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Mew's PokéHole!

This is our Official Mascot. You will find him at the top of every Section.

Welcome to Mew's PokéHole! This is just your basic, everyday Pokémon Website. We are under construction. Please come and visit us again. We hope to have more acomplished by the time you revisit.

PokéHole News:

June 14, 2000 - Guess what... THIS IS THE FIRST UPDATE FOR OVER 8 MONTHS!!! LOL! Well, I'm going to try to get a tad more work done on the site over Summer Vacation :)

~ Chilly

Sections of Mew's PokéHole:

MPH's own Pokémon RPG! (Not running at the moment)

The Pokémon TCG - Under Construction

The Pokédex - Under Construction

Pokémon "Cheats"

Pokémon Links

Link To Us

The Staff of Mew's PokéHole


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