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Episode 3

Scene 1:  Collinwood (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Brutus, Judah, Amos, Elijah, Garnet

SWphips:        BEGIN ACT 1, SCENE 1
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (heading for the door)
 RM2U:           JUDAH:  Brutus, my good friend!  How are you?
 OnlineHost:     MagdaRom has entered the room.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (sees Judah ENTERING with company)
 Tracy11:        [Who is Amos??]
 RM2U:           [G is Amos]
 GraemeCree:     [Yes, I end up as Humbert again]
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Judah!!  Come in, come in.
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 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Brutus, my good man.  Quite a rough journey here!
 GraemeCree:     [Hope that Popeye fellow isn't still bothering you, Brutus]
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  How are you, Judah?  So glad to see you.  Hello Eli and Amos.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  You seem to have a few problems with your local transport system.
 GraemeCree:     [Yes, you're still winded, Magda]
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Yes, yes, we do, we do.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  How do you do, Mr. Collins? (Nicholas smile)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Amos, help me with Ms. Garnet.
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Why certainly, Mr. Trask. (helps with McCoy, who by the way is a dancer, not a Doctor)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (watches as they help Garnet to the sofa)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Allow me to introduce my companions....
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Moannnnnn.......
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  I believe you know Amos Miller... I understand he's a family friend.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (whispering to Judah) I have something to show you, follow me.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Yes, I do.  Hello Amos.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  And Mr. Trask, a Village resident.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  The lady seemed in distress, so we brought her here.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Eli, put her over there.  What is wrong with her?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  I don't know.  She just passed out.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Koff!

 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Brutus!  Good to see you again.  (shakes hand warmly)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (following) I'll tell you my plans for her later.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Wheeeeeeeeze
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I see.  Hmm well, OK.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (leads Judah to the secret room)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (looking pleased) Well hidden
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  This should do nicely....
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Tell me what you've been up to since we parted in the Orient.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  You won't believe what I have in here, Judah.  I am so glad you made it.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (opens locked door, Steps in)

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I have been building this room for our experiments... hehehe.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Excellent (smirks).
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (steps in room) NO!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Someone has been here!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I can tell by the way things are not in their proper place.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Problem?  Who, do you think?
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 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I believe it had to be Constance.  She is a bit TOO inquisitive for her own good.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What can we do now, Judah?
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Your sister?  I see.... (glares)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Perhaps something should be done about her.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (leads Judah out the room and down the stairs)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  I suggest we bring her here and I shall deal with her (smirks).
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Come, we better see how our guest is doing.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  That sounds fine, Judah.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Yes, we wouldn't want our guest to talk too much...

 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Ma'am, may I be of any service to you?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Sputter, koff.
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Hold her steady, Mr. Trask.  Here Miss McCoy, drink this.
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  (offers her water!  Quentin would turn over in his grave if he were born yet)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Guzzle, KOFFF!  Spittoey!
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  I got ya.  Take it easy.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  GRRRROAN!
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  (pretends that Garnet did not just spew water on him)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  AAAAACK!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  You are in danger!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  We all are!
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Now lie back, madam.  Don't try to do too much at once.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Are you going to vomit on us? (chuckle...)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Judah is ..................... (faint)
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Judah is faint?  What, does HE need smelling salts too?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  You are so comical, Amos.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  He seems to be a proper man.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  I feel faint.............
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Put your head down madam, or you'll pass right back out again.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  We must leave this place at once!
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  You're in no condition to go anywhere.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  KOFF KOFF KOFF!!!!
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Madam, do you know where you are?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Aye, in terrible trouble!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  HAAAAACK!
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  You're in the home of Brutus Collins, a highly respected (i.e. rich) citizen.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (walks into Drawing Room)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (see Garnet waking)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Judah!  Look!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Amos, what are you doing?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Whoa, Miss!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Thank you gentleman, for your assistance.  That will be all.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  No problem.  I always hurry to a lady in need. (sneer)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Miss, are you alright?
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (begins flailing her arms)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Brutus, could you show the young men to the kitchen for a beverage?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  We will care for her, now, boys.  Don't worry.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  NO!  Don't leave me!!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  We'll take care of our guest now...
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Come this way, gentlemen.
 GraemeCree:     AMOS:  Ah, whiskey!  My favourite fruit!
 OnlineHost:     Mrsdkip has entered the room.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  They'll take care of you now.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Aw, bugger.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (heads Amos and Eli to kitchen)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (pauses)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (pauses)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  And now, my dear.  Shall we discuss how you shall assist me *this time*? (smirks)
 SWphips:        END SCENE 1, BEGIN SCENE 2

 Scene 2:  Forsythe Cottage (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Mary, Sarah, James, Constance,  Amanda, Miranda

VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (pacing the floor wringing hands nervously) I tell you James, something evil is going to happen to us.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (Listens to Sarah with concern, and a little disbelief)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  And what would that be, dear Sister?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Those people at Collinwood somehow know the future.  The maid overheard them.  We are all in danger and I can feel it, besides.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Sarah, really.  No one can KNOW the future!!
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  James, what is she going on about?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (to Amanda) My dear, I really don't know.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I don't believe what I am hearing.  The future?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh James, why don't you ever believe me?  I know I am right.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  I just don't think we can listen to this nonsense.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (tries to shush Sarah, knowing her visions could get his in a pack of trouble)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  It isn't nonsense.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  (shakes her head at Sarah)
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  How can you be so sure it isn't?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I just know.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Dear, you must try not to take your visions so literally.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Really Sarah, listen to your brother.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  It's just too bizarre, Amanda.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (sits down on the sofa to pout) You never listen to me.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (trudging up to house with Miranda and Mary in tow) Come ladies - we must get to to the bottom of this.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Coming, Constance.....
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (dragging behind)
 SWphips:        MARY:  I don't know how we are ever going to bring up the subject, though.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Leave that to me, my dear.  I shall find a way.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (shakes head with slight smile) You always have, dear
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (pounds on door) Bang - Bang - Hellllooooo?  Anyone home?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Who could that be?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  I'll get it.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (goes to door and opens it)
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  (steps back as Constance and company enters)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Spots James and Amanda and remembers what she heard)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Amanda?  Whatever are YOU doing here?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Or shall I guess?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Guess at what, Constance?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Why I have as much right to visit ANYONE as you do, dear sister.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  What are you implying?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  (Walks over to the fire)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (Walks in behind Constance and finds a quiet corner)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Will you be needing anything mum (to Constance)?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (smirks) Just "visiting", eh sister-in-law?
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Just how often do you VISIT James?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Really Constance.  If you had a LIFE of your own, you wouldn't be so worried about mine!
 OnlineHost:     Oblbobl has left the room.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Watches Sarah carefully)
 SWphips:        MARY:  Ladies, ladies.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Surely there is no need to have words.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Amanda comes to see James quite often.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (watches Sarah with interest)
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Mary, tell YOUR friend to leave my business to me, please.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  I am getting pretty tired of all your innuendo, Constance!
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Then I shall spell it out - WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Why nothing, Constance.  Nothing at all, just a visit.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  But you don't visit anyone, DO YOU?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Mary, can't you find something to keep Constance entertained?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, I do believe that she has had her fill of excitement lately.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  I'll be in the kitchen  (moving towards door looks at Sarah with caution)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Miranda - bring us some tea please.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (stiffens slightly as she starts to get one of her feelings)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (notices Sarah's reaction with concern)
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  None for me Miranda, but thanks.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Fine, I'll be straight back as soon as the water heats (quickly exits).
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Well, we have more important things to discuss - haven't we Mary?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes, Constance, we really must discuss what happened.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Oh really, such as what?
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Quite so Mary, dear.  We must speak of goings on at Collinwood - and our "relatives".
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (eyes widen as she gets off sofa staring at nothing)
 GraemeCree:     [Got just the thing.  Ye Olde Baywatch is on in 10 minutes]
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  (notices Sarah going into a trance)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (goes to Sarah, and puts her hand on her shoulder)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh my God, no, no...
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Is she alright, Mary?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Sarah? Sarah?
 SWphips:        MARY:  I don't know....
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  James... and Amanda!  No!  (crying she runs out into the night)
 SWphips:        END SCENE 2, BEGIN SCENE 3

Scene 3:  Collinwood Drawing Room (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Bramwell, Julia, Flora, Laura

GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Very well, I'll stay.  But only if you realize the enormous risks you are taking.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Thank you, Bramwell.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We really couldn't do it without you.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Even if we succeed, there are no guarantees.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  We could return to find Gabriel, Morgan, Daphne and the others alive....
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Or we could return and find that we had never been born.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Bramwell, Julia.... I don't know how I can spy on them.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  They are suspicious of us now.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  But if there is a way to end the curse...
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We need more information.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes Julia, but I suggest we try to obtain it as discretely as possible.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, but how can I slip around and find it?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We know so little about our ancestors... we must question them.
 OnlineHost:     Oblbobl has entered the room.
 Oblbobl:        [where are we at??]
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (bustles in, humming cheerily!!, big bright smile)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Oh, my!  Hello.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora flushes, embarrassed)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Hello, everyone!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  The best thing might be to start our inquiries with someone who isn't a member of the family (whispering to Julia and pointing at Laura)
 GraemeCree:     [And we better hurry before she dies by fire]
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Hmmm... perhaps that is our opportunity....
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  How is everyone today?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Ms... Murdoch, isn't it?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (sidles over to Laura)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  You arrived the same day we did, I believe...
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (sits next to fire)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Hmmm?  Oh, I suppose so...
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Laura, let me get you some tea.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Oh, and some of these tea biscuits.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Isn't it a chilly day?  Brrr!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  You are a friend of Brutus Collins? (arches eyebrows at Laura)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  How long have you known Brutus?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  You seem to know him.... quite well.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Brutus?  Oh, yes, I suppose so....
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Here, let me stoke your fire.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (Sexual innuendo being quite unknown in these days, Bramwell sees nothing wrong with saying this)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (glares at Bramwell)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Thank you, Mr. Collins, I'm freezing!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I'm sorry Miss Murdoch (Nobody here would say "Ms.").  I've met so many people in the last two days that I don't even remember your exact relationship to the family.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Where did you meet Brutus?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  ...if you don't mind my asking (not that that will stop her).
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Oh, through my husband.....
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  The candlelight is so dim. ((Oh, for an oil lamp!))
 OnlineHost:     PeachKoala has left the room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Your husband?  Ah, you were married previously?
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>>
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Oh, I'm terribly sorry to hear that.  Was your husband Mr. Murdoch, or is that your birth name?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Hmm?  Yes, dear, I am a widow....
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Is it always this cold around here?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Did your husband die quite recently (stares pointedly at Laura's stomach)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Not all that recently, no.  What are you implying?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora brings a candelabra over to the table, and a candle)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Drops out and lands on Laura's lap)
 OnlineHost:     PeachKoala has entered the room.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Oh my God!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  What?  Oh!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Oh, dear, well, I am quite all right, really....
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  My husband?  Oh, what about him?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Implying?  (fluffs hair casually) Oh, nothing  (notices Laura's reaction to candle)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Here, let me help you (pats out the flames on her gown)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Gracious!
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Oh, dear.  Your dress is scorched badly!
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I really must go upstairs and change!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Do excuse me!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Must you?  Pity.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes, we understand certainly.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (pretending to be concerned) Really, Flora, you must be more careful...
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (bustles out of the room) (and pauses)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  She hardly flinched, and she wasn't frightened in the least.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (bustles out of the room)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (and pauses)
 MagdaRom:       [once more with feeling, Laura]
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes..... not at all frightened.  That is odd.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (raises eyebrows) Well, what do you make of that?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Either she has an extremely strong will or....
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Or, I don't know what.
 OnlineHost:     Rudy Caine has entered the room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I don't like it... I don't like it at all...
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I don't understand it.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Julia, you spoke to the spirit of Forsythe in Morgan's body.  Did he mention anything at all about this woman?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, you read those journals.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Nothing, nothing at all.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Bramwell, I don't care what you say.  There are more mysteries here than we know about.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Very odd.  She may possibly be more than she seems.  But even so, she may have no relevance to the curse.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Is she a danger to us -- or a help?  We must KNOW!
 SWphips:        END ACT I

 Scene 1:  Forsythe Cottage (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Amanda, James, Bramwell, Julia, Flora

SWphips:        BEGIN ACT II, SCENE 1
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (bustling toward cottage)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (doesn't have a bustle, but follows Julia anyway)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  James Forsythe seemed like a good man.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora sits close by Julia)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I'm sure he'll listen to reason
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  We can only HOPE, Julia.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  If they only understood what's at stake.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Surely they would listen and call off this affair...
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Surely Brutus's true nature can't be a complete mystery to either of them.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  He reminds me of my son, Morgan.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes, Morgan.  Well, let's try to help him anyway.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  With so much at stake, I hope he will take us seriously.
 GraemeCree:     [Stake?]
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (Looks for the doorbell, but there isn't one)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (knocking on cottage door)
 OnlineHost:     LauraMurd has left the room.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (wonders what the visit was all about)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (to James) I'm sorry to disturb you so late... but this is Collinwood...
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (enters cottage)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Mr. Forsythe?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Mr. Forsythe, we must speak with you.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (follows Aunt Julia)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  They're back.... again??
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  (stands near fireplace)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We need your help to alleviate disaster.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Your own disaster, that is.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Who is it now?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (sits smoking his pipe, watching Amanda)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  If you do not cooperate with our plan, you and Amanda will both die a horrible death.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Julia, Bramwell, Flora?  Why are you all here?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  What do you mean, cooperate?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes???  What is it, Ma'am?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Oh, don't be alarmed.  I am not a murderous....
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Your life will be forfeited, and the future of seven generations of Collinses.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Impossible!!!!!
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  I have never met so many busybodies, in my life.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Busybodies?  We're trying to save your lives.  If we were busybodies, we'd be talking to Brutus, rather than you.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  The truth is (frustrated beyond reason) the truth is, we know your future...
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Because we come from your future.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  From our future? (incredulous) How can that be?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  James, what is going on now?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (aside) I really don't know.
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Oh no, another future.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes, what DO you mean?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  What we mean is that Brutus Collins will discover your relationship and kill you both.
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Now what?  We all die??
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes.
 OnlineHost:     LauraMurd has entered the room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  If you don't cease the affair you are having, you will bring a curse on the entire family.
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  What curse?
 RM2U:           AMANDA:  Affair?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  The curse on the family began with your deaths.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Worse than death, far worse..  (wrings hands)
 RM2U:           [sorry]
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Then the death of Brutus.
 RM2U:           [continue, Deb]
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  James, I knew you in my own time.... because your spirit had no rest.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  This is impossible.  What do you think, Amanda?
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  I don't understand a thing you are saying!
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  But, if you are so certain.... I suppose we must!
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Then his son went mad, and his grandson died.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  You must believe us.  We are the descendants of Brutus Collins.
 MagdaRom:       [though how, given that he axed his wife, we're not sure]
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Three Collins men died, altogether.  Three went mad.
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  We must have transcended time for the purpose of changing it.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Maybe there is some validity in your claim, but how would you propose we avoid our supposed fate?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Amanda, you must go away and leave James until this is over.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Must you, my dear? (to Amanda)
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  I refuse to just run away!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I shall move into the cottage to protect you... and Sarah.  Er yes, that's it...
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Protect you (bats eyelashes at James).
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  You will do no such thing!
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  Who do you think you are anyway, Julia!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Maybe it's for the best, Amanda.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Otherwise, my husband and two of my sons will remain dead, unchanged.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Please, Amanda.  The future of the Collins family is at stake!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Not to mention your own.  Brutus is totally ruthless.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Do as they suggest, and maybe our fate won't be as bad as they predict.
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  You're not telling me anything I don't already know, Sir.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  My husband lived, but without his mind, or will.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  When he died, and the curse went on to affect our sons, it was almost too much to bear.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  You have no idea what Brutus is capable of!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Unfortunately.. Yes I do!!!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I shall tell you this for your own good, Forsythe.  Under no account confront Brutus alone.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  I will take your advice to heart Sir.  And Thank you!!!
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  Move in indeed!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I am the only person that can save you!
 LauraMurd:      AMANDA:  We are perfectly capable of controlling ousrselves!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  It will only be temporary, only until we are sure the danger has passed.
 SWphips:        END SCENE 1, BEGIN SCENE 2

 Scene 2:  Collinwood kitchen (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Amos, Elijah, Miranda, Laura

RM2U:           AMOS:  (seated in kitchen with Eli, drinking tea)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Amos, this whole affair is tiring me.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Eli, I don't understand any of it.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  It was so strange, wasn't it?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Indeed.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Do you think the dancing lady is alright, now?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  The lady was terrified of Brutus and Judah.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  I felt she was too.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  I would hate to think she met with some unfortunate disaster.
 LauraMurd:      [my stupid scroll bar keeps sticking!]
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (enters to see Amos) Why Mr. Amos, I didn't know you were here.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (sees Miranda) Hello Miranda.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  And please, call me Amos.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Where is Laura?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (sitting down in a corner chair)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  I don't know, Eli (staring at Miranda).
 RM2U:           AMOS:  But I am sure they are all around here, somewhere.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (trying to appear like she is not paying attention)
 Tracy11:        [I have to go, sorry everybody!!! :-(]
 OnlineHost:     Tracy11 has left the room.
 GraemeCree:     [Graeme "Sam Beckett" Cree has just leaped into the body of Trask]
 Nubcat:         [roflmao]
 MagdaRom:       [yay!  Sam Beckett, go!]
 PeachKoala:     [oh boy!]
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Miranda, how have you been? It's been awhile since we last talked.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Finally rises and goes to Amos and Eli) I overheard something last night,
 RM2U:           ELIJAH:  (sipping tea and watching this *romance*)
 GraemeCree:     ELIJAH:  Oh yes?  Tell us, child.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  You did?  What was it?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  I think there is witchcraft going on in this house.
 GraemeCree:     ELIJAH:  WITCHCRAFT!!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Witchcraft??
 GraemeCree:     ELIJAH:  Why do you say that?  Speak quickly!!
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (flounces into the room) Good afternoon!
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  The new relatives of the Collins family were talking about a curse.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  A curse?  What curse?
 GraemeCree:     ELIJAH:  What did they say about this "curse".  Are you certain they weren't merely speaking metaphorically?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Gracious, I hope I didn't interrupt something!
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  No ma'am (backs away).
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (sees Laura) Good evening, Miss.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Hello!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  A curse of cold, Miranda.  Do make some hot tea!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  It is so chilly in here!
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Yes, right away (leaves room)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Here let me help you, Miranda (assists her and chats).
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  Miss Laura... what are you doing here??
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  What is it between you and Mr. Judah (asking ingenuously).
 Nubcat:         [A+ for vocabulary]
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  What do you mean, Eli?
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  You seem awfully "interested" in him (smiles).
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (smiling thinly, looking into a flame)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Do I, indeed?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (staring into flame intently)
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  Yes, ma'am... you sure do.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (still staring) Why Eli, I should think you would know better!
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  And this fire.... why do you stare into it so closely??
 GraemeCree:     ELIJAH:  Are there two of us all of a sudden?  Perhaps that is the witchcraft.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I am thinking of you, Eli!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (smiles at him over the flame) and how handsome you are!
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  Umm, err.... you needn't.  You know.... I'd just as leaf you didn't.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I can't help but look at you, Eli..........
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  Ma'am, yer either crazy or blind.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Do you truly mind?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Come to me, Eli!
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  (turns away from Laura's intent gaze)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Now!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Do as I say!
 GraemeCree:     [Not as I do]
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  (feels his will leaving)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  EEEELIIII!
 Oblbobl:        ELIJAH:  (acquiesces... and (pauses))
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (whispering to Miranda) What did you hear?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Something about a curse.  About the future.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Who is cursed?  Anyone here?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (touches her hand, gently)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Miranda, I don't want anything happening to you.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Witchcraft, I tell you.. Mrs. Collins and Mr. James.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Brutus?  I don't believe it
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  I hear he is evil, plain evil.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  And James.  What does he have to do with it?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (takes her out of the kitchen)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Amos, perhaps we should all get away from this house.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  We must talk again and soon, Miranda (kisses her hand).
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (pauses)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Blushes)
 SWphips:        END SCENE 2, BEGIN SCENE 3

Scene 3:  The Locked Room (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Mary, Constance, Brutus, Judah, Garnet

 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Mary, where are you?
 SWphips:        MARY:  (sneaks into secret room)
 SWphips:        MARY:  Right here, Constance.
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Look at this!
 SWphips:        MARY:  It is just incredible, this stairway.
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  And it is not an ordinary one.  Look at this!
 SWphips:        MARY:  I can't believe that it is possible to go through time.
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Time travel!  Incredible!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Groooooaaannnnnnnnn!
 SWphips:        MARY:  What on earth?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Look at her....
 SWphips:        MARY:  The poor thing is tied up...
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Moaaaannnnnnnn
 SWphips:        MARY:  (begins to pat Garnet's cheeks to revive her)
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, help me untie her.
 Kay Lhota:      CON:  Look for a penknife, something!
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  No letter opener in sight.  Never when you need one.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Koff!
 SWphips:        MARY:  (takes gag out)
 GraemeCree:     [This looks like RM's work]
 SWphips:        MARY:  What happened, dear?
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Can you tell us who did this to you?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, what do you make of her?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Gaaaahgggh!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (Spits heartily on the floor)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (dodges spit)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  TOOOIEEE!!!!
 Nubcat:         [yuckkkk]
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (wipes her mouth with her hand)
 SWphips:        MARY:  She appears to be from our time....
 GraemeCree:     [Yes, that's definitely 17th century hacking]
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Yes.  And an uncouth person, at that!
 SWphips:        MARY:  Brutus must have put her here.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  T'were that Judah done it!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  An' that Brutus feller!
 SWphips:        MARY:  We must get her out now...
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  The knots are tied on tight.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (enters room laughing loudly)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (walking in on Constance and Mary)  NO!!!!!!!!!!
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, oh.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (spies ladies and is displeased)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Leave her be!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What are you doing here?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Just dusting where the maid missed...
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  NO!!!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (grabs Mary) What is the meaning of this?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Unhand me, you cad.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  I will unhand you when I am satisfied (leers at her)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (kicks Judah's instep)
 GraemeCree:     [His instep?  Hmm, all is not as it seams]
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (glares at Mary)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (glares back)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  The both of you.  I should have known
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Brutus!  What have you done to this woman?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  'Elp me!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Silence, Constance!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  You are in enough trouble as is!
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  I demand that you untie her at once, do you hear?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Sweet Jayzus 'elp us!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (grabs Constance and restrains her)
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  (Constance gasps as she sees the look in brothers eyes)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (spooky Robert Cobert music)
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 SWphips:        MARY:  (glares back harder)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Listen to me, Mary.  Listen to the sound of my voice.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  You will do as I tell you (gives Mary the evil eye)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  You are feeling sleepy, Mary....
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Do as I tell you and you will not be harmed.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Whimper, whine, snivel.
 GraemeCree:     [You left out grovel]
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Grovel.
 Nubcat:         [IL MALOCCHIO!]
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  You should have never come here, dear sister!
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  What are you going to do, Brutus?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (Restrains Constance in a chair) Now be silent!
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  (nervously looking over to Mary)
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Oh, no!
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (regags Garnet)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  MMMF!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Judah, what will we do now?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  You cannot keep your eyes open...
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, run for it.  Get help now......
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Fight it, Mary!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Hush, sister, or I will gag you too!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (Mary is slumping to ground, and Judah catches her)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (slump)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (Judah lifts Mary into a waiting chair)
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  (struggles vainly, as is being held)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (binds Mary to chair)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (places gag in Constance's mouth)
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Whup!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  We will have to deal with them somehow.  They know too much.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (turns on Constance with a glare) I understand this is all *your* fault
 OnlineHost:     PeachKoala has left the room.
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  Mfffmmmmmm.
 GraemeCree:     [Is this the DS room, or the DN room all of a sudden?]
 Oblbobl:        [DN?]
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Judah, no!  She is my sister!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (lights conveniently placed black candlesticks)
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  (Constance looks up at brother pleadingly)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Sentimentality, Brutus?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  As much as I would like to silence her, don't harm her, please.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (slowly wakes up and secretly begins struggling with ties)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  You disappoint me.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  She is blood Judah, blood.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Ffffmff.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (lights incense burners and smokes pours out into room)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What else can we do?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (stands before flames)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (loosening ropes around wrists)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  We shall summon the powers of darkness.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (stands with Judah)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (thinks:  Aw, bugger, not again!)
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  (Constance struggles)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Oh, Prince of Evil...
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Who was known once as Ra.
 GraemeCree:     [Okay, the Demon formerly known as Ra]
 GraemeCree:     [Or is that "artist"?"]
 SWphips:        MARY:  (untying legs)
 GraemeCree:     [boom mike lowers into picture and quickly is pulled out again]
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (begins the Satanic chant)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (moving unsteadily toward stairs)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (picks up candlestick)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (making a mad dash for them, and going up...)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (sets stairs on fire)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (smirks) Yes, there is more than one way to solve a problem...
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Now as to your sister.... (smirks)
 Kay Lhota:      CONSTANCE:  (Constance takes it all in, her eyes wild with fear)
 SWphips:        END PLAY

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