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Rules Page

Things you need to know first

When tading i normally trade one video for two CD's or one video for one video or one CD for one CD. I am base in Austalia which mean all video is in PAL format and people from other countries will need a converter (most recent video players come with built-in converter). I do trade internationally. When picking songs for CD you can only have upto 74 minutes of songs on each CD.

How to request

1. Send me a email with the song you would like or videos you could like to trade for, with the thing you are able to trade for. Send to this email:

2. If I accept then I will email you back and we will arange posting methods.

3. Be warned I will ask you to mail your videos or CD's first for reasons of trust then i will send mine. (And if you can not trust me then I can not trust you)


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