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NEWS 8-24-00 Updating Rosters _____________________________________________________ NEWS 10-20-99, CDAC 454 and 455 have arrived at Northern Maine jct. yesterday. Well a week or two ago a tree fell on CDAC GP-35r 515 and broke one window and cracked the other one.(front windows) It is fixed now because they took the front windows out of GP-35r 508 becasue it isn't going to be fixed for a while becasue of a broken main generator. I also found out why GP-38-2 HATX 3616 has not been in use for a while. The engine threw 2 rods and broke the crankshaft in two pieces.(supposed to be one piece) I'll add pictures soon if i can find them. Updated CDAC Roster __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS 9-30-99, Found out why GP-38 303 is has been at Northern Maine Jct. for a long time it needs a new main generator and it is at the bottom of the list to be fixed. I'll add pics this weekend _____________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS 9-22-99, -Added all of the out of service diesels and some pictures for the B&A gallery _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS 9-21-99, -Added most of the out of service diesels and will add more pictures soon. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS 9-14-99, -Added a new section for the out of service diesels and updated the B&A photo gallery ________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS 9-12-99, -Updated Bar roster. TrainWeb Web Ring
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