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Diana, The Gebtle Unicorn



The Gentle Unicorn..

Once upon a summer’s night
I walked along a stream..
I looked in solemn wonder
At what ...
I thought was just a dream.
She stood in silent splendor as
The moon glowed through the trees..
And she paused there in there moonlight..
I knelt upon my knees.

“What ever is this magic?”
I asked her in surprise..
It seemed there was an answer...
T’was glowing in her eyes. .
My heart began to quicken..
As slowly she drew near ..
And to my greatest wonder..
“There’s nothing you should fear..”

She bowed her head in silence...
As I reached to touch her horn...
I scarce believed my eyes that
‘Twas the Magic Unicorn.
She spoke in Magic whispers..
As she told me she would try..
To tell me of her journey home..
And …
She heaved a gentle sigh.

The eyes that seemed so kindly
Now filled with salty tears…
My heart was filled with sadness..
Would last for many years.
“Where does your journey take you?”
Tell me why your heart is sad..
Oh tell me Gentle Unicorn…
Why do you hurt so bad?
“I go now to the havens..
Legends go there when they die…
My days on earth are over
Now I began to cry...

“Please oh please just tell me"..
"Is there something I can do..
Oh tell me Gentle Unicorn..
I go along with you?”
She shook her head in sorrow.
And said she walked alone..
‘Twas written in the Book of Lore..
She must make this journey home.
The people stopped believing...
And for me to live they must..
I cannot stay in places where..
There is no faith and trust.”

So now my time is over..
I wanted first to say good-bye..
To one who would believe in me..
At least you always try...
She nodded once in farewell
Turned and walked into the night...
The Magic of the Unicorn..
Had drifted out of sight.
I guarded close my secret…
"Till my little child was born..
And to her I told the legend

The Gentle Unicorn....

Maria Lindberg
Copyright 2003

I am thy liege lady..
Comminted to defending..
Your name and honor..
Against all manner of folks..

...And she was you know..
One of a kind..
Never to be seen again..
In this world anyway..


"Timeless Music Box"
Copyright Bruce DeBoer 2003
Used with permission