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The Legend of the Mirror (Here We Go)
A long time ago in another dimension, a magic mirror came to earth and was set down in various places. It had the power to transport people to another time. A while ago the mirror was broken in many pieces and melted into other mirrors and placed in many different locations. The only way it could transport now was if two rivals spoke the same phase at the same time while looking at themselves in the mirror. Anyone in the room with them would get transported too. This is the story of two rival groups that got stuck in the mirror. “Man, this is a funky looking mirror,” Nick commented as he, Howie, A.J., Brian, and Kevin walked into their dressing room.

“What’s with this?” A.J. asked looking around the room. “We’ve only got one dressing room!”

“Just like the old days,” Howie said, looking on the bright side.

“Old day?! We’re major stars now! We deserve our own dressing room! We are major stars!” Brian yelled, beginning to leave the room.

“What a strange mirror,” Nick said, still looking at it.

“Brian! Come back here! Nick’s obsessed with the mirror! He’s scarring me!” A.J. yelled, grabbing Brian.

“Let go of me!” Brian yelled.

“Here we go,” Nick mumbled, looking into the mirror.

“What the fuck?!” A.J. asked, glaring at the five young men in front of them. The five young men were from a rival group. “How’d they get into our dressing room?!”

What the ~

“Look at that!” Justin exclaimed, running into the dressing room. “What a cool looking mirror.”“Only Justin would be amazed by a stupid mirror,” Chris commented. “Shut up,” JC mumbled.“Where the hell is my dressing room?!”

“There’s only one. Just like the old days,” Lance said, trying to be positive.

“Fuck! You mean I can’t get away from you clowns for a minute of peace?!” JC yelled.

“Hey! It’s not like we’re all thrilled to be here!” Joey yelled. “We’re all big old stairs, well Chris is the only old one.”

“Will you stop raggn’ on my age! If it weren’t for me ~” Chris began.

“Here we go,” Justin mumbled into the mirror.

“What the fuck?!” A.J. McLean yelled at them. They were face to face with the five young men, who happened to be their biggest rivals. Justin was almost nose to nose to Nick Carter. They both just looked at each other.

“How’d you get into our dressing room?!” A.J. continued to rant.

“We’re not in our dressing room anymore,” Justin and Nick said together as they backed away from each other.

“Shit!” JC and Brian yelled together. They both glared at each other.

“Guys, where are we?” Kevin asked.

“Who cares! We gotta concert to do! Girls!” A.J. yelled, stalking off. Suddenly over the hill came a bunch of horses charging down at them. They all turned to see down the other hill there was more horses coming down at them. Behind the horses were men with primitive looking weapons. Everyone was screaming.

“RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lance yelled, taking off to the north. (The horses and men were coming from the west and east.)

Howie, A.J., and Joey followed Lance to the north. Nick, being dumb, went to the south. Justin just followed him. Kevin and Chris went after them. JC and Brian continued to glare at each other till they realized what was going on. They tried to make a run for it. They ran into each other.

What Was That?

Lance came to a sudden stop when he was sure he was far enough from whatever that hadbeen. He turned around, breathless, to see an out of breathHowie, a really mad A.J., and a pissed off Joey. He looked around for the others.“Where’s the other six of us” Lance asked once he had caught his breath.“What do you mean the six of us? There’s only three of us missing,” A.J. snapped.

“No, A.J.,” Howie said calmly. He held up a finger after he said every name. “Kevin, Nick, Brian, Justin, JC, and Chris.”

“See dumbbell, that’s six,” Joey said.

A.J. folded his arms across his chest and pouted. 

“You’re acting like a three-year-old,” Howie said.

They stood on the top of the hill and looked down on the small figures below them. Men were falling left and right. Cries of pain arose from the valley.

“You know,” A.J. said as he calmed down. “I don’t think we are in the twentieth century anymore.”

Joey looked confused. Lance and Howie nodded.

“Where do think we are then?” A.J. wanted to know. 

Lance looked at Howie. Howie looked at Lance. They both had a good idea. They just didn’t know if it was real or they were dreaming.

“Medieval times,” they both said.

“Huh? Medieval what?” Joey asked.

“I don’t know, Joey,” Lance said. “All I know is we gotta figure a way back home.”

“Like in the Wizard of Oz.,” A.J. said. Joey seemed to get it.

“But first we better find some Medieval looking clothes,” Lance said.

“Why? Dorothy didn’t have to,” Joey said.

Howie was about to answer, but Lance stopped him. “Don’t bother. He’ll figure it out on his own.”

Lance started back north, away from the battle. They were heading towards a castle with a small town below it. Lance figured that they would just steel some clothes from somewhere and go from there. However, before they reached the town, they crossed a little old man. 

What are We Gonna Do Without Lance?

Nick stopped running after he made it over the hill. He collapsed to the ground, out of breath. Justin bent over Nick with his hands on his knees.“Out of shape, Carter?” Justin asked, slightly out of breath.Nick just moaned and rolled over. Soon Kevin and Chris arrived on the scene. The three guys stood catching their breaths while Nickrolled around on the ground. Once Kevin had regained himself, he pulled Nick up off the ground.

“What the hell were you thinking? Howie, Lance, A.J., and Joey went to the north! Why the hell did you go to the south?!” Kevin asked.

“I don’t know. I panicked?” Nick asked.

“You panicked? Dude, we lost Lance! He’s the cool head in this kind of crap!” Chris yelled.

“Calm down,” Justin said. “Kevin can act like our Lance. He seems to have cool head.”

Nick muffled a laugh. “Kev? The big softy?” 

Kevin glared at Nick and Nick became quiet.

“Let’s go, pretty boy,” Kevin said, walking to the east.Chris, Justin, and Nick followed.

“You know, how did we end here?” Chris suddenly asked.

“I bet it was that strange mirror in the dressing room!” Justin exclaimed.

“You had a funky mirror too?” Nick asked.

“Drop it, you two. No mirror could transport us here. It was most likely something we ate,” Kevin said logically.

“Exactly!” Chris said, running up to next to Kevin. “We’re famous! There has to be people who would want us dead.”

“How do you know we are dead?” Nick asked.

“I dunno. We just are. Or maybe we are on a drug trip,” Chris reasoned.

“Uh, oh. Chris is thinking too much. This is bad! Where’s the Prozac?” Justin cried, waving around his arms in the air.

“Please, Justin, keep it down. I have come to a conclusion,” Kevin announced.

“What?” the other three asked with growing interest.

“I, for one, think we’re in the 1990’s anymore. Two, I don’t think we are in the States anymore.”

“Well, then where are we?” Nick asked.

“I think we are in the Middle Ages,” Kevin replied.

Chris, Justin, and Nick exchanged looks. Kevin went on walking in front of them.

“If we are in the Middle Ages, how’d we get here?”Chris asked. “A flying knight?”

“A bright flash of light,” Kevin answered matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, there was a bright flash of light while I was looking in that funky mirror,” Nick explained.

“Me too!” Justin cried.

“Right after I said, ‘Here we go!’ Wow!” Justin and Nick cried together.

“No, dumb asses. The mirror had nothing to do with it,” Chris muttered, kicking a stone.

“Don’t do that! Haven’t you ever seen that Simpson’s where Homer travels back in time with a toaster?” Justin asked.


“Well, present time changed when Homer moved anything out of place! Do you want Ned Flanders running the world?!” Justin cried.

“Justin, you put way to much thought into that,” Kevin said. “I would expect that from Chris, seeing he watches cartoon’s religiously. But you, no. Cartoon’s aren’t real.”

“Cartoon’s may not be real, but their message is,” Chris replied.

Kevin rolled his eyes. “That was Nick logic if I ever heard it.”

Nick smiled proudly. They walked on a bit more before Chris said, “That was an insult, Nick.”

What Happened Here?

Brian slowly opened his eyes. An extremely foul smell rushed into his nose. Brian shot up and looked around to see where the stench was coming from. It was really dark. Brian could only make out a dark lump on the other side of the room. Brian ran his fingers through his hair. When he removed them they were damp and sticky. It felt like blood. Brian pulled himself up. He was so sore. He walked over to the dim torch light and looked at his hand. It was red.“Shit. I’ve gotta find a doctor,” Brian mumbled. He fell to the ground. “I’m too weak to find one.”The lump stirred. It then shot up.

“What the fuck is that smell?” It turned around to see Brian sitting under the torch light. “What the hell-ouch!”

JC was suddenly hit with a wave of pain that was worse than the smell. He fell back down to the ground.

“You hurt too?” Brian asked, figuring out if was JC.

“Yeah. Do you know what happened?” 

“No the last thing I remember was running into you as all those men and horses came down the hill at us,” Brian replied, forcing himself up. He hobbled over to JC and fell back to the ground. “I doubt that you caused all this.”

JC nodded. His eyes had adjusted to the light and he could make out Brian. He was pretty dirty and beat up. There was dry blood down the side of his face, his hair was matted down to his head. His clothes were covered dirt and blood. 

Brian studied JC. JC was dirty but not too bloody. He had a cut on is face and dry blood around it. He was mostly black and blue. Brian then realized his head was still bleeding. 

“JC, do you have anything clean to stop my head?” Brian asked.

JC ripped off a piece of clean shirt and handed it to Brian. Brian took it and clamped in on his head.

“Thanks. Where do you think we are?” Brian asked.

JC looked around the dark room. Chains were hanging off the stone walls. Torches gave off small pools of light. It was cold and damp. 


“That can’t be. You know, I’m in too much pain to think. I don’t think I’ll be doing a concert anytime soon,” Brian moaned, leaning against the other wall.

“Ditto. I wonder where the other guys are,” JC wondered. 

The Little Old Man

Lance looked at the little old man who was looking at them with very large eyes. Lance realized that they must have looked very funny to the little old man. From the way they dressed to their hair color, they must have looked odd. Joey had his big old Superman necklace on and red hair. Bright red. A.J. had all his ear rings in and, well, his clothes. Lance gave the old man a nervous smile.“Can I help you?” Lance asked.“Nay. I shall ask, what can I do for thee?”

“Who’s thee?” Joey asked.

“Shh!!!” Lance hissed. “What?”

“‘Tis, thee! Thee are in funny dress and funny accents,” the man said. Lance could barely make it out what the man was saying. “Hence forth!”

The little man turned and started off. Lance shrugged and followed. The little man led them to a small cottage and went in. Chris followed the man inside first. The others followed at a distance.Once inside, they saw the old man drinking some sort of drink.

“What is that?” Joey asked. Looking at it made Joey thirsty.

“The liquid allows me to speak your language, with you accent. I knew that you were coming.”

“How’d you know that we were coming?’ Howie asked slowly.

“He told us to follow him! Of course he knew we were coming,” Joey pointed out. Chris slapped his own forehead. 

The old man chuckled. “No, I knew that you would be coming from the future. And since you all are dressed strangely and talk with odd accents you are not from around here. What are you names?”


“Lance?” the old man questioned.

“My first name is James.”

The old man looked at Howie.

“Howie. Short for Howard.”


The old man’s eye brows went up. Howie added, “Short for Alexander James.”

“Joey. Short for Joseph.”

“Like in the Bible? You future people still read the Bible?”

“Yes,” Lance said.

“If Brian was here he could tell you more. From our last two albums he ~” A.J. started.

“A collection of songs,” Lance explained to the little old man.

“He quoted the Bible in out liner notes,” A.J. finished.

“Liner notes are like a thank you notes to people,” Howie explained.

“That’s beyond words. The future sounds grand,” the little man replied, shuffling over to a large pot.

“Do you have any clue why we are here?” Lance asked.

“Yes and no. I know how you have gotten here.”

A.J. was looking at the jars of the old man had on his walls. “You’ve got some strange things in these jars. Lizards, eye balls, frogs, liver’s, cow’s hearts, and I don’t know what this is.” A.J. paused and pointed to a jar. “What are you, a wizard?”

“Close. A warlock.”

“Wow. A real life Medieval warlock,” Joey said in awe, gawking at the old man.

“How’d we get here?” Howie asked.

“A mirror. A long time ago a great warlock made a transportation mirror. It had the power to transport people.”

“Wow, pigs brains. Ugh. I don’t feel so well,” A.J. said, sinking to the floor.

“Coward. Pig brains are cool,” Joey said as A.J. crawled over to the door and left.

“Weak stomach finally hit him,” Howie explained.

The old man nodded. “ I know you will want to get back home. To do this you’ll need to find the mirror, repeat what you said, and it’s just that easy.”

Lance, Howie, and Joey looked at each other. Joey broke out into tears. Lance rushed over to comfort him. The old man looked confused.

“Sir, we don’t remember any mirror or what was said to get here,” Howie explained

“Nick!” A.J. screamed outside. “Nick was obsessing over some mirror!”

“Was he looking in it?” the old man called out to A.J.

“I think so.”

“Well,” the old man said, “you need to find the mirror and this Nick character.”

Joey cried harder.

I’ve Seen Everything Now

“How much farther do we have to walk?” Nick whined, falling to the ground.“Get up, baby,” Kevin said, walking on.Justin helped Nick back up to his feet. He pushed Nick forward. Nick stumbled forward, but stayed up. They walked on a bit more, going deeper into the forest Kevin had been leading them into.

“Um, Sir Kevin, I don’t think we’ll find the other guys in the woods, seeing that Dumbo went the opposite way Lance went,” Chris said as Nick collapsed to the ground for yet another time.

Lighting and thunder broke through the sky and rain began to fall down. Instead of helping Nick up, Justin fell down into the mud next to him. Chris sat down on a nearby rock. Kevin finally stopped walking and turned around. The sight that greeted him wasn’t so great. Nick was beat red, his too long hair was all stringy, and he was covered in mud. Justin didn’t look too bad, but was muddier than Nick because he was playing in it. Chris was wet and mad. Kevin walked over to Chris and sat down.

“So much for my leadership,” Kevin mumbled.

“Oh, you did fine till you got power hungry,” Chris grumbled. 

“Speaking of being hungry,” Nick said.

“How do you expect to find food?” Justin asked, turning to Nick.

“Well, Kevy said we must be in the Middle Ages, so I guess we would hunt,” Nick said.

“How the hell do you expect us to hunt?” Chris asked.

“The Indians made bows and arrows, so why can’t we?”

Justin, Kevin, and Chris broke out into laughter.

“What?” Nick asked over and over.


The four guys turned around to see a peasant girl standing in the rain in front of them.

“Now I’ve seen it all!” the girl said and fainted.

“Oh, great,” Kevin moaned, “what else could go wrong?’

I Think It Was the Mirror

Brian opened his eyes slowly. He was still in the dungeons. That smelly old place.“Oh, it wasn’t a dream,” Brian whined as he tried to sit up.JC stirred as he heard Brian whine. He turned over and saw that Brian had managed to sit up. JC slowly pulled himself up. 

“Man, I wish I had a pain killer,” JC moaned.

“Yeah,” Brian agreed. “I’ll really like to know where we are.”

“Yeah, me too. However, I don’t think we are in the nineties anymore.”

Brian looked at JC in disbelief. Yes, he the thought had crossed his mind, but he didn’t want to admit it. If he did, other people might think he was crazy. Maybe he was crazy. He most likely had lost a lot of blood from his head. He most likely couldn’t think all that clearly.

“I’m serious,” JC said, having a feeling Brian didn’t believe him. “Think about it. All the stuff in here points to the past. We haven’t been visited by doctors. If we were hostages, don’t you think they would want us alive for as long as possible?”

Brian thought a moment. “Yes, but how’d we’d get here Einstein?” 

JC shot Brian an evil look and snapped, “I don’t know.”

They sat in silence for awhile.

“Let’s think about what happened right before we found ourselves face to face in that valley,” Brian said, deciding to give JC’s theory a chance. “You go first.”

JC thought a moment. “Well, we had arrived at the stadium and were walking down to our dressing room. We were all pretty much sick of each other. I noticed there was only one dressing room. Joey and Chris got into an argument on how Joey was always raggn’ on Chris’s age, then the next thing I know we were hearing A.J.”

Brian nodded. “A.J. was real mad that there was only one dressing room, as was I. Nick was obsessing over some strange mirror ~”

“Mirror! That’s it!” JC cried.

“Mirror? You didn’t mention any mirror.”

“It slipped my mind. But, the first thing Justin said was, ‘What a cool mirror!’ I looked at it, it was really strange looking. He was looking in it the whole time.”

“As was Nick!” Brian exclaimed. “Do you think those two mirrors had anything to do with us being here?”

JC nodded as they heard a door creaking open. They both turned their heads in the direction of the door leading into their cell. Slowly it drew open. In the doorway stood a short stout man with muscles bulging out of his arms and legs.

“Hither,” he ordered with a strange accent. If it weren’t for his hand motions neither Brian nor JC would have known what to do.

New Part (1/00)

Brian forced himself up and helped JC up. They braced themselves on each other as they followed the guard type guy out. He led them to another door and opened it slowly. An old man with a long white beard and hair stood in the middle of the room with two mugs of something. He handed one to JC and one to Brian. He made a motion for them to drink it. JC looked at Brain. Brian looked at JC.

“What’s the worse that can happen?” JC asked.

“We could die and be out of this pain,” Brian answered.

They both gulped down the liquid.

Sir Lancelot

Joey had finally stopped crying. The old man stood with them outside. A.J. wouldn’t set a foot into that house. The old man had given them some more time appropriate clothing.“Now head to the castle and you will find a town. More then likely you will find your friend Nick,” the old man told them as he handed them each a mug full of liquid.“What’s this?” Joey asked.

“A liquid to make it possible for you to be understood and you to understand. I don’t know if it’ll work. It’s new.”

“What’s in it?” A.J. asked.

“Nothing disgusting, just drink it,” Howie said, after he drank it.

The rest of them drank it, thanked the old man, and started to head to the town. They arrived later that day near nightfall. There was no one in the streets. The guys slowly picked their way through the muddy, mucky streets.

“It’s only 8:30. Where is everyone?” Joey asked, looking at his watch.

“Don’t let anyone see that,” Howie said. “You were to put that in the bag.”


Joey took off his watch and put it into the bag Howie held out for him.

“People turned in when the sun went down and got up when it came up,” Lance said. “People didn’t have the money for lanterns and candles to waste them.”

“We should find a tavern or someplace to stay,” Howie suggested.

They all agreed. They soon found one. It was filled with little, smelly, drunken men who were hooting and hollering.They made their way through the throng to what they thought might be the tavern keeper.

“Do you have any rooms to spend the night available for four?!” Lance asked over the din of the room.

“Aye!” the little man said, eyeing the four tall men up. He motioned for them to follow him. He led them up to a small staircase and up. All of them had to duck to get up it. When he came to the last room down a very narrow, low hallway, he swung the door open.

“You’re in luck. Last room. It has a really tall ceiling. Where you all from?” the man asked.

“Florida,” Joey said. A.J. hit him on the head.

“Never heard of that place. New country?”

“It’s part of a country now,” Howie said.

“Well, I’m Jacques. If you need anything, just be asking me.”

With that he started down the hall. Lance, Joey, A.J., and Howie walked into the room. It was a small room with one bed, a chest, and a rickety old table. It also had a very small window.

“I get the bed!” Joey said, running over and sitting on the bed.

“Then I get the blanket!” A.J. called, running over and grabbing the blanket. He walked over to an empty corner and sat down with his blanket. Lance opened up the bag that contained their old clothes. He and Howie put them out to create their own sort of bed. Since they had no lights or anything else to do, they went to bed.

“Someone else can have the bed tonight,” Joey said the next morning.

“Why?” A.J. asked.

“I’m allergic to it. I can’t breath.”

“I get it!” A.J. yelled.

Lance and Howie rolled their eyes and gathered up their stuff. They left the tavern without having breakfast. Within ten minutes of leaving, Joey was complaining he was hungry.

“Shut up Joey. First we have to figure out on how to find Nick,” Lance said. “Where might he be?”

“With Kevin, Brian, Justin, JC, or Chris,” A.J. replied. “We’ll never find him.”

“Have faith Alexander,” Howie replied.

“What’s with the Alexander?”

“If people in this time found out you go by A.J. they might think…”

“I get the point, Howard,” A.J. shot back.

“So we gotta go by our real names?” Joey asked.

At the word gotta a bunch of townspeople turned around and stared at Joey.

“Joseph, I don’t think the word gotta translates here. Use correct language,” Lance said.

“Yes, Sir Lancelot,” Joey said, bowing.

“Sir Lancelot?” the townspeople whispered.

Soon Lance was being surrounded by people looking at him in awe.

“What are you doing here? Gracing us with your presence?” one man asked.

Lance looked at Howie. Howie shrugged.

“Oh! I’m looking for Lord Nickolas of Florida,” Lance replied.

Come Hither Giants

Nick cautiously walked up the girl. Justin slowly came up behind him. The girl slowly opened her eyes and peered up at the muddy gigantic men looking down at her. Two cleaner, but still wet mean came up behind the muddy men.“Back off Nick,” Kevin said. Nick stood up and walked over to Kevin. Justin stood next to Chris.“O thee gigantic men hither. Wherefore aren’t thy leader?” the girl asked with a strange accent. Kevin barely made out what she had said, but he knew it was some form of English.

“Oh, my God! She’s speaking French!” Nick yelled.

“Oooooo! We’re in France!” Justin said with a devilish grin.

Chris rolled his eyes. “Curly, even I know that she’s speaking some form of English.

“Then what did she say?” Nick challenged.

“O thee gigantic men hither. Wherefore aren’t thy leader.”

“Uh?” Justin asked, looking confused.

“Shakespeare!” Kevin exclaimed. “That’s the kind of English they use in Shakespeare!”

Nick and Justin exchanged looks of confusion.

“I thought they spoke Middle English?” Chris asked.

Kevin shook his head. “What you just said as in hither wherefore, they were in…”

“Were in Shakespeare!”

The girl watched while the giants looked confused and excited. Every now and then one would say a word she knew in their strange accents. Finally one turned to her. The tall, dark, handsome one.

“I beseech you. We come hither from Florida. We have no leader,” He said slowly.

“We had Lance, but dumb ass ran the wrong direction.”

“Shut up Chris. Do you understand?” 

She had no clue what was meant by what the guy with the strange hair meant, but she got what the other one was saying. She figured her mother would know what to do with them.

“Hither,” she said since they seemed to know the meaning of that word. She pulled herself up, but fell back down. The tall dark one helped her up. She smiled then blushed.

“Oooooo! Kevy Kev, I think…” Nick began.

“Shut that hole or I will for you,” Kevin snapped, and followed the girl. The other three followed his led.


Brian and JC slowly set down their mugs. Slowly their pain went away. They both looked at each other in amazement. “Wow,” the both breathed.“Drat! It didn’t work!” the old man yelled.

“Can you understand that now?” Brian asked JC.

“Yeah. Maybe these people do speak English?”

The old man turned around, glowing “It worked! It worked! I just understood almost every work of that, as you did I. It just must take awhile to kick in.”

“Wow,” Brian repeated.

“No! There is was again.”

“What?” JC asked.

“Wowwa?” the old man struggled to pronounce.

“Wow?” JC asked.

“That’s it.”

“It’s a statement of amazement,” Brian explained.

“Wow,” the old man repeated. “Is that a new word young people use?”

“Well, no, but in your case I guess yes,” JC said.

“Wow,” the old man repeated. “Well, on with cleaning you two up. You’ll be meeting the King.”

“King?” Brian asked.

“Yes, King Alastair wants to see all prisoner of war. And being you two weren’t even fighting raises some questions.”

JC and Brian exchanged glances. They didn’t know what, when, why, or how they ended up where they had been. Well, they had some idea. Nick, Justin and that strange mirror.

“We’ll sound insane if we mention that,” JC said, reading Brain’s mind.

“But that’s the only way we could have gotten here!”

“How?” the old man asked, stepping forward a bit.

“This may sound strange, but a mirror,” Brian said, as JC hung his head.

“Mirror? Did it look like this?” the old man asked, racing over to a wall of bookshelves. 

He had incredible speed for an old man. Once he reached the bookshelf he climbed a ladder and propelled himself down a bit. He began to pull out book after book. He quickly looked through them. 

“It’s here somewhere,” he mumbled. He went through a couple more books before he shouted, “Eureka!” 

He propelled himself back and jumped off the ladder. He ran back over to JC and Brian. He shoved an old, dusty book in their faces. Brian and JC pulled back so they could see what he wanted them to look at.

“Is this it?” the old man asked excitedly. 

Brian looked at the strange mirror in the drawing. It was the same oval mirror with the strange frame. He looked at JC. JC nodded.

“Yes,” they said together.

“Eureka!” the old man yelped again, doing a little dance. “It works! It works!”

Brian looked at JC. JC looked at Brian. Their anger and frustration was slowly rising as the old man danced. Then it reached it’s boiling point.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!”JC and Brian screamed perfectly in sync. 

“Wait! There was a new work in that sentence,” the old man said.

JC threw his arms up in the air and let out a few choice words.

“Damn that Nick Carter and that shit head Justin Timberlake,” Brian grumbled.

The old man figured out they were cursing. But he figured that Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake must be people.

“This Nick Car-tar and Just-then Tim-bear-lake, they are people?” the old man asked.

“Yes. They were both looking in that fucking mirror,” JC said.

“Wow, I guess you don’t want to be here,” the old man said.

Just then there was a strong knock on the door. The old man opened it. The same little big guard stood there.

“King Alastair wishes to see them now.”

The old man sent JC and Brian off with the guard.

Guess Who?

“Nickolas of Florida?” a towns person asked.“Never heard of him,” replied a woman with a highly annoying voice.“Well, if Sir Lancelot wishes for his presents we must find him.”

“Why would these people do this?” Joey whispered to Howie.

“Because he’s Sir Lancelot. Duh,” A.J. said.

“Why would that mean anything?”

Howie and A.J. shrugged. The townspeople began asking Lance questions left and right about Nickolas of Florida.

“He’s really tall, has blonde hair, will be with other tall people, and will be talking real funny,” Lance explained. “That’s Nickolas of Florida.”

The townspeople nodded and disbanded.

“Now what?” Joey asked. “We find food?”

“No. We’ll go see the King,” Lance said, starting off in the direction of the castle.

“King?” A.J. asked. “What will he do?”

“He’ll be happy to see his old friend Sir Lancelot.”

“Wait, how do you know the King?” Joey asked, and A.J. hit him on the back of the head. “What?”

“Lance doesn’t know the King, Lancelot knows the King. Duh,” A.J. said.

Joey went on looking confused as they all made the trek to the castle. As they neared the castle a terrible stench arose. A.J. turned up his nose.

“This is so disgusting.”

“Just don’t loose your stomach again,” Joey told A.J. as the castle came into view.

“I have nothing to loose. I haven’t eaten in almost twenty-four hours,” A.J. snapped.

“Hey, maybe that’s why he’s been such a crab?” Lance asked Howie.

Howie shook his head as they came upon a moat. The four of them looked up at the massive stone structure in front of them across the moat. All A.J. could think about was how terrible it smelled. He soon figured out why. He spotted some lady dumping a yellow liquid with chunks in it out a window. A.J. grabbed his stomach.

“Who goes there!?” someone shouted from the tower.

“Announce me, Joey!” Lance hissed.

“Power going to head already,” Joey mumbled before he yelled, “SIR LANCELOT!”

“Sir Lancelot?”

“Sir Lancelot’s here!”

“Tell the King! Tell the King!”

Howie looked over at A.J. This was the first time he was sure A.J. had gone green.

“Come hither!” the guard yelled down.

Slowly the drawbridge lowered. Howie pulled A.J. across it as A.J. screamed to be let go. Howie told it would be alright when they got into the castle. He was right of course. Inside the walls the smell was a little bit better. A guard led them to their living quarters. Then came toled them to the King. He told them to wait in the hallway till the King called them.

“Um, Lancelot,” Howie whispered, “look in there. 

New Part (2/00)


The girl, whose name was Ceara, led the four gigantic, funny dressed men into her house. Her mother slowly turned away from the fire to face her daughter. Four wet, muddy, extremely tall, young men stood with her.“Hither?” the mother, Elysia, asked.“Florida.”

“They have hither,” the mother said. “What be you called in days?”

“I think she means names,” Kevin informed the others. “I am called Kevin in my day.”




“Hey, why’d you use your full names?” Justin asked.

Nick and Chris shrugged at Justin’s question. 

“K-a-vin, Just-in-ten, Nick-o-las, and Chirst-o-pher,” repeated Elysia.

“Hither from Florida,” Ceara repeated.

“Wherefore are thy mortal?”

Ceara looked at them. “Methinks thy are.”

Elysia nodded and studied the tall men from Florida. They were dressed in very strange, very large clothes. Elysia decided that they must be poor and buy or make their clothes extra large so they would last longer.

“Methinks thy are poor.”

“Poor? No way. No one poor could afford these,” Nick said lifting up a muddy Nike shoe. Kevin hit his head.

Elysia studied the mud covered shoe that Nickolas had on. It was nothing of value to her. She shook her head again.

“Methinks we hither to the King now,” Elysia said, opening the door.

Finding Nickolas of Florida

Brian and JC stood in front of King Alastair. He was a strong looking man with unruly curly dark hair. He had a sharp nose and keen green eyes. He wore many layers of rich colored robes of purple and a dark red. Atop his unruly hair sat a crown. To the left and right of him sat two very pretty women. One was older than the other.

“What were you doing in the middle of the battle ground if you are from, where did you say?” the King asked.

Brian and JC looked at each other.

“Lancelot! Is that you back in the shadows?” the King suddenly asked.

Brian and JC turned to see a man who looked a lot like Lance step into the room. He was followed by a bright red haired man, and a man that had many earrings, and a man with dark curly hair that looked a lot like Howie. The man with many earrings ran up and threw his arms around Brian.

“My God, I am so happy to see you!”

The curly haired man whispered in Brian’s ear, “It’s us. Howie, A.J., Lance, and Joey. Use full names.”

“Alexander! Howard!” Brian exclaimed.

Lance stepped forward and stood in front of JC and Brian. Joey stood behind JC and Brian trying to get away from the stares of the court.

“Dear friend, Lancelot, you know these men?” Kind Alastair asked.

“Yes, sir. They are from Florida. It’s a newly discovered country. I have never been there but I’ve met men from there. They dress funny,” Lance paused at looked at the beat up Brian and JC. “I am missing four other men from Florida. We were separated. That is how they got where they were.

“I am looking for the four other lost men now that I have found these two. One of them is Nickolas of Florida,” Lance finished.

“He’ll also need Justin of Florida too,” JC said.

The King nodded. “We will find both Justin and Nickolas of Florida.


“Now the only thing we need to figure out is where to start to look for Nick,” Lance said, pacing back and forth.

“Dumb ass,” JC and Brian mumbled together.

A.J. and Joey looked at each other.

“What happened to you two?” A.J. asked.

Brian and JC were still dressed in their own clothes. They were a combination of dirty and bloody.

“We got stuck in the battle,” JC and Brian said together. “We were captured.”

“And ever since then they’ve been talking in sync,” Joey joked.

Brian slapped Joey upside the head.

“Where did Nick go?” Lance asked Brian or JC.

“Where ever Chris, Kevin, and Justin went,” Joey said logically.

“But where was that?” Lance asked.

“Where ever Nick went,” Joey replied.

“Can you get any stupider?!” JC and Brian shouted together. “Stop saying what I’m saying!”

“Nick most likely ran the opposite direction that Lance went. And Kevin, looking after Nick, ran after him,” Howie said, and added, “But I don’t know where Justin and Chris could have gone.”

“Well, Justin most likely followed Nick and Chris went after Justin,” Lance said.

JC and Brian nodded together, then said, “Stop it!”

Joey and A.J. began laughing at them. Lance stopped pacing.

“They must have run to the south,” Lance said.

“Because JC and Brian went nowhere and we all went to the north!” Howie said.

“So, all we got to do is go south of the battle field and there we’ll find Nick!” Lance exclaimed.

“We’ll go back to civilization!” Joey said.

“To a world free of disgusting things,” A.J. muttered.

“We’ll begin our search for them on the other side of the valley,” Lance said.

“Good thinking,” JC and Brian said together. “Will you stop it!”


Ceara watched the curly haired boy as they walked to the King’s. He was very good looking, but not as good looking as the tall dark haired man.

“The girl can’t make up her mind. Kevy-Kev, Justin, Kevy-Kev, or Justin,” Chris teased, waving his hands at the possibilities.

“Wait, Kevin’s not suppose to attract the girls. I am. I’m the hot blonde!” Nick yelled.

“Yeah, Tubby, you’re some hot stuff,” Chris mocked.

Nick looked confused by Chris’s sarcastic remark. Chris shook his head. It was like he was talking to a wall. It went over Nick’s head so fast that no one could see it. As Chris went on shacking his head horns sounded in the distance. At the sound of them Ceara and Elysia fell to the ground. Out of the forest came a bunch of men on horses. Two of them were Brian and JC.

“They dressed as thy,” one man said to a blonde guy.

“Is that Lance?” Chris asked, eyeing up the blonde guy.

“Yep, it’s me bro. Know where that dumb ass Nick is?” Lance asked in a strange accent

Chris grabbed Nick and shoved him forward. Chris wondered why Lance would want Nick. He was pretty useless. However, the soldiers grabbed him and forced him up on to a horse.

“We need Justin too,” JC and Brian said together with the same accent.

Kevin shoved Justin forward. The guard seized him too and tossed him up onto the horse.

“Thee others too, Sir Lancelot?”

“Yes,” Lance said.

Now What?

Lance, Howie, Joey, A.J., Brian, JC, Nick, Justin, Chris, and Kevin sat in the room the King had let them have. The wizard had brought the mirror into the room. They all sat looking at it.

“Nick, Justin, do what you did before you got us here,” Brian and JC said together. “I told you to stop it!”

Nick and Justin both began to laugh.

“Guys, look in the mirror and say what you did to get us here,” Lance ordered.

“Um, what did we say?” Justin asked.

Kevin tossed his arms up in the air. Chris put his head in his hands, while A.J. grabbed his stomach.

“Here we go?” Nick asked.

“Here we go/ One more time/ everyone’s feeling fine/ Here we go!” Justin sang.

“Justin stop goofing around!” Chris yelled, lifting his head out of his hands.

Justin turned back to the mirror. Nick did the same. They both looked at their muddy reflections in the mirror.

“Here we go?” Justin and Nick asked together.

“AHHHH!!!!!!! What’s the fuck with this?!” A.J. screamed.

“Quiet down, A.J.,” Lance said, looking around the room.

A.J., Howie, Joey, and Lance were dressed in colonial outfits. JC, Brian, Nick, Justin, Kevin, and Chris were still in their own dirty outfits.

“I didn’t do it!” Justin cried, putting his hands up in the air. “It was Carter!”

“I just did what they told me!” Nick cried in defense.

JC and Brian put their heads in their hands. Kevin began to pace around the room. A.J. ran to the window and let out cheer there was nothing disgusting outside. Joey then pointed out there were horses on the streets. A.J. smacked him. While they were all doing this Chris threw open a door to this closet looking thing.

“Where ever we are, we’re living in luxury,” Kevin announced.

“There are enough garbs in here to outfit all of us,” Chris said. “Some us just need some soap and water to wash up.”

“Yeah, I’m sick of being dirty,” Nick came to conclusion, as he was pulling some mud out of his hair.

There as then a knock on the door. All ten of the guys froze.

“Master James Bass? Are you in there? Are you all right?”

They all looked at each other. Joey jabbed Lance in his side.

“Yes, everything is okay,” Lance croaked.

“Yes, master.”

“How come Lance always get to be the guy with the power. My middle name is James.He could have been talking to me,” A.J. sulked.

“Well, I’m sure that Lance is the only one with the first name being James,” Chris reasoned, “and the last name Bass.”

“Lance, go get us some water,” Kevin hissed, pushing Lance out the door. Kevin then slammed the door behind him. Lance stood in the massive, ornate hallway lined with many doors. At the end of the hall was a very large window and a very ornate staircase. Sunlight was pouring in through it. Lance stood in the hallway. He then started for the stairs. He could hear the echo of his shoes on the wooden floor. As he neared the stairs a door flew open and out came a young woman dressed in colonial clothing.

“James, you’ve finally come to you senses and got out of that bloody room,” she said.

“Where might I find some washing water?” Lance asked.

The woman broke out laughing, “Ha, ha, ha that’s the best thing I’ve heard.”

“No. Where would I find some?”

“Call a servant.”

Lance looked around then yelled, “SERVANT!”

“ My goodness, you’ve been in that room too long,” the woman remarked.

Becoming James

Lance finally found a servant and had him cart up three tubs full of hot water to his room. While he had been gone the guys had discovered that from the main room there was three other rooms. Lance had the servant put the tubs in the three different rooms. After an hour, Justin, Nick, and Kevin were done. After another hour JC, Brian, and Chris were done.

“Okay, we’ve gotta find the mirror again,” Lance said after everyone was done.

“And how might we do this?” Kevin asked.

“Who cares. Let’s find some food first,” A.J. said.

“Yeah! Food! I haven’t eaten since this whole thing started,” Joey said, starting before the door.

Before Lance could stop them, Joey and A.J. were out the door followed my Nick and Justin.

“Oh, great,” JC and Brian mumbled together.

Lance and Howie exchanged looks the went off after them. JC and Brian followed them to the door. They saw Nick and Justin break into a run for the stairs.

“A race! Oh, boy!” Chris yelled from behind JC and Brian. He pushed JC and Brian apart and started after Nick and Justin. The three of them all tore off for the stairs.

“Christ,” JC and Brian mumbled.

“Well, you want to make the most of it?” Brian asked JC. JC nodded. Brian and JC took off to the stairs. By now Kevin, A.J., Lance, and Howie were running down the staircase. The colonial shoes were not the best thing to race down wooden stairs in, so the guys all ended up falling down the stairs. By the time they all reached the bottom, they were all on their butts and giggling or laughing.

“What on earth are you doing? James, where did these men come from?” asked an older lady.

She was looking right at Lance. All the guys turned and looked at Lance. Lance slowly turned red. He began to stutter something.

“James, don’t stutter in front of your mother. It’s not proper.”

“Sorry, Mother. These are my friends: Christopher, Joshua, um, Randall, Nickolas, Alexander, Howard, Thomas, and, um…”

“Richard,” Kevin answered.

“Wonderful. Dinner’s being served.”

“Great! Dinner!” Joey cried, trying to get up. He fell back down.

“You’re not serving frog legs or rabbit are you?” A.J. asked, pulling himself up using the railing.

“Heavens no.”

“Good,” A.J. said, pulling Joey up.

“Why are you eating dinner in the middle of the after ~” Nick stared but Justin stopped him.

“Would you be so kind to direct us to the dinning room?” Justin asked, using Joey to pull himself up. He then pulled Nick up, telling him that in the colonial days they ate early.

“Oh, Elizabeth! Direct James’s friends to dinner, please,” Lance’s mother called out.

The girl named Elizabeth finished coming down the stairs.

“Yes, mother,” the girl replied.

JC and Brian picked themselves up and they, Justin, Nick, Joey, A.J., Chris, Kevin, and Howie followed Elizabeth down the hall. Lance remained on the floor in front of his mother.

“James, where did those nine men come from?”

“I went out?” Lanced asked.

“After spending days in that room? How did you get out of this house? Someone would have seen you.”

“Oh, Mother,” Lance said, puling himself up, “you should be happy I’m out of my room.”

“Yes, you seem to be out of the doldrums you have been in for day. Escort your mother to dinner.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Finding Manor Hill

Justin and Nick burst back into the room. They had just finished dinner. At diner they had found out a lot.

“I cannot believe it! We’re in Philadelphia right before the Revolution,” Nick cried.

He flopped down in a chair and Justin opened up one of the large windows. The smell of the outside street rushed into the room.

“Ugh. Let’s find that mirror and get out of here,” A.J. moaned. “I’ve got a full stomach now. If the fighting is anything like what was described in All Quiet on the Western Front I don’t think I’ll be holding my lunch very long.”

“Oh, it’ll be worse. That was WWI. They were more organized and had better technology,” Chris said.

“AHHH!!!” A.J. screamed, running into another room.

Everyone looked at Chris.

“What? Was it something I said?”Chris asked, half laughing.

“First things first,” Lance said, ignoring Chris, “ we need to find that mirror.”

“And how might we do this?” Kevin asked.

“Um, I don’t know, really,” Lance said, turning red.

“We could just find a mirror.” Nick suggested, “then just say, ‘Here we go’ into it.”

“Exactly, Nick. We’ll just find any mirror and say that,” Kevin remarked.

“That might be our only choice,” Lance said.

Suddenly the door opened. It was the same door A.J. had gone it. However, the person who stepped out was not A.J. It was a man dressed in a servant’s outfit. He stepped over to Lance.

“Master, you say you are looking for a mirror?”

“Yes,” Lance said slowly.

“A magical mirror that transports?” Lance nodded so the man went on, “Well, you need to be heading over to the north side. I’ll draw you a map.”

After they had the map, they all started out. Soon they found themselves in the slums of the city in comparison to the part they had just come from.

“I really feel out of place,” Nick announced. “Are we almost there?”

“Almost, Nick, almost,” Lance said, then suddenly stopped. He turned and put his finger to his lips. Everyone fell silent. Slowly it became clear that Lance wanted them to listen to some men.

“Did you hear? The rich are going against the King. Say they want freedom.”

“Ha! That’s a good one. Rich want to be free!”

Lance turned to and faced the others. He looked somewhat worried. Justin then pointed to a pile of dirt and made the action of jumping. Chris shook his head.

“Now is not the time to be jumping in dirt,” Kevin hissed.

“We just got all cleaned up,” Chris said.

Lance hushed them and went back to listening.

“They’re talking about a war,” one man said as Justin took off his coat and fancy vest and tossed them aside.

“Yeah, a war we’ll be fighting, not ‘em. No, they’ll be sitting pretty in their warm houses while we freeze fighting their war.”

Justin picked up a hand full of dirt and threw it at himself. Nick picked up on what he was doing and joined in.

“Rich folk, who needs ‘em any ways?”

Joey and A.J. joined in Nick and Justin. Brian and JC soon caught on as did Chris and Kevin. Lance soon got pelted with a fist full of dirt. He turned around to see all they guys pelting on another with dirt. Soon they were all dirty enough to pass for poor boys. The two men came around the corner to see what the noise was about. They were greeted by the sight of ten young men throwing dirt at one another.

“Children today.”

At once they all stopped. They no longer looked like the rich men they had only looked like a minute before.

“What are you lads doing?” asked on of the men.

Lance told the man what they were looking for. The men exchanged looks.

“That down on the river. Rumor is that the Tories have a secret hear counters down there.

“Why would you want to be down there?”

“There’s something I want down there,” Joey said.


“A mirror.”

The men broke into laughter and pointed them the direction they should be going. The guys all started for the large abandoned building looming in the distance. As they approached the door they all saw a sing that read :Manor Hill. A.J. and Joey pushed Lance forward. Lance stumbled and knocked on the door. There was no answer. Lance, with the urging of the guys, pushed the door open. Bats flew out. Nick and Justin yelped and dropped to the ground.

“They’re only harmless bats,” JC muttered, pulling Justin up.

“Yeah, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Joey said, pushing Lance through the door in front of him.

Lance stumbled into the house. The stupid shoes he had on made a loud noise that echoed through the house. Lance could hear the other nine guys enter behind him. They all slowly gathered around Lance in the great, dark hall.

“Well, fearless leader, what are we going to do?” Chris asked.

“Slipped up, “ Lance said. He turned around and faced the guys. “We’ll cover more ground that way. Sounds carry in here so, we’ll all be able to hear each other if there is any trouble.”

The guys all blankly looked at him. Lance groaned.

“Brian and JC go that way,” Lance ordered, pointing them in the direction.

JC and Brian shuffled off in the direction. JC opened the door and held it for Brian. He then let is slam behind him. It echoed through the house. When it was done echoing Lance turned back the others.

“Justin go with Howie. Joey go with Kevin. You’ll cover the upstairs. Separately!” Lance called after them. He then faced A.J., Nick, and Chris. “A.J. and Chris will check the basement.”

“Ewww!” A.J. squealed.

“Did colonial places even have basements?” Chris asked.

Lance walked over to a door and threw it open. A stairway led down was revealed. Lance pointed and Chris and A.J. made their way down it slowly.

“Nick, you’re with me,” Lance said, slamming the door behind Chris and A.J.

Together Again

Brian slowly opened another door. The place just seemed to be an endless cycle of door, room, door, room, door. Brian poked his head through the next door and peered into another room.

“Just another room,” Brian muttered as JC looked in through the door.

“Come on. The doors have to end somewhere,” JC said, walking over to the new door in the new room.

Brian followed JC into another room. The sun had been steadily setting during what felt like hours to Brian and even longer to JC. Each room they entered seemed to get darker and darker.

“I think we should turn back,” Brian suddenly suggested.

“Huh?” JC asked, turning around.

“I don’t wanna get lost in this place after dark, honestly,” Brian said, turning to go for the door.

It was gone. All that was there was a wall. Brian wheeled around and looked at JC. JC could see in the dimly lit room, pure terror on Brian’s face. JC ran over to the wall and began to beat it with his fists.


Brian joined him.

“HOWIE! KEVIN! A.J.! NICK!” Brian yelled.

“HELP!” they yelled together.

Did You Hear (See) That?

Justin turned around slightly. He was sure he could hear yelling coming from somewhere in the house.

“Howie? Do you hear that?”

Howie stopped walking and said, “Yeah.”

“Should we go see what it is?” Justin asked, looking at Howie.

Howie shook his head. “It could be our imagination or this place could be haunted.”

Justin nodded. He walked over to another door. He pulled it open. After he mad sure no bats would come flying out at him, he stuck his head in.

“Yuck! Howie, come look at this!”

Howie walked over and looked in. There was a table set with rotting food on it. There were also cobwebs everywhere.

“Good thing A.J. is in the basement,” Justin commented.

“Yuck!” A.J. squealed. “I do not want to know what I just stepped in.”

“Blood I think, or maybe someone’s lunch?” Chris teased.

A.J.’s hand flew over his mouth.

“NO, no, no A.J. Don’t go loosing it now,” Chris said. “I know I have matches here somewhere. I always caring them with me. I didn’t put it in the bag with the rest of my stuff. Did you forget to take out those studs?” Chris asked, pointing at A.J.’s ears.

A.J. said nothing, so Chris dug around in his pockets and found his matches. He lit on and found an old candle. After some coaxing he got it to light. He shinned it down to where A.J. had stepped. All that was there was a pile of water. Chris shook his head and dragged A.J. farther into the basement. After a while A.J. suddenly stopped so that Chris could no longer drag him.

“Look at that,” A.J. said, pointing in front of him.

Chris looked at what he was pointing at. It shocked him. There was the mirror. But what shocked him the most is what he saw in it. Besides himself and A.J. there was Civil War battle going on, as well as a WWII battle, and the Beatles running away from fans. Then right in the middle of all this was all ten of them on the same stage dancing.

“Go get Lance,” Chris told A.J.

A.J. did object. He went running up the stairs, leaving Chris alone with the mirror. A.J. got to the top of the stairs and looked around the massive entry room.

“LANCE!” A.J. screamed as loud as he could.

He listened to his voice echo around the hall. As soon as it stopped, the echo of footsteps started. Lance, Nick, Joey, Kevin, Justin, and Howie ran into the hall from all different directions.

“What?” Lance asked.

“We found it,” A.J. proclaimed.

“Thank the Lord,” Kevin said, charging down the stairs.

The other guys followed Kevin down. Chris turned around when he heard the others. Justin and Nick slowly walked up to the mirror. They saw the Civil War battle but no fighting in the WWII, and the Beatles running from fans.

“Did you ever see that before?” Justin asked Nick.

“Nope. Before it was just us,” Nick said.

“You know, I really don’t care. I just want to go home,” A.J. said.

“Now say the magic words,” Lance said.

Nick and Justin looked at each other then started, “Here –“

“NO!” Howie suddenly yelled.

“What?” Lance asked.

“We’re missing JC and Brian.”

Found. Again.

“Give it up, JC,” Brian mumbled, falling to the ground. “They’ll never find us.”

“The window, Brian!” JC yelled, running over to the mirror. He threw his fist at it and broke the glass into pieces. 

“JC! We just got rid of all those cuts on you!” Brian exclaimed, looking at JC bloody hand.

“Oh, well,” JC said, hopping out the window.

Brian fell out behind him. JC grabbed Brain and ripped off part of his ruffle collar. JC wrapped it around his hand. He then started off for the front of the house with Brian behind him.

Meanwhile, Lance, Joey, Howie, and A.J. went running up the stairs to find JC and Brian. 

“Where did you send them?” Howie asked as they entered the hall.

“Um, I don’t remember,” Lance said quietly.

“How could you not remember?!” A.J. yelled. “You only misplaced Brian!”

“He also misplaced JC!” Joey retorted. 

A.J. went on auguring with Joey as Lance and Howie attempted to remember where Lance had sent JC and Brian.

JC and Brian, at this time, were making their way around the house.

“I didn’t realize it was so big,” Brian said, looking at JC’s hand. It had already bled through the first dressing. “Here, wrap some more cloth around your hand.”

Brian tore off some more cloth for JC and handed to him. JC wrapped it around his hand then walked off. The sun was setting quickly. Brian had to run to keep up with him. JC was literally running by now. Yet, they were not coming to an end of the house. It just seemed to go on and on.

“JC turn to the left!” Brian yelled after him.

“Why? We’ll just run into the house!” JC yelled back.

“Trust me!” Brian yelled, turning and running into the house.

However, instead of running into the house, Brian had vanished. JC stopped running. He walked back and examined the spot Brian had run into. HE rammed he good hand into the house. He fully expected to hurt that hand too. But, it went through the house. Someone one the other side grabbed his hand and yanked him through.

“See, I was right,” Brain said, with a big grin on his face. JC couldn’t help grin too. 

He and Brian were in front of the house. They were quiet far from it.

“How did you know?” JC asked, as they walked to the house.

“Well the same part of the house was played over and over. Just like in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. So, I figured that it was just illusion. So, I tested my theory. I was right,” Brian explained as they climbed the stairs to the front door. Brian opened to the front door and stepped into the dark hall.

“Brain! You’re alive!” A.J. screamed, running up to Brian. He threw his arms Brian and hung on for dear life.

“JC!” Joey screamed, but didn’t do anything.

Lance looked confused as he said, “I don’t remember sending you guys outside.”

“That’s because you didn’t,” JC said, prying A.J. off Brian.

He and Brian then told them all about their adventure with the rooms. Lance led the way to the basement where Nick, Justin, Kevin, and Chris were. As they guys came down the stairs, Chris turned around. Nick and Justin got up from the boxes they had been sitting on.

“We found Brian,” A.J. announced. 

“And JC,” Joey added.

Nick and Justin began to move to the mirror.

“Good, we can leave. The mirror is freaking me out,” Chris said, stepping aside for Justin and Nick.

“Ready?” Justin asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” Nick said.

“Here we go!” they cried together.

 Yep, Another Battle

“Man,” Chris moaned as the looked on to a field.“Ugh,” A.J. moaned, grabbing his stomach.Before them lay a battle field from some war. From the looks of the uniforms it was the Civil War. Dead bodies lay scattered about the field.

“Well, at least we’re still in America,” Lance said, trying to be positive.

“How d’you know?” Joey asked.

“Look around ya, Joe,” JC said. “I’m pretty sure it’s the Civil War. And the Civil War was fought in what country?”

“AMERICA!” Nick yelled.

“But how do you know?” Joey repeated.

JC pointed to the Confederate flag that was coming over a hill to their east. They all looked at each other. Even though there was already dead men lying around rotting, the battle was still going on. And once again, the boys were in the middle of it. Brian pointed to a US flag coming over a hill to their west.

“This time lest stay together,” Lance said, grabbing Nick and Justin’s hands.

Nick grabbed Howie’s hand, Howie grabbed Brain’s and Brian grabbed JC’s healthy hand. Justin, meanwhile, grabbed Joey’s hand while Joey pried A.J.’s hands off his stomach and took it. Chris grabbed the other one before A.J. could put it back over his stomach. Kevin grabbed Chris’s free hand. They all ran in a line over to the wooded area close by as the shooting began.

“Be careful!” Chris yelled, “I think by the Civil War, they might have had mines!”

“Mines!” A.J. shirked.

They all made it to the wooded area with out running into any mines. They all hide behind trees to catch their breaths before they went on.

“I think we should find some shelter!” Howie yelled.

In the field beyond them the battle was raging. There was a consent din of raffles and muskets going off mixed with the sound of men wailing. Justin looked around to see A.J.’s hands over his ears and his mouth moving. Lance and Howie both fell to the ground and began crawling. Everyone else fell to the ground, except A.J. Justin pulled him down. They all crawled through the mud and muck. The noise of the battle slowly got quieter and quieter till they could almost not hear it.

“Is it over?” Nick called out.

“No, we’re just moving away from it,” Justin answered, seeing that everyone else had just groaned.

“Can we stand?” Joey asked.

“Yeah, I’m sick of crawling with only one hand,” JC said.

Lance agreed they could all stand. Everyone that is but A.J. he didn’t stand till Justin pulled him up.

“I don’t think I can stand,” A.J. managed to say.

“Yes you can, Big Baby. We’ll have to start calling you that instead of Bone,” Kevin said.

He took A.J.’s hand from Justin and dragged him over to Lance. Lance started to move further into the forest. They walked, walked, and walked, getting farther and farther from the battle. Near sun down the ten guys came out and into a barren field. About five thousand feet away from them was a farm house. Slowly they all trudged over to it.

“There’s no lights on,” Joey announced. 

“Well, they don’t have light bulbs,” Nick pointed out.

“Maybe they don’t want to waste their oil or candles,” Brian said, giving Nick a look. “Lance, go knock on the door.”

“Why do I always have to do it?” Lance asked. “Let’s have Howie do it.”

Lance gave Howie a push. Howie stumbled forward. He slowly placed a foot on a wooden stair. A loud creaking noise rose from the stair that made them all jump. After Howie realized it had only been the stairs, he quickly went up the next to stairs. He then briskly walked across the porch.He brought his hand up to the door. Just before he knocked, the door flew open.

New Part (3/00)

The Tiny Old Lady

Howie jumped back, startled. Standing in the doorway was a little old woman. She was dressed from head to toe in black. Howie peered down at her. She must have been only four feet tall.
“You here?” she asked, stepping out of the house. She looked them over with a confused look on her face. “You are not in funny dress.”
“You knew we were coming? Where have I heard that before?” Joey asked.
“You don’t look any different from the soldiers,” the lady went on.

“Yes, we are!” JC yelled, pulling the cap off Joey’s head to reveal his red hair. Brian pulled off A.J.’s hat at the same time.

“Oh, you must be you. I never have seen anyone with that kind of hair. All of you take off your hats,” the old lady ordered.

They all removed the caps on their heads. The hats they had on replaced the colonial hats they had had on before they had ended up here. Lance and Justin revealed their bleached blonde hair while the others just revealed their period hair cuts from the late 1990’s. 

“Hey, I just realized our clothes changed again. I guess if we get period clothing is just automatically changes when we change times,” Nick marveled. “Last time it was just A.J., Lance, Howie, and Joey.”

Brian’s eyes went right to JC’s right hand. The dressings that they had put on earlier were gone. JC’s hand was bleeding again and it looked like the cuts had turned into gashes from their crawl through the woods.

“JC!” Brian shrieked. “Why didn’t you say anything!”

Brian grabbed JC’s left hand as A.J. fainted.

“I wondered how long it would take him to do that,” Chris commented as Brian dragged JC into the house.

The old lady moved out of Brian’s way as he rushed into the house with JC behind him. He made his way around the house till he found the kitchen. He put JC in a chair and looked for something that could help him. He spotted a tea kettle on the stove. He picked it up to find it was full. He grabbed it and found a bowl. He put the bowl under JC’s hand. He then poured some of the hot water over JC’s hand. The old lady had come in with some white cloth. Brian took it from her and, ignoring JC’s screams of pain, dried off JC’s hand the best he could. He then wrapped it up.

“All done,” Brian said, standing up.

JC’s head fell to the table.

“I’ve never seen a man act so fast,” the woman said, “must care a lot.”

“We’ve been through a lot, “ Brian said, putting his hand on JC’s shoulder. “Sorry, JC.”

“God, are you sure you didn’t burn me on top of it?” JC asked.

“No, I would have also burned myself. And I don’t seem to be burned,” Brian said as the other guys poked their heads into the kitchen.

“Is it safe for A.J. to come in and sit? He’s acting like a big baby,” Joey announced.

“Yeah,” Brian said.

“Yeah? You aren’t all Quakers in the future are you?” the old woman asked.

“No. We use it for the word ‘yes,’” Lance explained.

“I’m sorry to bring all this muck into your home,” Howie apologized. 

“It’s all right. You most likely want to know how to get home. Follow me,” the old woman said.

Brain pulled JC up and out of his chair. The other guys followed JC and Brian up the stairs after the old lady.

“May I ask how you knew we were coming?” Justin asked.

“Do you remember that little old man and the King’s wizard?” 

“No,” Justin said. “I remember a strange lady with a cute daughter.”

“I remember,” A.J. spit out. “He had all those bugs and guts in those jars on his walls.”

“Those were cool,” Joey said.

“I remember a wizard,” JC and Brian said together. Unlike all the other times before, they didn’t yell at each other. Nick and Justin exchanged looks as they came to the top of the dark stairway.

“Well, I think that would be him,” the old woman said, opening up the door. “He informed me you’d be coming on this date. You, see I’m a witch. I have a mirror, too.”

“Cool. A warlock and a witch all in one trip,” Joey said.

“A mirror?” Kevin asked, following the lady into the room.

In the old musty room sat the strange looking mirror. A light was radiating from it lighting up the whole room with it’s white light. Dark curtains were over the windows to block the light. The guys all shaded their eyes as they stepped into the room.

“That’s how I really knew you were coming. The mirror’s light got really bright earlier today,” the lady said. She looked at all the guys. “Is this all of you? Are you missing anyone?”

“No,” Lance said, making sure they had A.J. with them. “A.J.’s still on his feet.”

“By now the mirror had been broken into many pieces. I’m surprised you all make it here. I cannot not make any promises, but you may all end up in different places. Even different time periods.”

“Oh! That’s why I saw all those pictures in the last mirror?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know. But it’s all up to the mirror when it’ll let you go home. Did any of you flunk history in school?” the old lady asked. 

The guys all looked at one another. They then all shook their heads no.

“Why?” Joey asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe the mirror’s trying to teach you a history lesson.”

Nick and Justin looked at one another. They both knew they were sent on this trip because each group was sick of one another. There was a lesson in all this. They couldn’t go home till they all got along and stuck up for one another or something along those lines.

“Well, I wanna go home,” A.J. said. “I’ve had enough of blood and guts.”

Nick and Justin made their way up to the mirror and took a good look at themselves. They both had mud dotting their faces so that it covered most of their faces and their blue eyes were the only things that stuck out. Where their hats had been could be seen because that was the only blonde hair on their heads. They both looked like they had fought in a way, although all they had done was run away from the war.

“Hurry up, Pretty Boys,” A.J. muttered.

Nick and Justin took a deep breath and said, “Here we go.”

Becoming a Nazi

“Man,” Chris repeated, “another war zone.”
When he turned around, he did not see the other guys. Behind him were a troop of German soldiers. They all had Nazi patches on their arms. He turned back around to see that all the war going around him looked like the WWII from the films he had seen in history. He turned back around. He took another look at the men standing at attention behind him.
“Oh, no,” Chris mumbled.
He looked around for the other guys. All he found were Justin and Nick sitting on the ground tied up. 

“Great, I’m stuck with the Pretty Boys.”

Chris made himself turn back around to the German soldiers standing at attention in front of him. They all looked the same except for one. That one was looking at him in question.

“May I speak, SIR?” the guy shouted over the din.

“Okay!” Chris yelled.

“You are suppose to give us orders, SIR!” the man yelled back.

Chris spun around to look at Justin and Nick who had been talking in something Chris could not understand. They were both giving Chris a strange look. They then went on talking in that strange tongue Chris didn’t know. After awhile Chris guessed it was English, but he couldn’t understand a word of it.

“How come he’s talking all funny?” Nick asked.

“I think he’s talking German. He’s got a Nazi thingy on his arm,” Justin said, pointing at the patch on Chris’s arm.

At Justin’s pointing Chris looked down at his arm. Just like the men in front of him he too had a patch on his arm. As he looked over his uniform he saw he had a lot of stars and medals and the name tag Captain Chris Haas. 

“Why do I have to be the bad guy?” Chris asked himself, turning back around.

“Do you want us to get information out of the English, SIR?” the guy asked, holding up his gun.

“No. What was I going to do with them?” Chris asked, mostly himself.

“We could take them to the camps like the Jews. That’s what our orders are after we get information, SIR!”

Chris turned his head and looked down at Justin and Nick. 

“Um, that’s right. We leave tomorrow,” Chris barked, figuring that was how a German leader would act. “Go away. Leave them with me!”

The men disbanded and Chris looked back down at Nick and Justin. He motioned for them to get up. They couldn’t however, so Chris pulled them up and pushed them along the trench till he came to a door marked, “Haas, Chris.” His name tags claimed he was Chris Haas, so he opened the door and pushed the Pretty Boys into the dirt room. He then untied them. In the room the noise of was quieted down a bit. Chris looked around the room to find a table. On the table there was a pen and paper. Chris picked it up. He wrote something down and handed it to Justin.

“Hey! He can write in English!” Justin said happily, then read, “’Why are you talking British? And where are the others Curly? What did you and your other Pretty Boy do with them? Once again you have separated us from Lance! And we don’t have Kevin this time!’”

Justin and Nick shrugged. Nick grabbed the paper and wrote: What are they going to do with us? He then handed it to Chris. Chris took the paper and wrote: A concentration camp. Sorry. I figure something out. He handed the paper to Justin. Justin read it and handed it to Nick.

“Concentration Camp? Isn’t that where they, um, sent the Jewish people? To kill them? We’re not Jewish. We’re what Hitler wanted. Blue-eyed blondes,” Nick said. 

“He sent there people he wanted to get rid of that stood in the way of his victory,” Justin explained. “We’re English.We stand in his way. If he gets ride of us, it’s two less people he has to go through.”

“But, we’re not even born yet,” Nick said.

“Chris will do something. I have faith in him,” Justin said, nodding his head in Chris’s direction. 

Chris looked at them sitting on the floor. He had already untied them, so they were free to move around, but they sat on the floor talking in that foreign language to him. He turned back and looked at the map that was tacked on the wall. It had the front lines on it. He could see that Germany was already loosing grounds. 

“I have to find Lance and Howie,” Chris mumbled to himself as a bomb exploded over his little dug out. It caused Justin and Nick to scream and grab on to one another.

French, English, and American All at Once

JC opened his eyes slowly. A bright white light entered. He let his eyes adjust to the brightness. After that he saw he was in some hospital room. He looked down at his hand to see it was wrapped in many layers of dressings. He turned his head to see Brian looking confused as he held a tray of pills. He was dressed up like a monk, from the looks of it. He looked over at JC.
“What is going on?” Brian asked.
“Since when are you English? You sound like Queen Elizabeth,” JC said.
“I don’t know. I sound normal. You’re the one with the accent, I think. I think you’re American,” Brian said.

“Brother Thomas, why aren’t you giving Mr. Chasez his pills?” asked a woman walking into the room. She was dressed like a nun.

“Sorry, sister,” Brian said, looking down at the tray. There were many different pills in little cups. And none of them hand any names on them. Brian looked back up at the sister with his look of confusion.

“Honestly, Thomas. These are Mr. Chasez’s,” the sister said, giving JC the pills and a glass of water. She then pulled Brian off to the next bed. She directed him on what pills went to whom all over the room.

JC sat looking at the pills. He didn’t know what they were. Yes, he had drank that strange potion, but that was when he though the worse he might be that he would die. He already thought he was going to die, with all the pain he was in. Now only his hand was throbbing with pain. He looked up to see the sister looking at him.

“Mr. Chasez, we’ve been though this before. Take the pills and the pain will go away,” the sister told him.

JC took the pills so fast, the sister didn’t know what hit her. She shook her head, then went back to telling Brian what to do. After she seemed happy that Brian knew what to do, she left. Brian went over to JC, pulled out a chair, and sat down next to JC’s bed.

“I haven’t see any of the other guys. Where might they be?” Brain asked.

“Well, the lady said this might happen. There are so many mirrors now, it’s put all of us in a different spot. Do you know what time period we’re in?”

“Well, the calendar I was for a sec said it was 1944.”

“Ugh. WWII. Just like Chris said. Where are we? Besides a hospital,” JC said.

“Somewhere in England, I think. Everyone here is either English or American. I’ll find some more out,” Brian said, getting up.

JC watched Brian leave the room. He looked around the room to see guys who were a lot worse off than him.

“Hey, Chasez, what did you do to your hand this time?” someone asked.

JC turned his head to see Joey, of all people, in the bed next to him. Joey didn’t look like he was hurt. He was just in a bed.

“Joey?” JC asked.

“Yeah. I don’t know why I’m in here.”

“You’re hair. It’s bright red. Most likely thought you got hit in the head and had the chemicals screwed up so much it turned your hair red,” JC mused.

Joey looked at him then crawled to the end of his bed and pulled his chart off. He stared at it a long time till he put it back, then picked it up again.

“Something is unbalanced in the brain, thus causing the bold red hair color. There is no know cure or name for it,” Joey read to JC. He then looked up at JC and asked, “What?”

“They think you’re crazy,” JC informed him.

“Oh,” Joey said, putting the chart back. “I can handle that. I can totally play crazy.”

“I bet you can,” JC said.

Joey got back into bed before he said, “I wonder where A.J. is..”

“AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” A.J. screamed.

He broke into a run. He ran till he fell into a shallow ditch. He stuck his head into the ground as far as he could and pulled his helmet over his head. He on screaming to drown out the loud buzz and bang of the artillery that rang in his ears. In the shock of going from the quiet house to the din of war sort of scared the hell out of A.J., thus causing him to drop his gun, which he didn’t even realize he had done. He felt another person jump into the ditch. He didn’t moved. He figured if he played dead, the person would go away. It didn’t work. The person got down and screamed in his ear that he was Lance. However, A.J. didn’t understand it. He figured it was because of the loud noise over head. But he knew the voice so he look up to see Lance standing there with two guns. Lance handed A.J. his gun. A.J. took it and looked at it. He didn’t want it.

“I WANNA GO HOME!” A.J. wailed. He looked at Lance to see that Lance was looking at him with a look like he was talking Greek or something. A.J. asked, “WHAT?”

Lance yelled something to A.J. that sounded like American English, yet he couldn’t understand it at all. Lance then said a word A.J. could somewhat make out. It sounded like ‘French.’

“Are you saying I’m French?!” A.J. yelled.

Lance took a moment before he nodded. Lance then grabbed A.J.’s hand while saying something. He dragged A.J. to his feet and out into the battle.

“What the ~” A.J. started but couldn’t hear the rest of what he was saying. All he could hear was the war. The fire and the men’s sounds filled the air. Lance went running and running till he jumped into some trench.

“Alexander!” someone yelled.

A.J. turned around to see some man running at him he didn’t know.

“Good thing this American found you. You’ve been missing for days,” the man told A.J., then turned to Lance and said, “Thank you.”

Lance seemed to understand the man. He said something else. He then turned his head around as if he was looking for someone.

“Alexander, where did all those tattoos come from?”

A.J. looked down at his bare muddy arms. He then looked back up at the man. He pulled his helmet down harder on his head so no one would see his hair.

“Is that how the Germans mark people?” the man asked, studying his arms closer.

Luckily, Lance came back at this moment. Lance had brought along with him some man who A.J. didn’t know. Lance said something to the man, then the man told A.J., “Have you seen the other guys?”

“No, have you?” A.J. asked, and the man told Lance what A.J. had just said. Lance said something else.

“No, we need to find them,” the translator said to A.J.

The man who had been so happy to see A.J. looked confused as Lance and A.J. walked off with the translator man.

What Are We Doing?

Howie suddenly found himself standing guard over a bunch of laborers. Kevin was standing a few feet away from him.
“What’s going on?” Howie asked as Kevin waked over to him. 
Kevin shrugged.
“I don’t know. I think we’re at a work camp,” Kevin replied, looking down at he had on. “I think it is WWII and we’re on the wrong ~”

Kevin stopped talking. Howie saw that he was looking down at one of the workers. The guy was looking at them with great interest.

“Get back to work!” Kevin barked.

Kevin gave the man an evil look as he went back to work. Kevin pointed to a patch on his arm. Howie looked at it. It was a Nazi patch. Howie looked back at Kevin and met Kevin’s eyes. They both knew where, when and what. 

“What are we going to do?” Howie whispered. “I don’t want to be mean to these people.”

“That is our job,” Kevin said. “Something will happen to get us out of it.”

Howie scanned the area in front of him. The men, women, and children were all putting together guns for the German army. At least that was what Howie thought they were doing. He looked around for the other guys.

“Do you see the others?” Howie asked.

“No,” Kevin said, confirming Howie’s fear.

“Well, I wonder where they are,” Howie said.

“Stop!” Chris yelled as loud as he could.

His men came to a stop. He had been leading them away from the trenches to the barracks. He had watch Justin and Nick carefully to make sure they had been okay over the trip. The soldiers insisted on hitting Nick and Justin every now and then.

“Tomorrow I will take two other men to the camp. You, you, and you will stay here and scrub out the bathrooms. The rest of you will report to him!” Chris barked, pointing at another man. The men all headed off in the direction to the man. The other three headed off to the bathrooms. Chris grabbed Nick and Justin. Nick and Justin went on with their happy conversation. They both trusted Chris would save them from the camp.

“Stupid Pretty Boys,” Chris mumbled the next day as they started out for the camp. Justin and Nick were still pretty cheery. The other soldiers thought it was really funny how Justin and Nick were happy. They made fun of them the whole way there.

Chris pushed Nick and Justin along to the camp. They didn’t get there till around noon. As they were let into the camp, Chris spotted Kevin and Howie marching their unit across the court yard to lunch. Chris dropped the ropes he had been caring with Justin and Nick attached to them and ran over to Kevin and Howie. 

“I’m so happy to see you!” Chris said, running up to Kevin.

“As I you,” Kevin said.

“I’ve got Justin and Nick, but they don’t speak German. They’re English. They are to be brought to some death camp, but I’m not going to let that happen. Do you have JC, Brian, Joey, A.J., and Lance?” Chris asked.

“No. It’s just us,” Howie answered.

That night Howie, Kevin, and Chris sat around a table in Chris’s room. Chris had insisted he keep Justin and Nick with him to look after him. Since Chris was in such a high rank, no one said anything about him having to keep the English enemy with him. Also with Chris’s high rank he could get away with saying he needed Kevin and Howie to help him instead of his men. The plan they came up with was that they would just not ever make it to the camp. They would go off and look for the other guys. They had learned that this Chris Haas guy loved army life and if he ever disappeared he would have to be dead. 


“Oh, what was I thinking?” Lance asked as he dragged A.J. into an abandoned building so they wouldn’t get shot. They had been on the war scene for about two days. Lance looked at A.J. and shook his head saying, “We’re gonna die. We really are.”

A.J. was screaming something in French. Lance just let out a scream of frustration. A.J. was going to be the reason they would die. A.J. went on yelling and screaming and pointing at something. Lance finally turned around and looked at what A.J. was pointing at. A.J. was pointing at a mirror. Lance jumped back. In it he could see Kevin, Howie, Chris, Nick, and Justin. He hit his head. He really was going nuts.

New Part as of April 2000

“Oh, my God, A.J. You’re making me crazy,” Lance muttered, pulling A.J. up off the ground.

A.J. let out another scream as Chris and the others came running into the room. Lance dropped A.J. and rubbed his eyes.

Chris was yelling something in German. Lance hit his head on a wall.

“Great, I got French and Germans!” Lance screamed.

“Hey, he’s talking English!” Justin announced to Nick.

“And Justin’s British. I am nuts!” Lance muttered, going back over to A.J. and pulling him up.

“No you’re not,” Nick said. “Where’s Joey, JC, and Brian?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure what I know. I’ve spent too much time dragging A.J.’s butt around,” Lance said, looking at the mirror.

“Just try that mirror, now!”

The building next to them blew up. Nick and Justin pulled themselves up and over to the small round mirror. They both looked in it and yelled, “HERE WE GO!”

What Happened to JC and Crew?

Brian came into the room and shook JC awake. JC opened his eyes. It was a totally different room from the room JC had gone to sleep in. It looked like it was out of the 50’s or something. JC let out a scream.

“Hush!” Brian said in a hushed tone.

JC took a good look at Brian. He no longer had the monk get up on. He was dressed in a black suit with a really skinny tie.

“What happened?” Joey asked.

JC looked over at Joey. Joey was on the floor, looking confused. His red hair was gone and was it’s normal color. Joey, too, had a suit on. JC looked back over to Brian.

“It was the coolest thing. I was putting pills into those cups and suddenly everything was gone and replaced. The room I was in changed into a waiting room of some sort. I turned around and the sisters were gone and replaced by doctors and nurses. They told me I could go see my friend Josh and everything would be okay with his hand. He’d be playing guitar in a matter of weeks. It took me a moment to figure out who Josh was, but Josh is you,” Brian explained.

“That explains why I’m on the floor, but at he same time it doesn’t,” Joey said, standing up.

“Look! Brian, look!” JC exclaimed, picking up a small table calendar from the table. “It’s 1964.”

“How’d we get from 1944 to 1964?” Joey asked. “We didn’t find Justin and Nick.”

“I know. I have no clue how we got here,” Brian said, taking the calendar from JC.

Why Are We Beatles?

“We love you Paul!”

“John! John!”


“AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Look! It’s Ringo!”

Screams filled the air around them. Kevin, Lance, Justin and Nick sat in a car surrounded by screaming girls. The car was moving slowly down the road.

“Are we home?” Nick asked.

Justin looked in the mirror.

“AHHH!!! Look!” he screamed at the sight of himself.

All the guys looked in the mirrors of the car. Lance, Justin, and Nick all had brown hair. All of them had hair cuts like the Beatles had in 1964. They also had on the same kind of suits the Beatles had made famous.

“I think we’re suppose to be the Beatles,” Kevin said.

“God, Lance looks even paler as a brunette,” Justin chuckled. Lance smacked him for this.

“Oh, is that Mr. McCartney’s new nickname?” the driver asked. “Lance?”

“No,” Kevin said. “Driver, where are you taking us? Well, trying.”

“Well, Mr. Lennon, we’re heading over to the hospital to pick up Mr. Epstien,” the driver said.

“Who?” Nick asked.

“Your manager,” the driver said.

“Okay, I’m John and Lance is Paul,” Kevin said, mostly to himself.

“I’m Paul,” Lance giggled.

“But, I’m the cute one,” Justin and Nick cried together.

“Not according to a recent survey. Mr. McCartney is the cute one, you, Mr. Starr, are the short one with the large nose, while, you, Mr. Harrison, are the quiet on, and Mr. Lennon is the smart one,” the driver said as he got away from all the girls.

Nick’s hands flew up over his nose. Justin opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Kevin smacked Justin and took Nick’s hands off his nose.

Meanwhile, Joey was looking out the window of the hospital.

“JC! Look! A car with girls running behind it!” Joey yelled.

JC had been given a suit to ware. Brain was helping him into the jacket so he wouldn’t touch his hurt hand. After they had gotten the jacket on, JC walked over to the window to see four long haired men jump and run in to the building.

“Maybe it’s the Beatles. They were big in 1964,” Joey said, gluing his nose to the window.

“Yeah, Joey, exactly. And their going to come visit us,” JC mumbled.

“Yes, boys, Mr. Epstien and his friend are here,” a nurse was saying out in the hallway.

The four long haired men entered the room.

“Brian! You’re Brain Epstien!” Kevin yelled, running over to Brian.

“And JC is Josh!” Justin cried.

“Then who’s Joey?” Nick asked. “Because if Lance is Paul McCartney, Kevin is John Lennon, Justin is George Harrison, I’m Ringo Starr, Brian is Brian Epstien, and JC is Josh, Joey can’t be Joey.”

“Nick, just close your mouth,” Kevin mumbled.

“See! It was the Beatles!” Joey told JC.

“No, Joey. They are not the real Beatles. They are just Lance, Justin, Nick, and Kevin as the Beatles,” Brain explained. “So, how’d you’d all get here?”

“We found a mirror,” Lance explained. “Then they said, ‘Here we go.’”

“Oh, my God! We must have been the only ones who noticed the change in time because we don’t belong here!” Brian exclaimed. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“You know, the more and more time jumping we do, I loose more identity,” Justin said. “The first time the language I spoke, the second time my clothes, then my accent, and now my hair.”

“Did you drink any potion?” Lance asked.

“Yeah, that wizard gave me some after you guys found us,” Nick said, looking at himself in the mirror he had found in his pocket.

“That potion was suppose to make us fit in where ever we went,” Lance explained. “It’s just doing it’s job.”

Here We Go (One More Time)

“Man,” Chris repeated for like the hundredth time. “We’re still not home.”

“At lest we’re not in a war zone, finally,” A.J. said.

They were all standing in a TV studio of some sort. Chris, A.J., and Howie were all standing behind some camera’s.

“I don’t know how to operate this,” Howie complained.

“Take lunch, men,”  someone called out to them. “The Beatles are going to be late. They had to pick up some friend of theirs.”

A.J., Chris, and Howie all got up and wondered around till they found the cafeteria. They all got some fish and chips, then found a table in the corner to eat.

“At least we know what time period we are in,” Howie offered.

“Yeah, the 60’s. I just wanna go home,” A.J. mumbled.

“Me too,” Chris agreed. “But I don’t know how we will do that without Nick and Justin.”

They all looked down at their plates. They finished their meal in silence. They then made their way slowly back down to the studio. As they passed a dressing room they heard voices that sounded like they were from Liverpool. Chris peeked into see a man who looked a lot like JC. He studied the man more carefully to see he wore the same necklace that JC always had on.

“JC!” Chris yelled, throwing the door open. “How did you get here?”

“I don’t know? By car?” JC asked.

“By car? You got here by car from 1864 to 1964 by car?” Chris asked.

JC and Chris began to ague, which caused everyone to begin to bicker with one another. Nick and Justin turned around and looked in the mirror on the wall.

“Does this all sound filmier?” Nick asked.

“Yep, except JC and Brian are working together to calm Chris down and A.J.’s asleep,” Justin pointed out.

“Yeah, you now this was suppose to teach us a lesson,” Nick said.

“Yep, to get along with one another,” Justin sighed.

“I’m sick of all you telling me I’m stupid!” Joey yelled.

Nick and Justin both looked at one another, then looked back in the mirror and sighed, “Here we go.”

It’s Not Over Just Yet (Part One)

“I’m really not that stupid,” Joey announced as silence fell over the room.

“We’re missing five of us,” JC said suddenly, looking around for Brian.

“Look, I’m a blonde again,” Justin said.

He was looking into that strange mirror in their dressing room. He slowly stood up and faced the guys. They all were dressed in their clothes they had had on before all this had started. They were all standing in the exact spots they had been in too. They all looked at one another slowly.

“That did not just happen,” Lance announced.

JC looked down at his hands. His right hand had a bunch of gashes in it. Some had been stitched up, while some weren’t. He turned it around slowly and looked at it. It hurt like hell. JC held up his hand for all the guys to see.

“It did happen, guys,” JC said.

Justin backed away from the mirror as the door flew open. Their manager, Johnny came running into the room.

“Good, you guys didn’t all kill each other,” he said.

“Why would we do that?” Chris asked.

“Well, there was all this yelling, then silence. I came running down here all the way from your dressing rooms. Those are down the other hall. This is a storage closet. Come on, boys,” Johnny said.

He left the room. The guys all looked back at the mirror.

“Do you know how many of those are out there?” Lance asked.

“Thousands, millions,” Chris said.

“Not all people get this adventure of a life time,” Justin said.

“I bet A.J. would think differently,” Joey chuckled.

They all looked at the mirror. They all saw the same thing. ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys on the same stage working together. Then there was an image of the guys all starting all over from the beginning.

“I think it’s trying to tell us something,” JC said, looking at his hand. “I’m going to go find something to wrap this up in. It’s bleeding again.”

JC left the room. The other guys slowly followed him out the door. They had a show to do.

It’s Not Over Yet (Part Two)

“Will you all be quiet!?” A.J. yelled as the room fell silent.

“We’re missing five of us,” Brian said suddenly, looking around for JC. Ever since the whole ordeal had started, JC had always been with him. It’s was odd not having JC in the room with him.

“Look! I’m a blonde! I’m no longer Ringo!” Nick exclaimed.

Nick was looking into that funky mirror again. He looked at the reflection of all the guys in the mirror. They were in the exact same spot they had been in before they had found themselves in front of ‘N Sync. They all had their original clothes on and they all had all their stuff with them.

“That did not happen,” Howie said.

Brian put his hand up to his head. The large deep gash in his head had never healed as well as the rest of him had. Even after that potion that seemed to heal up JC. The gash however, had stopped bleeding as bad as it had been. And since they just seemed to go to one war zone to another no one had really ever took much notice of the large gash near his hairline. Brian looked in the mirror and saw the gash in the mirror. He pulled his hair away from it and showed the other guys.

“It did happen.” Brian said.

Nick slowly pushed the mirror away as the door flew open. Their road manager stood there.

“Guys, what are you doing in here?”

“I thought this was the dressing room?” A.J. asked.

“No, they’re down the hall. This is only one room,” the manager said. “You’re dressing rooms are down the hall and over a bit.
Brian, what did you do to your head?”

“I fell off a horse the other day,” Brian lied.

“Did you have someone look at it?”

“Yeah, but I would like a Band Aid of some sort. I think it’s bleeding again,” Brain said, taking one last look in the mirror. The manager left and Brian said, “I think it’s telling us something.”

He left the room. The other guys slowly followed out the door. They had a show to do. They walked down the hall to their dressing rooms.

“I think Brian was right. The mirror wants us to get together with ‘N Sync and play together, or we will start all over,” Nick told Kevin.

“I think that would be cool to do that,” Kevin said. “Let’s talk to our people, then ‘N Sync’s people.”

Nick nodded and went into his dressing room.


JC walked into the arena. The first thing he saw was Brian. He ran up to him. It had been almost a month since he had last seen him.

“Brian!” JC yelled running up to him.

“JC!” Brian yelled.

“Did you guys see the same thing in the mirror?” JC asked.

“Yep. But, I think this is a good idea any ways, you now. Puts us all together again,” Brian said.

“It’ll also shock the world,” JC said with a grin.

“I know, with that rumor that we hate one another and each group is out to kill one another,” Brian laughed, as he and JC walked out again.

The Legend of the Mirror (One More Time)

We have a treat for all of you tonight at the Grammy’s here. At the last minute the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync have announced they will be performing together,” said Jessica Simpson.

The guys had all decided to perform together during the Grammy’s. They gave their performance and it went down in the record books as one of the best performances of both the bands careers.

And with that the ten guys all became friends. JC and Brian, even though their path rarely crossed, the kept in touch. Justin and Nick hung out together when ever they were in town together. Lance and Howie opened their own chain of restaurants called ‘Nice Guys.’ Kevin helped out Chris with his clothing line a lot as time went on and finally A.J. and Joey help one another with their hair colors and Joey helped A.J. get over his fear of all thing disgusting.

And it was all because of a mirror. A long time ago in another dimension, a magic mirror came to earth and was set down in various places. It had the power to transport people to another time. A while ago the mirror was broken in many pieces and melted into other mirrors and placed in many different locations. The only way it could transport now was if two rivals spoke the same phase at the same time while looking at themselves in the mirror. Anyone in the room with them would get transported too. And that was the story of two rival groups and their travels in the mirror. It taught them that every time they got fed up with one another all they had to do was remember what happened the last time they let fame get to them.

So, the next time you see a strange or funky looking mirror, be careful of what you say. One of you enemy’s might be looking into an another one saying the same thing. You might end up in WWII or in a Middle Ages war of some sort. So, just be careful.

Copyright January 30, 2000