starra looked at him and smiled.

"Cool," Starra said. She seemed to be over her stage of being star struck.

Annette came back as Starra left. JC had wondered off to the men's shoe section. Annette sunk into a chair. Justin took the one next to her.

"You doing anything tomorrow?" Justin ventured to ask. Maybe he could cheer this beauty up.

"Justin, I have a-"

"Boyfriend. I know. Just as friends. You know, show me around. Help me look for what I have been looking for like forever," Justin said. He watched her carefully. She got a dreamily look in her eyes then seemed to push it away.

"Okay. Here," she said, handing him a card. "I'll get home around 3:30."

Justin took the card and Annette stood up. Starra came back. Annette and Starra said their good-byes and left.


Lance sat holding some high school year book. Joey sat with Chris on the floor in front of the TV playing video games. JC was on the phone back home. Justin was looking at Lance with interest. He had three high school year books. He had been looking at them since Justin had gotten home.

"What's that?" Justin finally asked.

"A high school year book," Lance replied.


"Your new friend is in this one," Lance interrupted.

That got Justin's attention. He got up and sat down next to Lance. Lance pointed to a girl in the third row. She had a happy looking smile on her face. Her blonde hair was cascading down her shoulders in perfect ringlets. She had the best picture on the page. Justin looked at it. She was in the junior class. And the book was from last year.

"Wow. She hasn't changed," Justin commented.

"Nope. What did she say her boyfriend's name was?" Lance asked turning the page.

"Jon Haraiz."

Lance turned the page till he found what he wanted. He pointed to a guy in the fifth row. He wasn't all that good looking. He had bad hair and just had the look of a total dork. That couldn't be Annette's boyfriend.

"Here's your competition," Lance giggled.

Justin knew if Lance was giggling then this guy must be a looser. Justin took the year book and looked though it again. There was a picture of Annette and Jon. She had on her unhappy smile again and that dork Jon had his arm around her. She must have had not liked this guy for a long time. Justin looked to see if there was any messages written in the book. There was none.

"Where did you get this?" Justin asked Lance, looking at him.

"Library. I had nothing better to do today after you and Annette left," Lance said, getting up.

"That's cause he's got no Joey-love," Joey boasted. This got him a good smack in the head as Lance left the room.

"Joey has way too much Joey-love for his own good," Chris mused.

"Shut up, 'old fart," this comment gained Joey another smack in the head.

"I'm so loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Joey yelled as Chris left the room.

"Only in your world!" Chris yelled from the other room.

"Everyone should live in Joey Love World!"


Annette crossed the driveway on her way home to the dorm. It was so hot in Knoxville, Tennessee. Annette was staying in the dorms at the University of Tennessee for a conference for a week. Annette finally made it into the building. She still had not broken up with Jon. She didn't even know why she had ever said yes to him in the first place. She had once like him, then he got annoying. And now he just didn't get the picture. And for some strange reason she couldn't bring herself to brake it off. She had moved on. She felt stupid, but she had a thing for Justin. That afternoon they had together had been the best time she had had in a long time. That had been the last time she had truly smiled. She missed him.

"Ah, air conditioning," she sighed, pushing her blonde curls out of her face.

Justin's ears perked up at that voice. He knew that voice. He turned slightly to see a blonde walk down the hall to the elevators. Justin followed her, having a feeling it was who he thought it was.

"Annette?" he questioned.

Annette turned around to see Justin. He no longer had bleach blonde hair. However, he was still the cutest guy that had ever showed any interest in her. As she looked at him she noticed he had glasses on. Annette liked guy in glasses because she had them.

"Justin! Long time no see!" Annette exclaimed, hugging Justin. Justin hugged back. She smelled of Pantine and Tommy Girl. It felt good to have her in his arms. He had missed her so much.

"So what brings you to the South?" Justin asked, pulling away from the hug.

"A conference for Methodist from all around the world," Annette answered, getting in the elevator. Justin hopped in right before the elevator closed. Annette hit the button to floor eight. "What floor?"


Annette smiled. "Eight an all female floor."

"More reason to go there," Justin said with a devilish grin. Annette smiled and noted just how cute he looked with that smile. She shook her head.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.


Annette laughed. "What are you doing at UT?"

"We're playing in town. Last gig for awhile. I'm here," Justin said with a growing grin, "hiding."

"Very good, Justin. A girls dorm is a great place to hide."

"During the school year it's all girls. Right now it's co-ed."

"Justin, I never knew you thought so much," Annette said, getting off the elevator. Justin jumped out just as the door almost closed on him.

"Once in a blue moon," said a southern accent from behind them. Justin turned around to see Lance and JC standing behind them.

"What are you two doing here?" Annette asked. "Same as Justin? Hiding?"

"No. We're looking for you. I thought I saw you on campus, so since I had nothing better to do, I've been going from dorm to dorm looking for you. We look enough alike to be relatives, you know," Lance reasoned. "And I think I would have found you quicker if we hadn't come in contact with so many fans."

"Why were you looking for her?" Justin asked.

"For you, Curly. That's all you have been thinking about since you met her. You-" JC started.

"So, Annette, how have you been?" Lance asked, see that Justin was turning a nice shade of red under his skin as JC had talked. "Do you have any time to show us around your room?"

"It's against the rules to have guys in our rooms," Annette said. Justin stuck out his bottom lip in a pout. He also gave her his puppy dog eyes.

"Justin," she whined.

"You're eighteen years old, you are an adult. You can make rash decisions," Justin said, sticking his lip out as far as it would go. Annette tapped the lip with her finger and rolled her eyes. She stared down the hall. Justin drew his lip in at seeing he had won. Lance, JC, and Justin followed her down the hall.

"Welcome to my temporary housing," Annette said, unlocking and opening the door.

"Looks like a good old dorm room," Chris said, walking up with Joey.

"Here for the same reason?" Annette asked, getting use to the surprises Justin brought along with him.

"No, I'm lookn' for some girls. There's gotta be some that want some Joey-loven'!" Joey cried. "But I can't find any."

"That's cause they all saw you coming and ran for their lives," Chris giggled, walking into the room.

"No!" Joey cried, following Chris in. Annette looked at his bright red hair and walked into the room. Lance, JC, and Justin followed her in. Justin studied the room. It was all white. Everything, even the dresser and desk were white.

"How long have you been here?" Lance asked, sitting down at the only chair in the room.

"Since Tuesday," Annette answered.

"When you leaving?" Joey asked, opening up one of the dresser drawers. Annette slammed it shut.


"FRIDAY! That's the day after tomorrow!" Justin cried. "Then where are you going?"


"Where?" Chris asked.

"Orlando area."

"You're gonna start school in June? Man, things have changed since I stopped going," Joey said. JC slapped him in the head. "Hey! And you wonder why I say dumb things. You kill brain cells every time you hit me in the head."

"Ah, shut up," Chris said, hitting him again. "Now you down a couple more!"

Justin turned his attention back to Annette. "Didn't you just get out of school?"

"Yeah. But I don't start college till August. I'm just going down there to get to know the area," Annette replied. "Maybe get caught in a hurricane."

"Ha, ha. Hurricanes are no laughing matter," JC said, as Annette grabbed her purse off of the bed. She stared for the door.

"Where you off to?" Justin asked, worried she was about to walk out off her life again.

"My next class."

"Can I come?" Justin asked. He received a dirty look from JC and quickly add, "I mean WE."

"I guess," Annette said, walking out the door followed by 'N Sync.


"You met who again?" Starra asked, setting down a box on the kitchen table.

"'N Sync," Annette replied, opening the box.

Annette and Starra had moved into a two bedroom apartment in a small suburb of Orlando. Today they were unpacking their kitchen stuff. Annette had been telling Starra all about her stay in Knoxville.

"Blondes do have more fun," Starra grumbled.


"Did you tell them where we were liven'?" Starra asked.

"Starra! Why would I tell total strangers where we were gonna be living?!"

"They are not total strangers! They are Justin, JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris. They are 'N Sync."

"Starra, you have no logic."

"No! You don't! You hate Jon, yet you still have not broken up with him!"

"I don't hate Jon. I just find him annoying."

"A.J., you got Justin Timberlake thinking you're all that from the way you are talking. Yet, you still think you can't do any better than the dork Jon."

Annette didn't say anything. She only glared at the floor. She hated when Starra was right. It didn't happen too often. She had come close to breaking it off with Jon, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Jon still liked her, she however no longer liked him. Starra had told her numerous times that Jon must know that she no longer liked him. He did nothing about it. Starra's reason: He is blind to things like that. And the fact Annette couldn't bring herself to do it, didn't help all that much. She had moved on. As she stood there thinking about it, she did sort of like Justin. God, I'm confused! she thought.

"I've had enough!" Annette exclaimed suddenly, walking out the door.

Starra stood in the kitchen looking at the door for awhile. She then slowly began to unpack the boxes till the phone rang. Starra answered it.

"Hi, Starra?"


"This is Jon. I'm gonna come down to visit you guys, well, more Annette than you. But Annette didn't give me the address. I didn't even know that you guys had left. I called her house and her parents said she had left. They wouldn't give me your number, but I kept calling till Brandon finally gave it to me," Jon said.

Great going little bro. You knew your sister didn't give it to this dork for a reason. God, how dumb can he be? Starra thought. She quickly hung up the phone and unplugged it. She then plugged it back in. She hooked up the caller ID. She just wouldn't answer his calls till she could get their number changed.

Meanwhile, Annette had driven to the mall. She didn't know why, she felt there was something there and she had to go there. She parked her car and wondered around aimlessly till.........


"Justin, we'll never find that watch you've been looking for. We've been looking for like six months to more," JC moaned as they walked out of yet another store. That was when JC noticed that Justin wasn't listening to him. JC looked to see no other than Annette wondering around the mall. She looked depressed. Before JC knew what had happened Justin was over to where Annette was. JC sighed and just left them alone. He'd find Justin later.

Justin rushed over to Annette. She didn't look too happy.

"Hey, Annette, babe. Whaz happening?" Justin asked.

"Huh?" Annette asked.

"You home?" Justin asked, lighting hitting her head with his knuckles.


"Wanna tell me what's wrong or is it just Jon?" Justin asked. When Annette didn't answer, he knew it was Jon. "Annette, even though it's rude to brake up over the phone, I think you should do it. You'll be a lot happier. And I like to see you when you are happy."

"You've never seen me happy. When you met me I was miserable," Annette pointed out.

New Part 12/99
Justin looked at her. She wasnít looking at him. She was looking at the ground. Justin just couldnít stand to see her like this. He held out his hand and waited. He was Annette slowly lift her head and looked at his open hand. She then lifted her head and looked him in the eyes. That was a mistake. She lifted her hand and lightly put it in his. Justin smiled and closed his fingers around her little hand.


It had been five hours since Annette had left and since Jon had called. Starra had finished unpacking everything that need to be unpacked. She now sat in the family room type area looking though the phone book. She had switch their number and had told their parents and anyone that they had given the number to. She had also called Brandon and ratted him out. She was sure that he would never do that again. Starra was sure they were safe from Jon.

"But she canít run form him forever," Starra mumbled to herself as the doorbell rang. "Who could that be?"

Starra got up and wondered over to the door. The peep hole was all black. Starra slowly opened the door. As she did who ever was behind it pushed it in.

Oh, my God! Starra thought panicked.

Instead of a robber or something it was JON!

"Hey, Starra. Whereís Annette. I wanted to surprise her. I flew down here right after I got off the phone with you. I tried to call again, but I kept getting that that number was no longer in service," Jon said, looking around the apartment.

"Annette still not back yet," Starra said, trying hard to be polite. She had never liked Jon. She had always found him annoying. And now that Annette did too, just made him even more annoying.

"Where is she?"

"Howíd you get the address?"


"Heís dead," Starra hissed.


"Nothing. Annette is still at the mall."

As the words left her mouth, the door slowly opened. Annette came in. However, her right arm stayed outside as she stopped dead in her tracks. Annette looked like she was going to pass out. Starra then heard someone she had not wanted to see or hear just at that moment.

"Annette, baby, whatís wrong?"

Starra knew that voice. Annette had once again run into Justin. Starra looked at Jon who was seated on the couch.

"Are you not happy to see me? Another boyfriend already?" Jon asked. From his tone anyone could tell he was joking with that last line.

"ItÖ itís just aÖumÖsurprise. Thatís all," Annette stumbled to get out. She still stood in the door with the door blocking Justin from Jon. "Why are you here?"

"To see my girl!" Jon said, getting up and moving forward to Annette. Annette stepped back and ran into Justin. He let go of her hand and took her shoulders.

"Do it now. End it now, or I will," Justin whispered in her ear. Annette wished he would, but stepped away from him and pushed him in front of her before Jon reached her.

"Jon, this is Justin Timberlake. From ĎN Sync," Annette said. Justin stuck out his hand. Jon did not take it. Justin could tell that Jon wished he could move him so he could get to Annette. Justin put his hand back down.

"God, people today. No one wants to shake my hand," Justin said.

Jon realized the errors of his ways and they shook hands. "Nice to meet you. What do you do? Other than steel girls?"

"You should become a comedian. You are really funny," Justin mused. Justin reached down and gabbed Annetteís hand and pulled her into the apartment with him. Jon followed them into the kitchen. Annette was really tense. Justin sat her down at the kitchen table and opened up the first cupboard he came to. Lucky for him it was full of cans of soup. He pulled out a chicken noodle can and noticed Starra was pulling out a pot. Jon had sat down at the table next to Annette. Justin took the pot form Starra while looking at Jon and Annette. Anyone could see that girl was just miserable when he was around her. Why couldnít he see that?

"Are you sick or something?" Jon asked.

"Yeah, thatís it," Annette said. Justin filled the pot full of water and put it on the stove.

"Well you must be sick. Heís making chicken noodle soup," Jon said with a nervous laugh. He then looked up at Justin who was looking though the drawer for as can opener. Starra wasnít helping with this one. "How long have you known Annette and Starra?"

"Oh, since October of last year," Justin replied, finding the can opener.

"October?" Jon asked.

"Thatís what I said," Justin said, dumping the contents of the can into the pot full of water. He then turned the burner on. He then began his search for some bowls. Starra had left the room, leaving him on his own.

"Do he live around here?" Jon asked. He was looking at Annette.

"Yes. I met Annette in the mall last fall. I met her again at in Tennessee. Then again when she came down here," Justin said, finding the bowls.

"Oh. Were you following her or something? You followed her all the way from up north," Jon accused.

"I donít think so, buddy. Iím part of ĎN Sync. Did you forget that Annette told you that?" Justin asked, putting down a bowl of soup in front of Jon and Annette. "Here, baby, eat this. Itíll help."

Jon just looked at Justin unsure of how what to make of this. Annette looked at the bowl and didnít do anything. Justin realized that they might want spoons. He went to the drawer under the cupboard under where he had found the bowls. The spoons were there. He gave one to Jon and one to Annette. He then sat down with a bowl and spoon for himself. Jon took a few spoonfuls of soup then got up.

"I gotta call my mom and tell her Iím here," he said and left the room.

"Thank you," Annette crocked.

"You welcome. That guy is really blind. But, you really got to break it out. I canít stand to see you like this. Please. For me?" Justin begged, sticking his lip out.

Annette slowly looked up at him knowing perfectly well what look he was going to have on his face. That look that always melted her into doing what he wanted.

"What will you get out of this? Me?"

"Well, thatís a possibility. But, no. The fact you wonít look so unhappy," Justin said. "Deal?"


"Deal for what?" Jon asked walking in.

"You are done talking with you mom already. That wasnít too long," Justin said.

"Iím not a mammaís boy. Plus, why would I leave my girl with some strange guy?"

"He is not a strange guy, Jon. He is my friend. Heís a whole lot better than you," Annette said. Justin took this as a hint and got up from the table. He walked into the family room to see Starra sitting on the couch reading some magazine.

"You left them alone?" Starra asked.

"She might do it," Justin said, sitting down in a chair. He flipped on the TV.

"No she wonít. Sheíll come close, but heíll turn around her word because she canít be mean. Iíve seen it before. You donít know her well enough."

"Well, letís look on the bright side. She might go through with it this time."

"Yeah, she has you to look forward to," Starra giggled as Jon came into the room.

"Iíll be back when her fever has gone down. You should take her to a doctor. Sheís really loony. She just broke up with me," Jon said and left. Out of the kitchen came a loud scream from Annette.

"See, told you," Starra said as Justin went into the kitchen.

"I told him flat out, Justin. Flat out. God, who dumb can that boy be? He thought I was sick!"

Justin sat down at he table and took Annette into his arms. She began to sob.

"Iíll never get rid of him. Never."


Justin sat in Annetteís family room. Starra sat right across from him.

"Well, Justin what are we going to do?" Starra asked.

"I have no clue. Jon an asshole. God, that man is stupid," Justin said.

Starra looked at him. She nodded. "Do you like Annette?"

"Yeah," Justin said, not even realizing what he had said.

Starra saw her window of opportunity. "Do you love her enough to go though what Iím thinking about?"

Justin looked up at her, confused for a moment. He then realized what Starra had asked him. He nodded.

"Good. I have a plan. I need you, your friends, and Annette, and the Asshole."

"What are you planning on doing?"

"Okay. Here it is," Starra said.


"Curly, why do all of us have to be here?" JC asked. He looked around the small apartment. Starra enter out of one of the bedrooms.

"Okay, Annette knows what to do. Do you guys?" Starra asked.

"No, no, no," Joey said. "I donít even know you name, but I bet itís beautiful."

"Itís Starra."

"See, I was right," Joey said, standing up taller. Chris whacked him in the head.

Annette came out of her room. "Is this all the guys?"

"No more will be coming. Do any of you want to man the music?"

Chris and Joey took off for the stereo. Annette pulled Starra aside as the doorbell rang.

"Are you sure about all of this? Will it really get rid of Jon?" Annette asked.

"Yeah. Well, Iím pretty sure heíll get a clue this time."

New Part 1/00

Annette looked at Starra. Starra took her by the shoulders and led her over to the couch.

"You just stay there. Everyone will come to you. Accept anything thatís told to you. And when Jon shows hisÖum face go into the full swing. Then tell him off. He will not be able to tell himself that you are sick because Justin will not be making soup," Starra said and walked over to Chris and Joey. "So, what kind of music are you guys going to be playing?"

"All ĎN Sync all the time!" Chris yelled jumping up and down. "Thatís the best kind of music there is! They rock!"

"No, no, no, Chris. Berry White all the way. Gets the ladies in the mood," Joey said, winking at Starra.

"No!" Chris squealed. "Heís no fun. Now, ĎN Sync is fun music."

"No, I think the Backstreet Boys are more rockní than ĎN Sync," Starra said.

"What? What? Thatís it! I cannot talk to you any more. You, You, uh, I just cannot say it!" Chris said and threw up his arms. This caused a bunch of CDs to go flying.

"Oh, Iíll still talk to you. Youíre too pretty not to talk to," Joey said.

"What!" Chris exclaimed, scrambling to the floor to pick up the CDs he had put there. "Youíre a trader!"

"Chris, canít you tell when people are joking?" Starra asked as she tried to stop laughing.

Chrisís head appeared with a devilish smile on his face. "Canít you?"

Starra fell against Joey, who had not been there a second ago, to keep herself from collapsing for laughter.

JC had taken over the job of letting people in, seeing Annette was more nervous then ever and Starra was lost in Joey Love World. JC looked around to see where Lance and Justin had went. They were no where in the vicinity. JC went back to opening up the door as more guys seemed to be showing up. Some really good looking girls were showing up. Letting everyone in let JC see who all was going to be there. Yet, he never saw Jon come in.

Meanwhile Justin and Lance were in the kitchen. Justin was going through the cabinets. Lance didnít know what on earth he was looking for.

"Curly, what on Godís green Earth are you looking for?" Lance asked.

"I have no clue. Do you think Starraís plan will work?" Justin asked, pulling out a pitcher.

"I donít know. Starra did put together a really nice Christmas dance last Christmas for school. Saw it in one of those yearbooks I checked out," Lance said. "But I donít know if this will work. But, what is Ďthis?í"

"All the guys are suppose to flirt with Annette. Annette is suppose to act all flirty too. Jon suppose to see this. Knowing the asshole he wonít know why Annette is acting this way and ask whatís up," Justin said as he pulled out a can or two of Sprite and dumped them into the pitcher. He went on, "After that Annette will tell him off."

"Didnít she do that when you made soup?" Lance asked as Justin pulled some sort of red juice out of the fridge. "What is that?"

"Cranberry juice. Yes, but instead of soup, Iím making drinks," Justin said.

"Okay," Lance said. "But, how do you know that Jon will take it seriously this time?"

Justin was quiet as he poured the cranberry juice into the pitcher. He then slowly began to stir it. He walked over to the fridge and pulled out some orange juice and dumped some of it in. After he stirred this he brought a glass over to Lance. Lance looked at it and slowly sipped it.

"How come you put Sprite in but thereís no fizz?" Lance asked.

"The cans have been open for a day or two. No fizz. Thatís the way Annette likes it," Justin said.

"You never answered my question, Justin. Why would Jon take her brake up seriously this time?" Lance wanted to know.

Justin picked up the pitcher and looked down into it.

"The way Starra has it set up, heís suppose to find us."

"You and Annette?" Lance asked.

Justin nodded.


Justin said something barely audible.


Justin didnít answer. He walked out of the room and over to the table in the family room type area and set the pitcher down. He then walked over to Annette and sat down. He saw Lance come out of the kitchen with a look on his face. Justin put his arm around Annette. Annette looked up at him with her sad, almost happy by now, smile. She then leaned into him. Justin looked back over to Lance. Lance just nodded and walked over to JC.

"Nice of you to come," JC was saying to some entering person.

"Thanks. You Starraís new boy?" the girl asked.

"No. Just a friend."


Lance tapped JC on the shoulder. JC turned to see Lance standing there.

"Hi, where have you been?"

"Talking to Jus. Do you know something, I donít?" Lance asked. He tilted his head toward Justin and Annette.

JC looked at them on the couch. Annette seemed pretty content where she was. Starra was no were in sight. JC then looked back at Lance.

"No," he said as someone rang the bell. JC opened the door to see Jon. Jon tilted his head to the side at the sight of JC. Then looked over to see Lance.

"Who are you? Annetteís other boyfriends?" Jon asked with a really annoying laugh.

JC clapped his hands together. "You got that right."

Jon laughed harder than before.

"I really like Annetteís guy friends they all got great senses of humor."

Jon brushed past JC and Lance and went into the room filled with people.

"Lance, go find Joey."

"Why would we need to tell Joey that Jon is here?" Lance asked. If Joey was the brains of the operation they were really in trouble.

"Where ever Joey is Starra is. Joeyís much easier to spot than Starra," JC said, opening the door for another person.

Lance shook his head and started over the stereo. He really should have listened harder when Starra called them and told them what was going on. He was really in the dark. JC was right, of course. It was easier to find Joey then it would have been to find Starra. JC was also right that where Joey was Starra was. Chris was gagging himself as Lance walked up. Lance could see why. Joey and Starra were flirting up a big storm. When Chris spotted Lance began to jump up and down.

"Lance! Lance! Save me from these love birds! Theyíre gonna start to make kids any second!" Chris hollered.

"Chris!" Starra shirked, turning a brilliant shade of red.

"Iíll save you, Chris," Lance said.

"Thank the Lord!" Chris said, waving his arms in the air, knocking the same bunch of CDs to the floor. He took of for the floor to pick them up.

"Starra, Jon is here," Lance said.

"He is! How long? Where is he? Did he ask questions about JC? Wait, heís Jon. He never asks questions. Where is he? How long has he been here?" Starra asked this all in one breath.

"Starra, baby, calm down," Joey said, with a laugh.

"He just got here a minute or two ago. He wondered off into the crowd. He joked that JC and I were Annette other boyfriends," Lance reported.

"What an idiot! Iíve got tell Annette!" Starra yelled and headed off to the couch.

Starra shoved her way through the crowd to the couch were Annette sat. Guys were all around her. Justin was the closest. He looked to be protecting her form all the guys who kept telling her how great she look. Starra elbowed her way on to the couch.

"Guess what?" Starra asked.


"Annette likes Justin! Annette likes Justin!" Starra sung over and over. Annette gave her a look. "Okay, Jonís here. Action!"

Starra clapped her hands together and left.

"What was that all about?" Joey asked Starra when she came back.

"Jonís here. Plan A needs to go into action."

"Whatís Plan A?" Joey asked, and Starra just smiled. "Iíll tickle you if you donít tell me."

Joey began to poke Starra in the arm and she began to giggle.

"Fine, fine, fine. Plan A is to tell Jon that itís over when he finds her in Justinís arms like she is."

"Oh, and this will work," Joey said, poking her in the ribs.

Lance noticed Chris gagging himself again. He grabbed Chris.

"I want to see this," Lance told Chris.

"Oh, nice, quiet Lance wants to see this," Chris teased.

"Shut up," Lance said, sitting Chris down in a seat. "Act your age for once."

Chris stuck out his bottom lip and sat in the chair.

Meanwhile, Jon had spotted Annette sitting on the couch.

"Just like Annette. To sit on the couch and just watch the party going on," Jon said to himself.

Jon made his way over to her. As he neared he saw that Justin character sitting next to her. He had his arm around her shoulder. She was leaning into him. She also looked happier than she had ever been in years. That Justin guy had stole his girl and made her happy. How dare he!

Jon stormed up to the couch. Suddenly everyone around Annette seemed to leave and go into the kitchen. Well, everyone except the two guys that had greeted him at the door, the two guys that were hanging out by the stereo, Starra, and Justin. Jon however really didnít notice.

"So you have stolen my girl," Jon barked at Justin.

Annette sat up with a start.

"He did not steal me!"

At this remark, Chris, JC, Starra, and Joey left the room. Lance thought he should leave, but at the same time he wanted to see this.

"What? You are my girlfriend, are you not?!" Jon yelled.


"No? I never broke up with you, and you never broke up with me!"

Annette stood up. She waved her finger at him.

"I broke up with you. I told you flat out that I didnít like you and I never wanted to see you again!"

"You were sick. You had a fever. You didnít know what you were talking about," Jon said, trying to take a step near her.

Annette took a huge step back as she said, "I didnít have a fever. I donít want ~"

"But, Annette Honey, weíre meant for each other. You were just sick when you said that. Maybe you have Jason make you some more soup."

"Justin. His name is Justin. He was making soup for us to eat. Not because I was SICK! You came up with that on your own. I donít like you. Iím unhappy with you! I donít want to be your girlfriend anymore!"

"But we love each other."

"LOVE! I never said that. And you never said that to me! Come to think about it, you never told me anything!"

"Well, then you must not know what love is," Jon said, stepping forward again. "What we have is love. What we feel for each other is love."

Lance finally caught Justinís eye. Justin rolled his eyes.

"If I love you, I must hate my family, my friends, and Justin," Annette said, calmly.

Justin shot up off the couch. Lance looked at Justin.

"Huh? Wouldnít you love your family?" Jon asked.

"You are so stupid! I donít love you. I hate you!"

"But you love him?" Jon asked, looking at Justin who was looking at Annette.

Annette folder her arms across her chest and smiled. "More then I ever loved you."

Lance got up and went to the kitchen.

"Well, he canít have you. Youíre still mine," Jon said stupidly.

"NO! I just broke up with you!"

"No you didnít. And I wonít take it because you donít know what you are talking about."

Annette uncrossed her arms and glared at Jon. She then smiled, pushed Jon to the side, and walked up to Justin. She wrapped her arms around Justinís neck. She set her lips rights on his and kissed him as hard as she could. Justin got lost in the kiss and forgot that Jon was even there. That was till they heard this thud. Annette broke apart from Justin and turned to see Jon on the floor. Jon hurried to his feet.

"Okay, I get the point. Youíre free. Go be with that blonde bimbo," Jon said.

Annette wrapped her arms around Justinís waist. "Fine, Iíll be with my blonde bimbo, whoís not that blonde anymore."

Jon realized this and walked to the door. JC had suddenly reappeared at the door.

"Hope you had a nice time," JC said, opening to the door.

"Be careful of those two blondes," Jon said as he left.

JC shut the door. The whole party entered the room. Chris ran up and hugged Annette.

"Good job! Heís gone! Look Curly! Sheís happy smiling!" Chris exclaimed. "Uh, oh."

"What?" Annette asked.

"What if sheíd entered Joey Love World?" Chris asked, looking over at Starra and Joey.

"No, just Justin Love World," Annette said.

New End

"AHHHH!!! JC! Lance! Help me! Thereís too many people in Love Worlds in this room!" Chris yelped as he ran over to JC.ďDid you really mean what you said and did just there?Ē Justin asked.

ďOf course I did. I just donít believe I just did that.Ē

Justin wrapped his arms around her. Annette looked up at him with her dark jade-green eyes shinning. As Justin looked into them he saw something that he had never seen in them before. Happiness. For the first time those eyes were not sad. Annette seemed to be reading his mind. Annette kissed him once again.

ďYou made me one of the most happiest guys in the world. Well, may not,Ē Justin giggled as he pointed to Joey and Starra. They were so close their noses almost were touching.

ďWell, Iím happy, Starraís happy, Joeyís happy, and most importantly one day Jon will realize how happy he is with out me,Ē Annette said happily.

ďAnd youíve made me happy to see you happy.Ē

ďYouíre such a sap, Justin,Ē Chris said rolling his eyes.

ďYouíre just jealous because youíve got no girl,Ē Lance said, dragging Chris off.

ďBut, but, but you donít got a girl!Ē Chris hollered.

ďChris!Ē Lance yelled as he carted Chris over to JC.

Justin laughed and kissed Annette on the nose.

The End