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The 80s was the crowning decade in terms of great artists in the music business. If you have seen The Wedding Singer recently and ran out to buy the soundtrack you are probably in the same boat as I am. You probably belong to an 80s newsgroup, if not find one, if not start one, so you can reminisce about those glory days when hair was fun and clothing was wild and colorful. You probably owned a pair of jelly shoes, wore jelly braclettes and bragged about owning several black ones. Leg warmers were cool, and so were 2 different socks. Not only did you have these but you owned and wore proudly a Day Glow T-shirt. You went to school with Preps, Rockers, Punks, Browners, Jocks, and Trendies. Madonna was fun and liberating. Culture Club, Howard Jones, Aha and Depeche Mode cheered you up as you got up on Monday to get ready for school or work. You stay home on friday nights when Dinner and a Movie is playing John Hughes movies.

So you probably think I'm stuck in the 80s. Actually I've got a pretty open mind when it comes to music. Anything goes! Jazz, Alternative, Classical, New Wave, okay the early 90s weren't the greatest (New Kids did that scene in) but things are looking better. People are no longer angry in their ripped jeans and plaid shirts over a band t-shirt. Hmmm, well they aren't angry anymore at least.

Fact: Although 80% of die-hard 80s fans believe Nena of 99 luft balloons fame, died during the 80s of a herion over dose, this is not true. Nena is still musically active in Germany and is now a mom! She plans on making a come back in the near future! Yeah!

Links to other great 80's trivia and music to come. In the mean time enjoy the gnarly page.

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