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The Cable Guy

Main Cast!

Jim Carrey .... Chip Douglas (Cable Guy)
Matthew Broderick .... Steven
Leslie Mann .... Robin
Jack Black .... Rick
George Segal .... Steven's Father
Diane Baker .... Steven's Mother


Y'know, I have rarely seen a film garner this much split in opinion as this one has. 40% loved it, 40% hated it, and 20% didn't know what to think. (Those are round about numbers, by the way.) I have to admit, though, that this reviewer falls into the first category. I liked it. True, it took some time to grow on me, but the more I watched it, the more I realized how creepily accurate Jim Carrey's portrayle of a sociopathic stalker was, especially after that abnormal psych class I took. He plays the Boogie Man so well, I shiver.
My only qualm comes from the description this film had been given - a comedy. Sure, there are moments of comedy, comedic brilliance even, but make no mistake this film is DARK. It's not the Ace Ventura we've all come to know. It's a dark comedy/thriller. If you go into this film expecting it to be dark, and even a tad (dare I say it) scary at times, then get ready for a great ride. The spider scene alone makes your blood run cold... Isn't it great! And for the comedy, Jim Carrey's at his best. A brilliant rendition of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love is one of the film's signatures and most hilarious moments. And not forgetting Matthew Broderic, who had some great lines, wonderful takes - and played straightman to Jim's comedy overture like a virtuoso.
I also have the fortune to have a copy of the film's shooting script. I noticed there were quite a few on set revisions, as well as ommissions. There were scenes kept in the final cut, but at the last minute were also removed after test screening results (one of which I had the fortunate attendance). The script itelf is even darker, and could have easily garnered the film an "R" rating. And frankly, I wish it could have been released that way. Even with the cuts to get a PG-13 rating, the film is intense for kids. My hat off to Ben Stiller for a great directing job given the circumstances, and Jim Carrey for taking the risk of expanding his repertoire - and in my book succeeding.
I have to give this film a 7 out of 10 - not because of the directing or acting, but because of the interference that didn't let this film be all that it could have been.