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Welcome to Zmargad

Zmargad Email List Homepage

Welcome to the Homepage of the Zmargad Email List.  We will try and explain what this Email List is about, here, and point you in the direction as to where to go to join it.



     Zmargad: the name of Lilith's kingdom.

In general, this is a list for those who love the darkness, are one
with the darkness, or are just intrigued by the darknesss.

Fiction and poetry are encouraged, as well as information, book and
movie reviews and general discussion of "on-topic" subjects.

Do not be afraid....the darkness is here to protect you.
Before jumping head first into the wonderful world of Darkness, we ask
that you read this tome set before you on your computer screen.  The
information contained herein gives you some of the basics to insure your
membership on this list is a pleasant and enjoyable one.



The listmembers subscribed to Zmargad represent a very broad
cross-section of beliefs (religious and otherwise), value systems, etc.
Therefore, the possibility exists someone may post something (either as
fiction or as part of a discussion) that you find offensive.  It is asked
that you maintain an open mind about such things.  Flaming listmembers
simply on the basis of a difference in belief systems is something that
**WILL NOT** be tolerated here, and the listowners will not think twice
about unsubscribing the offending party and banning them from the list.

                          LIST GUIDELINES


1.)  The list is configured in such a way that simply clicking on 'reply'
will result in the message being sent to the sender, not the list.  This
prevents the possibility of a private reply intended for a listmember from
being sent by accident to the list for all to see.

2.)  Be aware also that many e-mail programs have a feature called "reply
all" that will send the reply to any addresses appearing in the "From:",
and "Cc:" fields.  Clicking on "reply all" will cause a reply to be sent to
the author of the posting, the posting address for this list, and any other
e-mail addresses that appear in the "Cc:" field.

3.)  Please check your header fields carefully and trim out any addresses
you do not wish to send your reply to.



Original fiction posted to the list is welcomed and encouraged.
However, we do ask that you follow the following format in the subject line:

*  Type "FLUFF", "FICTION", or "POETRY" (leaving out the " of course).

*  Type the name of said fluff or fiction.

*  If applicable, include chapter number.

This is done so list members who sort their mail can do so more easily.

In addition, keep in mind there may be some subscribers whose mailers
cannot handle large messages properly.  Please keep the length of such
writings to no more than 10-15K.  The same guideline also applies to
regular postings.


Should your work of fiction contain anything in the
way of graphic violence, "adult situations" or anything else that could
possibly be offensive to sensitive readers, **PLEASE** put a warning in the
first line of the story.  For example:
WARNING: Graphic violence, adult language.

This gives readers who may be offended by such things sufficient warning to the content and allows them an opportunity to hit the "delete" key.


The possibility does exist list mail going to your e-mail address will
bounce.  This could be caused by something like a node being out of
service, or even the Internet provider experiencing technical problems.
This could result in list mail to your address bouncing to the listowners.
The action taken will depend upon the nature of the bounce.  In all
likelihood, if mail bounces for more than a day or two, a listowner will
move your subscription into "nomail" status until the problem has been
resolved on your end.

Another reason for e-mail bouncing is an e-mail box is full.  Some
Internet providers place upper limits on how much incoming mail can be
saved, after which point any further incoming mail will be bounced back to
the sender, in this case the listowners.  Some of the ISP's that do this
(that we are aware of) include Juno, Hotmail, and Web TV.  So **PLEASE** be certain you check your e-mail on a regular basis.  The last thing we want
to do is unsubscribe someone because a listmember does not check his or her
mail regularly, resulting in a full mailbox.  Also, if you find you do not
receive any list mail for a few days or more, **definitely** feel free to
contact the listowners.


Information Files will be posted to the list as they are created and
when necessary.  These Info. Files may be in the form of Fact Files
roviding further detail on list rules, FAQ's, V-party guidelines, etc.
Generally, they will be posted at least once a month, and this welcome
letter at least every three months.


The listowners realise there are times where a posting you send to the
list would also be of interest to other related mailing list you are
subscribed to.  Should you decide to cross-post a message to another
mailing list, please adhere to one of the following guidelines:

1.) Create seperate messages to the other mailing list.  In other words, do
NOT use multiple e-mail addresses in ther same e-mail message.

2.) If your e-mail program has the feature, place all other e-mail
addresses in the "Bcc:" header.  This is 'blind carbon copy', which sends
messages to the recipients without showing in the recipients headers where
else the message was sent.

In both instances mentioned above, feel free to contact a listowner for
further assistance.


1.) Trim your headers and posts clearly and concisely.  Do NOT quote an
entire message if you are only replying to a portion of it.

2.) Keep subject headers appropriate.  If you are changing the topic of the
post, change the subject line as well.


                                         LIST RULES

For the mostpart, this can be an easy-going and laid-back list, and
some aspects of netiquette are relaxed a bit.  Having said that, there are
some rules we do need to have in order to prevent problems from arising
that have plagued other lists.  They are essentially written in stone here,
and violating said rules come with dire consequences.  With that, here are
the rules:

1.)   NO FLAMING!!! This is perhaps the single most important rule you need
to know.  Attacking a member of this list, even if it is off-list, WILL
*NOT* BE TOLERATED!!  A posting to the list and/or an e-mail message
disagreeing with the with the content of the message itself in regards to
the opinions, viewpoints, arguments, etc. is very much acceptable.
However, the line will be considered crossed when a listmember is
personally attacked (i.e. name-calling, threats of physical harm, etc.).
Included in the definition of flaming will be oblique references to
disputes with other listmembers.  Breaking this rule will result in
immediate removal from the list.  Notify the listowner IMMEDIATELY should a listmember do this to you off-list and the appropriate action will be taken.

UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL E-MAIL.  This mailing list has a Zero Tolerance Policy in regards to such things.  Not only will this result in your
immediate removal from the list, the listowners will contact the Abuse
Department at your Internet provider, which could result in termination of
your Internet account, as such things are a violation of all legitimate
ISP's Terms of Service policies.

3.)   Keep an open mind.  As mentioned in the beginning, members of this
list come from a very broad background of beliefs, be they religious,
political, etc. and some of those beliefs may come in conflict with the
ones you hold.  DO *NOT* attack another member of this list because their
beliefs are different than yours!!

4.)   NO TROLLS.  Anyone posting things intended to offend people or
otherwise disrupt the list will be removed immediately and banned from the
list.  This includes harassing and/or threatening e-mail, be it on-list or

5.)   No topic of discussion relating to this list will be considered
off-limits because it has been discussed before.  There will always be new
members subscribing to the list, and one of them may have insight to an
already discussed topic that had not been considered before.  Anybody
posting such a "let's not talk about this...we've already discussed this
before" message on list OR flaming another listmember along those lines
will find themselves promptly removed from the list.  Once again, if you
ever receive such off-list e-mail from another listmember, notify the
listowner immediately.

6.)   Attachments to postings.  Please do not attach binary files or other
graphical attachments to messages going to the list.  Also, the company
running the mailing list service on which Zmargad runs on does seem to
frown upon such things, and for very good reason.

7.)   Do NOT forward mails from this list without the author's permission.
This includes posting excerpts from the list onto your web page.

8.)   NO off-topic postings.  This list in another form had a major problem
with this at one time, and as a result of losing several listmembers who
left in disgust, it was necessary to ban off-topic discussions entirely, as
well as remove one listmember who did not abide by requests to keep
postings on-topic.  If you want to share a joke you recieved in private
e-mail (unless, of course, the topic of the joke is related to the topics
discussed here), then please keep it in private e-mail.  Same holds true
for off-topic discussions of current events in the news.

9.)   Do NOT let anyone know the names or email addresses of people on the list.  If you want people to know you're on the list, tell them yourself.

10.)  NO Virus warnings.  There have been many occasions when people have
posted virus warnings to a mailing list.  Usually, it is done with the best
of intentions---someone hears about a virus, and wants to warn people about
it.  Unfortunately, these messages are almost always hoaxes of one form or
another, usually originating from people who have nothing better to do than
to see how many people they can panic.  The "Good Times" virus is the best
example of this.  Please contact a listowner before posting such material,
and we will investigate the legitimacy of the virus report.


To send mail to the list, send your message to:

 Perhaps you may be asking yourself "why wait until the end to provide
the e-mail address for posting to the list?"  Believe me when we say you
would be surprised at how many people do not read these welcome letters
before posting.  This has been done to more or less encourage the new
subscriber to read the welcome letter in its entirety.  ;-)