This is a new story about the Backstreet Boys. Kevin goes to visit a childhood friend of his and brings the other guys along. Disaster strikes when Nick falls for the friend's sister, who hates people named Nick. I already started a sequel to it. If any of you want it, e-mail me and I'll post it on the next update I do. Hope you enjoy!

Old Time Friends

Part One

Kevin sat on the old rusted swing. Near by he could hear Brian and Nick trying to make each other fly off the merry-go-round type thing at the park. The park was empty, seeing it was December and almost 30 degrees outside. Kevin began to push himself on the swing.

"Kevin, when is that friend of yours going to be here. Iím cold," A.J. complained.

Kevin shook his head. It had been years since he had seen his childhood best friend Tim Bennett. When Tim had graduated from high school at the age of sixteen, his dad had packed him up and they moved to this little town.

"Iíve always liked little towns. Maybe when I retire Iíll move to one," Howie said, sitting next to Kevin.

"I just want to go back to the hotel. Wait, Kevin wouldnít let us book one. Weíve gotta stay with his no show friend," A.J. said bitterly.

"Cheer up Bone," Nick called. "Weíll warm and feed you soon."

"Plus Timís got a hot sister!" Brian called. "HA! I made you fall off, Carter! I win. Once again. B-rok rocks!"

"NO he doesnít!" Nick yelled.

Kevin twisted himself around to see what Nick was going to do to Brian. Nick wasnít going to be doing anything anytime soon. Brian had somehow tied him to the merry-go-round thing.

"Brian, how did you tie Nick to that?" Kevin asked.

"I didnít tie him. He did that himself, so he wouldnít fall off. But he did! I won!" Brian sung.

Kevin turned himself back around. He spotted a very good looking man coming toward them. He had a black trench coat on. His light brown hair that was streaked with blonde. He had on dress pants and dress shoes. As the wind blew his coat open Kevin could see that he had a suit on.

"TIM!" Kevin yelled, jumping off the swing.

The others watched Kevin run up to the over dressed man. Nick pulled himself off the ground and untied himself. He followed Brian as they was gathered around Kevin.

"I canít believe you came!" Tim said. "Itís been so long."

"I know. Too long if you ask me. These are my fellow band members: A.J., Howie, Nick, and Brian."

"Brian Littrell?"

"Yes. Thatís me, Timmy. I grew up," Brian informed Tim.

"I can see that."

"Why are you all dressed up?" A.J. asked.

"I just got off work. The firm still believes in suits," Tim said, as he rolled his eyes.

"So you became a lawyer?" Kevin asked.

"Yep. Come on. Iím cold. I think Kayíll be home from school by now," Tim said.

"Whose Kay?" Nick asked.

"My kid sister. Come on itís only a couple of blocks from here," Tim said, starting off for his house.

Kevin followed him. Brian, A.J., Howie, and Nick were close in toe. All the houses they passed were old and small. Nick looked at the large front porches with swings and the old oak trees in the front yard. The backyards were all fenced in with wire fences. It had all the charms of a small town.

"Howíd youíd end up here Timmy?" Brian asked, as they turned down a street with newer looking houses. Not too new. Around the 1960ís or 1970ís. The other homes were around the 1940ís or so.

"I donít know. I saw an add for a house out here in the paper. At the time Kay and I were living in St. Louis. I hated it there. The cityís great, but I hate living in it. Dad and his new wife had moved out to Los Angeles. Kay didnít want to go with. So, I said Iíd take her, seeing that I had a really good job here and was not about to give it up," Tim said.

"Iím confused," Nick said. A.J. threw up his arms.

Tim went on to tell them the story of his life. How he had moved from Kentucky after high school, ("Whyíd you graduate when you were sixteen?" "Well, Nick, I skipped two grades.") then how he went straight to Harvard after they got to St. Louis. After he got out of Harvard he got a job at a law firm in St. Louis. Shortly after that his new step-mom, his parents got divorced shortly before he had moved to St. Louis in the first place, and his dad moved to Los Angeles. Tim had taken Kay because she hadnít wanted to go to Los Angeles.

"So, howíd you and Kevin know each other if you had skipped two grades and youíre the same age?" Howie asked, as they walked up the driveway to a large brick house.

"He lived next door to me. We grew up together. And he was the only kid who didnít care that I had skipped two grades. And having Mr. Popular for a friend helped. I didnít get beat up as much when Kevin showed up at high school," Tim said, opening the door.

He led the guys into a vaulted foyer that had a carpeted staircase leading up to a hall. Down the staircase there was a window. When the stairs ended there was a cream colored carpeted strip leading down to another hallway. The floor was clay brick. There were plants hanging from the ceiling next to the window next to the door. There was also a little bench opposite the window. There was a 1960ís looking light hanging from the ceiling. Tim led them up the front stairs. Nick looked into the large living room. The cream carpet continued into the living room.

"Thatís a pretty big living room," Nicks said in wonder. The house didnít seem that it was large enough to have a living room that big.

There was a large window that let in the setting suns light. Opposite that was a piano. On each side of the piano there was brown armchairs. There was a large armchair opposite them. On the end of the room was a large couch and two end tables. There was also a shelf with tea cups from all over the world on it. Brian walked over to the shelf and looked at it in wonder.

"I remember these! Your grandma had these in her house before she passed away. Kay and I would play with them," Brian said.

"You play tea with a little girl?" A.J. teased. "I can totally see that."

"A.J.," Brian moaned. "I babysat the kid. She made me play."

"But you enjoyed it, Brian," Tim said. "This is the dining room. I love how itís like part of the living room."

Brian turned around. Beyond the chair that matched the couch was the dining room. There was a long dark table with chairs around it. There was a china cabinet that had an old china set in it. There were also paintings of food on the walls.

"That picture of fruit is making me hungry," Howie said. "Would you mind showing us the kitchen?"

"My pleasure," Tim said, walking threw a doorway.

Tim led them into the kitchen. It look straight out of the 1960ís. It was yellow and orange, but not that annoying looking way. There was brass pictures, more like carvings, of food on the walls. Tim walked over, passed the bar, and to the pantry to pull out a bag of chips. He tossed them on the table. Howie sat down, followed by A.J.

"When do we get to see the rest of the house?" Nick asked.


"When are our bags going to get here?" A.J. asked.

"I donít know. When ever the guys find the house," Kevin said.

A.J. sat looking sad for awhile. Nick meandered into the hall. It was the same hallway that led to the front hallway. However, after the living room entrance the carpet stopped and the tile from the kitchen started. Where it started there was a stairway that led up and next to it a stairway that led down. Nick went the one that went up. There were a lot of pictures hanging on the wall as he went up the stairs. He walked over and peeked into the bathroom. It was pink. He then peeked into a bedroom. Nick guessed it as Timís. He then walked over to a narrower hallway and started down it. There were more pictures hanging on this wall. They were childhood pictures of Tim and Kay. He spotted some of Kevin and Brian that VH1 would probably love to get their hands on for that show of theirs. Nick peeked in the first bedroom. It was blue. It had two twin beds, a desk, a closet, a window, and a dresser. Nick peeked in the next door that was to the right a full turn. It was bigger. It was also blue, but only had one bed and it was a double. Nick made the last turn. Now his back was turned to the first bedroom he had looked in. It was pink and looked like it was lived. There were pictures of teenagers in frames on the walls and stuck in the mirror. There were also magazine cut out on the wall.

"There you are, Nick. What are you doing?" Brian asked. "Kayís home. Come down and meet her. But let me warn you, she hates people named Nick."

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"She already hates you," Brian replied, walking off down the hall.

Nick followed him and down the stairs. He wondered what was up with this girl. Brian led Nick into the living room. There in one of the chairs sat a girl with dark brown hair that was down to her shoulders. She turned her head when Brian entered the room.

"Whoís this Brian?" she asked with a sweet voice.

"This is Nick Carter."

Nick saw her big brown eyes go very cold with hate. Nick walked up and slowly stuck out his hand. He put on his best smile he could get. Kay just sat there. Tim kicked her in the shin and she finally took Nickís hand. She mustered a smile and spat out, "Itís very nice to meet you, Nick."

"Nice to meet you too," Nick said as friendly as he could.

Kay dropped his hand. Nick let it fall back to his side. He just stood next to her chair looking at her. She was a work of perfection. She had the perfect shade of brown hair, and these big brown eyes, and the most soft hand Nick had every shaken.

"Kevin, how long are you all going to be here?" Kay asked.

"Three weeks. Weíre suppose to be thinking up of a theme for our next album," Kevin answered. "Why donít you sit down Nick."

Nick quickly took a seat on the couch next to Brian. Kay watched him with her cold eyes.

"Like that will ever happen," A.J. muttered.

"Like what will ever happen? Nick sitting down without being told or you guys coming up for a theme?" Kay asked with cold sarcasm.

A.J. snuffled a laugh, along with Kevin and Brian. Howie just looked like he didnít know what to do. Tim kicked Kay again.

"Nick sits a lot without being told," Howie said.

"Oh, so heís a lazy bum? That explains the ~" Kay started, but Tim kicked her again.

"Thatís be enough Kay," Tim hissed.

Nick sat looking at his lap, turning red. He had made up his mind as they went on talking with Kay. He would find some way to get her to like him. He didnít know the other Nicks she knew but heíd be different. He noticed that now Kay knew she had hurt him she was happy to ignore him. He excused himself after awhile because he felt uncomfortable and had to recollect himself after this out lashing against him. He had thought Brian had been kidding.

"Kay, that little attack against Nick was uncalled for," Tim scolded after Nick had left, looking hurt.

Kay wrinkled up her nose. "Heís a Nick. Why would he care?"

"All Nickís are not the same. You know, youíll probably marry a Nick."

"No way. Never. All Nicks are the same. Self-centered, arrogant, idiot, jerks who think they know everything and theyíre all that. Thatís a Nick."

"Well, our Nick is nothing like that," Howie said. "Who you just described is A.J."

"Ouch. Wounded by Sweet D. That really hurt me," A.J. said, throwing his hand over his heart. He slumped down in his chair, while the others laughed.

"No, really. Do you think I would have a best friend who was like what you just described?" Brian asked.

Kay shrugged. "Itís you life. Not mine. Iíll go on hating Nicks for as long as I live."

Kay got up and went upstairs. The guys left all looked at each other.

"Iím sorry," Tim said.

"Donít be. If she hates Nicks itíll be easier when we leave," Kevin said

Tim looked at Kevin in confusion. A.J. sat back up in his chair. Howie took one look at Kevin and knew what he meant. Brian just looked at the ground. Tim looked at all of them for a clue but didnít get one.

"What do you mean, Kev?"

"I mean Nick likes Kay. No matter how much that girl hates him heís going to go after her. He had that look in his eyes when he walked into the room. Then after he looked like he was determined to do something. And that something is to get Kay to like him," Kevin said. "No matter what."

"And if he succeeds, itíll be hard for him to leave. Then weíll have a sad Nick on our hands, and a sad Brian was hard enough," Howie said.

"Hey, whatís that suppose to mean?" Brian asked.


Nick slowly pulled himself out of the bed. He looked over at the other lump on the other side of the room. Brian was sound asleep. Nick crept over to the door and slowly opened it. Kayís bedroom door was opened. Nick could see her from his doorway. The moonlight fell on her peaceful face. She looked like an angle when she was asleep. But when she woke up she became a devil, almost. She hadnít given Nick a brake during the week they had been there. He had been as nice as he could be. He was so nice he was beginning to cringe every time he opened his mouth when Kay was around.

Nick closed his door and went back to bed. The next time he woke up the sun was hitting him in the eyes. He shaded them as he slowly opened them. He looked around the room. Brian was still fast asleep in his shaded corner of the room.

"No wonder he wanted that bed," Nick mumbled and grabbed some jeans. He pulled them on, grabbed a shirt, and opened the door. At the same time Kay opened her door. Nick took one look at her and knew she was heading for the bathroom. Nick just smiled.

"You first," Nick said, bowing.

Kay gave him her evil eye and took a step out of her room. She then went down the hall. Nick followed her. Halfway down the hall she turned around sharply.

"Are you following me?" she asked meanly.

"No. Iím heading down to get some breakfast. Do you want to make you something too?" Nick asked.

Kay looked at him. "Will you give it up! I will never like you! You are a Nick!"

"Thatís fine, but that doesnít mean I have to be mean to you," Nick said.

Kay let out a mad sound and stormed off to the bathroom. Nick went downstairs to find no one down there. Tim had already left for work and Kevin had made Howie and A.J. go with him down to St. Louis to get something. That only left him, Kay, and the sleeping Brian. And seeing that Brian hadnít gone to bed till almost three that morning, he wasnít going to be up anytime soon. Kay had to start for school soon, too. Nick opened up the fridge and pulled out some eggs. He turned on the stove and went about making eggs. Soon he felt a presence in the kitchen that was not Brain. He turned to see Kay standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at him.

"Would you like some?" Nick asked.

Kay walked over and looked in the pan.

"Did you spike them?" Kay asked.

"No. Why would I do that? Oh, yes I forgot. Iím a Nick," Nick said, watching Kayís mouth curl a little smile that she quickly turned down.

"Fine. If you insist on being nice," Kay said, sitting down at the table.

Nick produced a plate of eggs for her and himself. They ate in silence. Kay finished and walked over to the sink and rinsed off her plate. Nick saw her turn around a bit and look at him.

"Yes?" Nick asked.

"Would you like me to rinse your plate off?" Kay asked.

"Okay," Nick said, getting up and handing her his plate. She took it and rinsed it off. She then turned and faced him.

Nick had a sudden urge to take a step back, but didnít. Kay was almost as tall as Nick. She was almost looking right into his eyes. Nick looked down at her, expecting some harsh remark. Instead Kay reached up behind his neck and pulled his head down to her. She then put her lips to his. Nick was so surprised he almost forgot what he was doing. However, he remembered soon and kissed back. He felt Kay bring her other arm up and wrapped both around his neck. Nick put his arms around her little waist. Kay slowly pulled away after awhile. Nick looked at her face and saw shock and embarrassment, something he didnít expect. Kay let go of his neck, so he let go of her. She took a few steps away then said, as if nothing had just happened, "Um, I have to go."

She left the kitchen through the dining room and living room. Nick pulled out a chair and sat down. He could hear Kay grab her coat and backpack and leave. Nick shook his head hard, sending his blonde hair flying.

"That did not just happen. This is a dream. This is a dream," Nick said over and over.

Nick hit his head on the table. It hurt. He rubbed his head as he walked back up the stairs. He walked into his room. Brian was still a lump on his bed. Nick walked over a poked him. Brianís eyes slowly opened.


"Pinch me," Nick said.

"Will you leave me alone?" Brian asked and Nick nodded. "Gladly."

Brian pinched Nick. It hurt too. Nick got up and went back down to the kitchen. He looked over to the spot where it had happened.

"It happened. It was not a dream," Nick said, going down to the family room. He looked around the room. The rust colored carpet down there was shaggy and soft against his bare feet. He made his way over to the TV that sat on the floor. He sat on the couch that A.J. had not been sleeping on. A.J. and Howie were staying in the family room. A.J. slept in the long couch, while Howie slept in the chair with the stool. Howie was too tall to fit on the other couch where Nick was sitting. He looked around the room. He had no clue what he was going to do. He really liked Kay, in more than a friendly way. At first he had set out just to get her to like him as she liked the other guys. However, he had developed a crush on her. He rubbed his head again. He looked at a pictures of Kay sitting on the mantle. One was her in her homecoming dress and her date. Her date reminded Nick of Justin Timberlake. He turned up his nose at the fake blonde next to Kay. In front of that picture must have been Kayís school picture from that year. Looking at it Nick knew what Kay was going to be doing. Acting like nothing had happened. Go back to hating him. Nick rubbed his head again.

"Carter where are you?" someone called into the house.

Nick turned around. "Iím in the family room."

Brian made his way down the stairs. He still looked half asleep.

"I canít get back to sleep."

Nick nodded as Brian sat down on the couch A.J. had been using for a bed. Unlike most days A.J. and Howie had not folded up their blankets and sheets. Most likely because Kevin pulled them out of bed to go with him. Brian pulled the blankets around him and settled in.

"How come you had to wake me up and ask me to pinch you?" Brian asked.

"I felt like I was dreaming."

"Why did Kay act like you were a human?"

"No, I just felt like I was in a dream. Havenít you ever had that before. You think youíre up but youíre not sure. Itís like things happen and youíre not really sure that they did. Have you ever had that before?" Nick asked.

He looked over at Brian. Brian had fallen back asleep on the couch.

"Didnít think I was that boring," Nick said, walking over the TV and flipping it off.

He went back up to the living room and sat in one of the over stuffed chairs next to the piano. He looked out the big window. The street Tim and Kay lived on wasnít very exciting. Nick used this unexciting street to let his mind wonder. He stayed there till he heard someone entering the house to find that Brian was asleep. They tried to be quiet going up the stairs. Nick stayed where he was to let who ever it was think they were being quiet. Kevin walked in the room, followed by A.J. and Howie. A.J. had a bunch of shopping bags with him. Kevin was carrying a small bag of something. Howie had nothing with him.

"What are you doing?" Kevin asked. Nick shrugged. "Then you can help me. Take this down to the basement and stick it in the washer. Then turn on the washer."

Nick took the bag and peeked in it. There was a little box in it. "What is it?"

"I donít know. Tim just asked me to pick it up for him. A.J. said he wanted to go shopping and dragged Howie along. Now be quiet when you go downstairs. Brianís asleep on the couch in the family room," Kevin called after Nick.

"No, duh," Nick mumbled as he got down the stairs.

Nick looked down the hallway that led to the front hall. It was lined with doors. The one on the left led out to the garage. One of the ones on the right led to the basement. Nick picked the closet on the family room. He was right. There were stairs that led down to a cement floor. That must be the basement. Nick stared down the wooden stairs. Once at the end he looked around. The walls were filled with shelves with boxes on them. In the far right corner was a white sheet hung from a rope. Nick figured that the washer and dryer were behind it. Nick walked over to it and pulled it back. Sure enough there was the washer and dryer. He pulled open the washer and pulled the box out of the bag. He opened the box and dropped the tablet in. He then shut the top. He looked at the panel on the washer. There were a lot of buttons. Nick looked closely at each one. He rubbed his head again and heard someone coming down the stairs. He glanced at his watch. It was almost time for Kay to be home from school. Nick looked over to see who it was. It was Kay.

"What are you doing?" Kay asked flatly.

"Trying to figure out how to turn the washer on," Nick answered, unsure of what to do.

"Trying to wash those ugly ~" Kay pulled the washer open. "Why does Tim think these things work?"

"What are they suppose to do?" Nick asked.

"Clean the washer. But I donít know how they work," Kay said, closing the washer. "Hit this button to turn it on, and this is the timer and this is the cycle."

Nick looked at each button she pointed at.

"Thanks. What does this one do?" Nick asked pointing at another button. His hand brushed hers when he did this. He slowly looked at her sorry he had done that. She didnít seem to notice.

"It plays music. It says music," Kay said.

"A washer that plays music?" Nick asked. Kay just looked at him with the same look she had had that morning.

"Um, about this morning," Nick began, still unsure that it really happened.

Kay walked up closer to him. She looked him in the eye. She put her lips up to his again. Nick once again accepted her kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Nick wrapped his arms around her waist again. So many things were running around in his brain. He felt her leg brush his. He drew away this time first.

"Whatís this all about, Kay?" he asked softly. "This morning ~"

"No hard feelings," Kay said, putting her nose up to his. "I know youíre a different Nick. I knew the moment you walked in the room, but Carter, you are a Nick. I have an image."

"You hate Nicks," Nick said sadly.

Kay reached up and ran her hand against his cheek. "Iím sorry. If I had met you before the othersÖ"

She trailed off. Nick reached up and put his fingers over her mouth. She lightly kissed them.

"Thereís also the fact youíll be leaving next week. I may never see ~" she started.

"Tim and Kevin are best friends. Theyíll see each other."

"But, us, Carter."

They stood in silence awhile. Brian, Tim, and Kevinís voices were running threw Nickís head. They all were telling him that Key hated Nicks. Nothing could change her mind.

"Except you," Kay said softly suddenly. "You changed my mind."

Kay kissed him once again then slid out of his arms. Nick held himself up against the dryer and he listened to Kay go up the stairs. He could hear Kevin ask Kay what took so long.

"I had to show the nimrod how to turn the thing on," Kay said.

The words stung Nick. He rubbed his head again. It was a dream. It had to be. Or Kay had split personalities. Nick pushed himself away from the washer and went up stairs. Brian was just waking up when Nick entered the family room,

"Nick, where are you going? You were going to tell me why you thought you were dreaming," Brian said, sitting up. "Why is it dark outside?"


Nick rolled over and looked at he ceiling. Howie had asked him if he could use the bed for tonight. Nick had accepted the offer to sleep in the family room. A.J. had been out for a long time. Nick was sleeping on the floor because he was too tall to fit in the chair and A.J. wouldnít let him have the couch. He was still going over the events that had happened earlier that day.

"What am I going to do," Nick whined turning over. He listened to the loud ticking of the clock that was on the mantel.

"I think we should talk."

Nick sat straight up and almost screamed. However, a soft hand covered his mouth. He looked to see the moonlight lighting up Kayís face. She removed her hand and lowered her face near his so he could hear her.

"I think we should go upstairs. Donít want to wake A.J.," Kay said softly.

Nick nodded. Kay took his hand and helped him up off the ground. They walked up the stairs and into the kitchen. Kay then took him into the living room and sat him down on the couch. She went on standing.

"This is wrong," Kay said.

"Whatís wrong? The fact you hate Nicks?"

"No, Backstreet Boy. The way Iím treating you. To everyone else, I hate you. It hurts me to tell people that youíre too stupid to figure out the washer," Kay said, kneeling down in front of Nick. "Youíll be leaving soon. To go back on tour or something. I wonít see you. And the factÖ.the fact that I donít like Nicks and announced that I would never go out with oneÖ"

"Doesnít help the situation," Nick said, as Kay let her head fall into his lap. Nick let his fingers glide through her soft hair. "But, maybe this wasnít suppose to be. The pop star and the Nick hater."

Kay shook her head. "I donít want it to be this way. Iíve only known you for about a week or more, yet I feel like I want to be with you for forever. ButÖ"

"You hate Nicks," Nick said softly. He picked her head up off his lap. He looked into her eyes. He was something he had never seen before. He saw a warm look. He smiled. "Youíre making this hard."


"You donít have that cold look in your eyes."

Kay yanked her head out of his hands. "Nick Larson is the Nick that started it all. I really liked him. I got enough guts to talk to him one day. He was the biggest jerk I met. After that every Nick I met was the same. Till you," Kay said, turning her head back to Nick. "YouÖyou make meÖI want to hold you forever and never let you go. But that canít happen."

"You can always give up your Nick hating," Nick said hopefully.

Kay just shook her head. She looked up at Nick. She stood up. Nick thought she was going to walk out on him. But, she sat down in his lap. She sat facing him. Nick took the initiative this time and put his lips to hers. He had a feeling this was going to be the last time Kay would let him kiss her or she was going to kiss him.


Kevin sat in the kitchen with Tim. They had been talking about the good old days back in Kentucky.

"I really missed you after you left. I had no one to protect," Kevin said.

"But I missed you for those two years when you were still working threw jr. high," Tim said.

"Yeah," Kevin laughed, remembering.

Tim would get off the bus everyday at four oíclock. Kevin would run out and meet him. Everyday Tim had tales of how all the bigger guys would pick on him and he had no friends. Kevin told him once he got to high school everything would be okay, and for the most part it was. Everyone knew that Tim had skipped two grades. Everyone knew that Kevin Richardson was his best friend. Once Kevin got to high school, Tim got picked on less often.

"I think we should go someplace before you guys head out," Tim said. He pulled out a map. "How about we go to camping. Kay wonít come, but thatíll be better for Nick."

"Yeah, that sounds great!" Kevin said. "Iíll go tell them. They can help with the planning."


Brian shook Nick. Nick just seemed not to be responding. They were leaving for the camping spot now. They had all totally forgotten about Nick because Kay suddenly wanted to go, but had only changed her mind a couple of minutes ago. This reminded Brian that Nick was still in bed.

Brian shook Nick again.

"Go away, Mom. I donít want to go to school," Nick mumbled.

"Iím not your mother."

"What?!" Nick asked, shooting up.

"Weíre leaving. Are you coming?" Brian asked,

Nick sunk back down into bed.


"No?" Brian asked.

"Thatís what I said. Iíll just stay here alone. Maybe come up with a theme for the album, seeing that we havenít done that yet," Nick mumbled into his pillow.

Brian got up slowly. Nick didnít know that Kay was staying. As far as Nick knew she was going. Brian left the room.

"Nickís not coming," Brian said.

Kevin and Tim both look like they had been shot.

"He doesnít know that Kayís staying behind. This should be an interesting weekend," Brian said, getting in the car next to A.J.

"Interesting!" Kevin yelled. "Nick ~"

"Itís okay, Kev. Kay will go to a friends house when she finds out sheíll be alone in the house with Nick," Tim said. "Letís go."

Nick rolled out of bed. He heard the cars pulling away. Nick crawled on the floor over to the closet and pulled out some clothes. He had the whole house to himself. A whole weekend without the guys and Kay and the temptation that Kay brought with her. Every since the night in the living room Kay had returned to her normal state, even when they were alone.

"That should be our theme. Romeo and Juliet," Nick mumbled as he walked into the bathroom. "We can all dress up in 16th century duds. Weíll go back in time for this album."

Nick walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs. He walked into the kitchen and went about finding something to eat. He had just pulled the orange juice out of the fridge when he sensed her. He looked up to see Kay standing in the doorway into the dining room. She was giving him her cold look.

"Did you stay behind because I was?" she asked flatly.

"No. I just didnít feel like camping. I wanted to stay here by myself," Nick replied flatly.

"So you want me to leave?" Kay asked.

"If you want," Nick said, turning to the cabinet to get out a glass.

He felt arms around his neck and a warm breath on his neck.

"I donít want to go."

Nick removed her arms and turned around to face her. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes. She really didnít want to go. She didnít want him to go either. She threw her arms around him. Nick just stood there.

"I hate myself. I love you. I know I do because Iíve never felt like this before. But itís just not possibleÖ" Kay sobbed.

Nick pulled Kay away from him. He tilted her chin up to his face. Tears were running down her cheeks. He took his thumb and brushed them away.

"Donít cry. Iím not worth crying over. Itís not possible because of your hate for people named Nick. And thereís the fact you may never see me again. But, we do have this weekend," Nick said.

Kay wiped her face off with her sleeve. She looked back up at Nick. She took his hand and led him down the stairs to the family room. She sat him down on the couch. She then smiled at him and walked over to the TV. She popped in a video, then flipped on the TV. She then came back and sat down next to Nick. Nick looked down at her. She leaned her head against his shoulder. Nick put his arm around her.

"What movie is this?"

"Shakespeare in Love."


"Carter, what are you doing?" Kay asked, walking into Nickís room on Sunday morning.

"Huh?" Nick said, sitting up.

"My dear love, we only have a couple hours till they all come home," Kay said, softly. "Then on Monday you leave."

Nick rolled back over in bed. "Did you have to remind me?"

Kay pulled him back over to face her. "Get up sleepy head. I got breakfast made."

Kay got up and left the room. Nick rolled out of bed and got dressed. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Kay had set the table and there was toast and eggs in the center. Nick sat down at the table. Kay did too. They ate in silence. After they were done they both did the dishes. As Nick put the last pot away he turned around to see Kay standing right behind him.

"Theyíll be home soon," was all Kay said.

"Then, may I have a good-bye kiss?" Nick asked with a smile.

Kay took his hand and led him into the living room then up the stairs and down the hall to her room. She set him down on her bed then walked over to her closet and pulled out a box. She handed it to him. Nick slowly opened the box. In it was a picture of a washer, a couch, and a plate of eggs. Nick could tell it was a drawing. It was signed by Kay. Nick looked up at Kay.


"Your welcome. Now, hereís your good-bye kiss," Kay said, sitting down on Nickís lap.

She wrapped her arms around him and their mouths met. Nick wrapped his arms around her as she slowly began to push him back till his back was on the bed. She pulled back and looked at Nick.

"What?" Nick asked, totally unsure what was going on in that head of hers.

"Carter, I love you. I will find you someday and marry you. You hear me?" Kay asked, brushing her hand along his cheek.

"I hear you."

"Good," Kay said, and went back to kissing him.

After awhile, the floor began to rattle. Kay pulled back from Nick. Her eyes showed sadness. She lowered her lips once more then got up and left the room. Nick sat up and looked at the wall in front of him. He could hear voices downstairs. They were home. Nick got up off the bed and walked into Kevinís room and locked the door. His room didnít lock. It also made sense for him to lock himself in Kevinís room. There was a PlayStation in that room. Shortly after Nick had locked himself in Kevinís room there was a knock on the door.

"Itís okay, Nicko. You can come out now. Weíre home," Brian said.

Nick opened the door. Brian dumped his bags in their room.

"Did you spend the whole weekend locked in Kevinís room?" Brian asked, throwing his clothes in the closet into a suitcase.

"For the most part. I came up with a theme," Nick said, pulling out his suitcase.

"What?" Brian asked, tossing Nick a pile of jeans.

"Romeo and Juliet. We can dress up in 16th century stuff and everything."

"Go back in time. Interesting. At least we have an idea now," Brain said, tossing Nick a bunch of shirts.


Kevin stood in Timís driveway looking at his brick house. The three weeks had seemed to fly by. He and Tim had done a lot of catching up, Nick had sent most of his stay trying to get Kay to like him. He had been unsuccessful.

"Weíll keep in touch, right?" Kevin asked as he hugged Tim good-bye.

"Yeah, weíll make it work this time, Kev," Tim said. "Maybe youíll grow some more before the next time I see you, Littrell."

"I donít think so, Timmy," Brian said, hugging Tim. "Kay, come here."

Kay walked up to Brian. He hugged her. "You, know Nickís not that bad of a guy."

Brian jerked his head in Nickís direction. Kay shook her head.

"Heís a Nick," she spat out. "They are all the same. Write me, B-rok," Kay said. "Bye guys. Gotta go to school."

Kay shot one last evil look at Nick and started walking to school.

"Iím really sorry for her behavior. Sheíd never acted so bad around a Nick before. It was like she liked you but couldnít because you were a Nick," Tim said, patting Nick on the shoulder.

"Itís okay, Tim. I understand fully. Well, have a nice life till I see you again. Tell Kay that too," Nick said, getting in the car.

Howie patted him on the head from the front seat. "Itís good to see youíre not taking it personally."

Brian hopped in the driverís seat and started up the car. They all waved good-bye as they backed out of the driveway. Nick looked out the window. He spotted Kay walking down the street not even looking back.

Thatís the way she takes life. Never looks back, Nick thought as she walked out of sight.

Kevin loaded the last of their bags into one of the rented cars they had picked up on their way home on Sunday.

"Come on, Kev," A.J. said. "Theyíre going to win!"

"Well, I have to go, Tim. Iíll call you when I get home," Kevin said, hopping into the driverís seat. He started up the car and pulled out of the driveway. He started after the other guys car.

"Do you think Kay ever thought of liking Nick?" Kevin asked A.J.

"No, but she thought about liking me," A.J. said.

"Huh?" Kevin asked.

"Yep. Scared me one day shortly after we got there."

"With what?"

"A kiss of death. However, I told her no. I knew Nick liked her. It would have been wrong. Plus sheís not my type."

"Did you tell her that?"

"What? Sheís not my type?"

"No that Nick liked her."

"Um, yeah. She slapped me for it," A.J. admitted.

"Good for her," Kevin said, turning on to the expressway heading for Florida.

The End