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Episode 2


Scene 1:  Dining hall Collinwood (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Brutus, Mary, Flora, Bramwell, Constance, Miranda

SWphips:        BEGIN ACT I, SCENE 1
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (seated at table, eating)
 GraemeCree:     [Dark Shadows is filmed in front of a live audience]
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (bustling into dining room)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora nervously folds and refolds her dinner napkin)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (noticing the increase in people there, not happy)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (looking around furtively)

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Hello everyone.  Everyone have enough to eat?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes it was fine, Constance.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes, thank you very much Jul.... Constance.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Dinner?  Oh yes!  Just lovely.

 SWphips:        MARY:  Why don't you sit down and relax a bit?
 SWphips:        MARY:  You look so tired.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Thank you, yes child.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Brutus darling, where IS your darling wife?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (sitting next to Mary and whispering) Amanda has another "sick headache".  Sure!
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, really?  (raises eyebrows)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (standing beside Constance with wine) Another glass for you, Missus Collins.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (pouring a large glass and starts towards Mary)

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Hrmph.  So, you are from England you say, er ah, Bramwell is it?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What part of England?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  What part of England, did you ask?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Yes I did ask that, Flora?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (nervously looks at Bramwell)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Well Mr. Collins, we'd heard that the American side of the family was doing well, but we had no idea how much you'd accomplished in such a short time.
 SWphips:        MARY:  And what industry does your side practice, Bramwell?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  The English side of the family is still in shipbuilding.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, really?  Where do you get your timber there?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Hmm, I see.  Bramwell and you came to milk off of us?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Milk you, did you say?  I am sorry.  I don't understand.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Did you come to enjoy what I have worked so hard to attain, Flora?  That is what I meant.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Oh, no sir.  We're doing quite well on our own side.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I see.  I certainly hope you are, Bramwell.

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (allowing Miranda to fill her glass and raising her voice) Everyone has everything they need, I trust?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  And for you as well?
 SWphips:        MARY:  We are fine, Constance.  Please relax a bit.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  I'm trying, Mary.  But I have NO help with everything - Amanda NEVER helps me!
 SWphips:        MARY:  Dear, relax.  Everything is fine.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Miranda can take care of the rest.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Miranda, tell cook to make more biscuits for later.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Sit down and enjoy your meal, sister.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Yes mum, right away.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Tell me, Flora.  Do you also run a large household?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Household?  Oh yes!
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Bramwell, did you notice the fine tapestries?

 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  How many years have you been here now, Mr. Collins?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  About 25, why?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Oh, just curious as to how long it had taken to accomplish so much.  Others of the English side have contemplated setting up stakes in this land as well, and I was curious about the prospects.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  It took a long and industrious time to accumulate this.  Very long one indeed.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  This Forsythe fellow.  Has he been with you all this time?  I notice his name is on the company.

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (nods at Mary and turns back to Flora) What does JULIA do?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes, (looks around) where IS Julia?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Um, I am not sure where my sister in law is.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (sees Mary questioning Flora)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Good gracious, you don't think she's become lost in the house - it is rather large.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, somehow I suspect Julia always knows what she is doing.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (whispers to Mary) Where is she?  You don't think she's into the silver, do you?
 SWphips:        MARY:  No Constance, but she is up to something, I think.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Julia and I both have shared running our house.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  She never married, and she lived with my husband, and our children.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  In England....
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (wishes Julia were here!  Running out of small talk)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (sips wine to calm herself) Flora - WHERE did you say Julia is?
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Re-enters with a full bottle of wine, smiles at Mary) Yes, I do it for you.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Thank you, Miranda.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (wonders if Constance is going to drink her breakfast)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (sips tea)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Missus Mary, can I get a glass of wine for you as well?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Missus Flora, wine for you ?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Wine?  Oh no, thank you.

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Mary, I hope you are enjoying your stay.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I suppose I should wish the rest of you the same.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (wishes they would ALL leave)

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  But Flora, you did share a room, did you not?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Room?  Shared...
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  And I apologize for that.  Amanda didn't help get any more rooms made up.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  She didn't???

 SWphips:        MARY:  Why don't we go look for her?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Look for who?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Julia, she seems to be missing.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (nods to Mary) For whom?  Dear Julia, of course.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  But she didn't tell me where she was going...
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, I don't think we need worry about Julia.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I am sure she will be here soon.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (grabs a glass of wine to go) Well don't worry, dear Flora.  We shall find her.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (takes Constance by the arm and walks to back of house)

 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (trying to break tension) Mr. Collins, can I get a glass of wine for you as well?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Yes get me some, Miranda.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Of course, mum... (filling glass to the rim)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Hrmph!  Can't trust anyone to do anything correctly around here.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Ooops!

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (spills some wine) Mary!  Slow down!
 SWphips:        MARY:  (whispers) She has to be around here somewhere.
 SWphips:        MARY:  And there is something strange about them all.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  I agree (sips wine).  I just can't put my finger on it, though.
 SWphips:        <<<2 minute warning>>>
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  About 25 years, you say.  That would be just after the Civil War.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Civil War you say?  What civil war?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora drops her napkin) What civil war?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Why the war that took the life of our good King Charles's father.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora blushes, forgot her history)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Oh, that war.  Well yes, I suppose so.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (wonders where Constance and Mary are wandering)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Well SOMEONE has to work around here, so I will be off.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (leans on wall taking all in)
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>>
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, what is behind that door?
 SWphips:        MARY:  I don't think I have ever seen it before....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  You know Mary, there is a "secret room".  Brutus forbids us all to enter - do you think?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Secret room????
 SWphips:        MARY:  Hmmmmm.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  It's THE room, Mary!
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (gulps down rest of wine) Well, shall we my dear?
 SWphips:        MARY:  I never did mind Brutus' warnings very well......
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes, let's....
 SWphips:        MARY:  (Mary pauses at door)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (takes Mary's arm and tries to open door)  Drat, locked.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (pause)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (pauses)
 SWphips:        END SCENE 1, BEGIN SCENE 2

   Scene 2:  Shipyard and Ye Olde Blue Whale (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Judah, Amos, Elijah, Laura, Big Al, Stretch

Nubcat:         BIG AL:  Shiver me timbers! (lurches drunkenly down the dock) What the bloody 'ell was that, matey?
 AmandaClns:     STRETCH CUNNINGHAM:  I dunno, Al.  I can't bloody believe it myself.
 Nubcat:         BIG AL:  Two 'eadless bodies on that ship!
 Nubcat:         BIG AL:  I'm gettin' out of 'ere NOW, mate!
 AmandaClns:     STRETCH CUNNINGHAM:  (slaps Al on the back) How bout if I buy ya a drink, mate?
 AmandaClns:     STRETCH CUNNINGHAM:  I sure could use one meeself after seein' that!!
 Nubcat:         BIG AL:  Thanks, matey.  I needs it!

 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Bustling quickly down to the docks)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Late as heck, and COLD!)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (trotting quickly)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (trotting beside the docks, looking for Judah)

 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (swaggers onto the dock)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (gulps the sea air with satisfaction)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (walking with Trask)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  (to Judah) Hello.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  You look like a likely lad.  Where can a man get a drink around here?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Ye Olde Blue Whale is a fine place.
 GraemeCree:     [Even in those days it was olde]
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Hello yes, the whale is good.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  [sorry forgot to change names]
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Blue Whale, eh? (laughs heartily)  Sounds like an apt place.
 GraemeCree:     [Ye Olde Cerulean Sea Mammal?]
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Would you lads be so kind as to join me?  First round's on me.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Shall we accompany you there?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  I suppose I could.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  OK.  Let's go, Eli.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (slaps Amos and Eli on the back)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (falls back from slap) Hehe.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  To the Blue Whale, it is!
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Amos my friend, lead the way.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  So you lads from these parts?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  I am just visiting some relatives.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Brutus Collins.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Well, actually I am just a friend of the family.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  And what family would that be, my man?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  The Collins Family at Collinwood.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Ever heard of them?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (leads way to the Whale)
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (follows the boys to the bar)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  The whale is the only decent place in town, in my opinion of course.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (enters Whale and is seated)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (orders a round of beer)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  (sits next to Amos and Judah)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Either of you gents know the Collins family?
 GraemeCree:     [No, but I've heard of their famous wine; Collins Port.]
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Why yes, we do.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Most important family in town.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Sure is.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Do you know them?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  And who is the master of that family?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Brutus Collins, of course.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (grunts his satisfaction) Brutus... ah, yes.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Know of him?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  You sound as if you know him, Mr.... ?
 SWphips:        <<<2 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Let's say I've heard of Mr. Collins....
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Would be odd NOT to know of him here in Collinsport.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  He is..... well known.

 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Oh!  Dear, I have missed him!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Bother!  Where could he be?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (walks to the Whale) Hey, he's a man.  Must be in the bar!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Making a grand, Dramatic entrance) Judah, DARLING!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  There you are!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (rising) Laura!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I am so sorry I missed you!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (laughs heartily, catching her up in a hug) Laura, my pet!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Eli, look.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Yes I see.....
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Seems our friend is no stranger to all, here.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  How are you?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Right as rain now that you're here.
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Hugging him back)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Oh!  How was your trip?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  And how is our old friend?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Is he expecting me?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (pats her tummy) Well, WE are fine!!  Laughing...
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (pats her tummy and laughs) Bet he wasn't expecting you.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I believe he is!

 RM2U:           AMOS:  (continues watching this reunion)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Hmm, what is your take on it?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Romance?  Couldn't be, too odd.  This is quite perplexing.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (sips ale and pauses)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (pauses)
 SWphips:        END SCENE 2, BEGIN SCENE 3

Scene 3:  Forsythe Cottage (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Amanda, James, Sarah, Julia

Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Well my dear, how are you enjoying your time here in Collinsport?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  James, I have one of my feelings that something bad is going to happen.  Oh, I shouldn't have come here.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Feelings, again????  What would it be, pray tell?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I don't know exactly.  It's just a feeling that something terrible is going to happen.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Tell me, what is it you feel is wrong?  Can you?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Who would it be happening to?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I don't know.  It is just a sense of foreboding.  Something is going to happen.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (rushes to the cottage thinking) James, PLEASE be there!!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (begins pounding on the door) James!  James are you in there??
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Who can that be?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (walks towards door wondering who could be making such a racket)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (opens door and is much surprised to see Amanda on the doorstep)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (enters, flushed, throwing herself in James' arms) I can't take another moment in that house!!
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Good evening, Mrs. Collins.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Now, calm yourself.  What seems to be the problem?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (jumps back embarrassed)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Oh Sarah!  I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were here...
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  You have met my sister, Sarah?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (blushes furiously)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Yes, of course, James.  We've met.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (wishes that Amanda didn't get flustered so readily)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (approaches, peers through cottage window)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I am sorry I didn't mean to startle you.  Yes we met at the house when I arrived.
 SWphips:        <<5 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (watches scene inside with growing interest)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (sad, knowing the outcome for these three)

 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (tries desperately to regain her composure)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (sits by the fire watching James and Amanda with interest)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  So, Sarah, how has your stay here been?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  You should talk with Amanda, she could tell you a great many things about Collinsport.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (begins shaking) James, could I please have a glass of sherry?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (walks to liquor cabinet and pours Amanda a small sherry and hands it to her)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I am afraid my visit will be a short one
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (takes the drink and downs it quickly)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Oh?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  It will, Sarah?

 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (wishes there was something she could do to change their fate)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (perhaps she could stop it before their fate was sealed...)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (makes up her mind, rushes to cottage door)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (bangs on door, then impatiently thrusts it open)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (entering) Forgive...forgive me...
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (spins around surprised)
 SWphips:        <<<2 minute warning>>>
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (squeaks with surprise at Julia's entrance)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  What is the problem, Madam?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  You have some nerve just barging in here!!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I have to speak with you.  With all 3 of you, please...
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (curious, asks "why?")
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  What is this about?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I know this will be hard to believe.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (grimaces) I hardly believe it myself.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Believe??  Believe what?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  The three of you are in grave danger.  You must listen...
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Before it is too late!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Danger?  (laughs nervously)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Grave danger??  From what my good woman?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  If you continue as you've started, Brutus will kill you all!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  And curse the entire family!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Whatever are you talking about?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Brutus!!  He would never kill me!
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (grabs James' arm) I told you... my feeling!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  For generations to come, no Collins will have peace!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Please, you must stop what you are doing!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  And what do you think we're doing?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (pauses)
 SWphips:        END ACT I


Scene 1:  Guest Room and Hallway (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Bramwell, Flora, Sarah, Julia, Miranda

SWphips:        BEGIN ACT II, SCENE 1
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Please follow me.  I'll show you to your rooms.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora looks around the hallway, So familiar, but different)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (distracted) Thank you, dear.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Is there anything I can get you?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Oh, this is fine.  Thank you.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  No thank you.  That will be all.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Julia, where were you?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (pointedly) You may go now. (escorts Miranda to door)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Fine, good night then.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (closes door behind Miranda)

 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I must talk to you two.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes, what about?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I had such a terrible time at dinner.  I hardly knew what to say.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Dinner?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Oh yes, I had quite forgotten...
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  We don't belong here.  They will suspect us.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  The most amazing thing happened tonight.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Besides our coming here, you mean?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I went to the Stokes cottage -- or Forsythe, as it is now.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Oh, my!

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Drawing Room; pauses by door, hearing voices)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (starts to walk down hall, turns back to door)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Bedroom hall; sees Miranda, and listens to voices also)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (joins Constance)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (sees Mary coming up stairs, motions for her to be quiet and listens)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (scared to move)

 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  It was just as the spirit of James Forsythe said it would be!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  At the cottage.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  They had an affair, and died for it!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Well of course.  We saw their bodies ourselves, Julia.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Yes!  I spoke with them; asked them to break it off.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  You did what?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  What?  Why?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  To stop before it was too late.

 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (wondering what to do with the company who has joined her)
 RM2U:           [just ignore them, Miranda LOL]
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (walking along the hall is surprised by the sight of Miranda listening at door)

 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Do you think we are too late to stop them from destroying the marriage?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I can only hope so
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>

 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  There is no telling what the effect would be if you try to interfere in what has happened here.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  If we could stop them, we could stop the curse.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  How can you stop love from growing?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  They could exercise some self control.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, but for how long?

 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (comes up to the group) Good evening.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (sees Sarah, pushes Mary into vacant room and listens by door)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Stoops over as to pick something up)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Not wanting to appear like she is nosey)

 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  The best thing would be for us to try to return immediately.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We can't leave now, Bramwell.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I know how concerned you are about Catherine.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  But think of the suffering we could avert.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Julia, it's not merely the affair that caused this.  It's also the fact that Brutus Collins embezzled money from the Collins-Forsythe Trading Company.  You can't do anything about that.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  But perhaps that could be settled between the two of them...
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Perhaps it wouldn't arouse Brutus's anger so much.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  We can't leave if you told them what you know, Julia.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Unless we stay, the curse will surely unfold in all it's tragedies.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (angrily) You don't know that, Flora.

 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Excuse me, may I ask what is going on?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Oh nothing, madam.  Just showed them to their rooms.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh, and is it proper to linger outside of the door afterwards?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Uh, no mum.  I'll leave now.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Mumbling) A curse?

 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Julia, you've never been in love.  It's not that easy!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Forsythe tried to settle things and died for it.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We must stay, Bramwell.
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I for one, understand sacrificing for the family.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  But our friends!  Catherine must be worried sick by now.  Who knows what Quentin is doing if he's returned from Boston yet?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Julia!  Don't let's start arguing now!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I am staying.  I feel I must.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  The future of our family hangs in the balance.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  We need to stay and help our family now and in our time.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  At least one of them believed me.  I'm sure of it.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Julia, this is a superstitious time.  If you go around telling people their futures, there may be serious repercussions for all of us.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (sighs) Perhaps you are right.  I will try to be more careful.

 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, Julia.  We will have to explain your soothsaying.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I think we should leave immediately.  However, I have no intention of doing so without you two accompanying me.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Don't leave, Bramwell, we need you so.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Still, there must be a way...
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I remember so little of my History of this time.

 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  No wait, tell me what they said.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  I don't know what you mean.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I must know what they said.  I have a feeling it affects me and my brother.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Now please tell me.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Honest, I don't know anything.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Just be careful, madam.  Just be careful.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Why should I be careful?  Something is going to happen isn't it?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Something the new relatives have said... about a curse.
 SWphips:        END SCENE 1, BEGIN SCENE 2

Scene 2:  Drawing Room and Study (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Brutus, Amanda, Mary, Constance, James, Laura

Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (sitting on the sofa having a pleasant interlude with the Ladies)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (enters room nervous and distracted)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Amanda, at last you are here.  My dear, you must really help in this house.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (watching group with interest)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Amanda, do you hear me?  I feel as though I am speaking with a child!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (paces around room)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Oh, Constance.  Whatever are you complaining about now?
 VEP KAT:        [bye]
 MagdaRom:       [Bye, Ginny.  Thanks]
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  The household chores - someday I may be gone - you must accept some responsibility.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Constance, I have tried to help out.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (watches Amanda carefully)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (comes into Drawing Room, angry to see it is inhabited)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What is going on here?  Has no one anything better to do?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (sees Brutus and realizes he should be making himself scarce)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (glances at James)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (throws Amanda a warning glance)

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Brutus, please speak to your wife about her obligations here.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, let Amanda handle the household activities.
 SWphips:        MARY:  We have other fish to boil.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Constance, I am sure you have more important things to do other than idle chatting.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (looks at Mary) Yes perhaps you are right - If you will excuse us.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (pulls Mary from room)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (pulled)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (calling over her shoulder) Brutus - you are the master of Collinwood - HANDLE IT.

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  James, I see you have not YET gone to work.  Why?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Sorry Brutus, I'll leave immediately.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I hope so James!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (keeps a safe distance from James)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Amanda, I see you are *conversing* yet, again.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Brutus, your sister does NOTHING but chat.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Don't worry about my sister, Amanda.  What are you doing?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (leaves room and angrily puts his cloak and tricorn on preparatory to leaving)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (sighs impatiently) Would you please tell me what you would have me do, husband?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Hello All!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Brutus, darling, I simply MUST speak with you!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (turns) What is it, Laura?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Do step outside with me, I must speak with you ALONE!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (looks at Laura with interest)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Just a minute, Amanda.  I must speak with Laura.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  You don't mind, do you, Amanda dear?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Come this way, Laura.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Of course, Brutus!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (escorts her out of the Drawing Room)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Fine, Brutus.  Please take all the time you need.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (waits a moment and then follows Brutus and Laura)

 SWphips:        MARY:  (whispers) Did you hear what they were saying?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Amanda and James having an affair?
 SWphips:        MARY:  And DEAD?
 SWphips:        MARY:  They had seen their bodies...
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  I don't understand any of this, Mary.  Are they insane?
 SWphips:        MARY:  No, Constance.  I am afraid they are very sane.
 SWphips:        MARY:  It would be so much easier if they weren't.
 SWphips:        MARY:  When they appeared, they came from the direction of the locked room.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (has an idea) Mary, come upstairs.  Lets try that room again - it may hold the answers.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes, we must find out the answer....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (picks up skirts, hurries up stairs) But how shall we get it?
 SWphips:        MARY:  It is almost as if...
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, we must get in there somehow.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (stops in front of door) Mary, do you have a hairpin?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Here, let's try this needle from my knitting....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Well, that may work also - go ahead.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (begins to pick lock)

 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>>
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Now tell me, what is so important?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  He's here!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  He is!!!!!!!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  He's arrived at last!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (eavesdrops on their conversation)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Yes, yes!  Judah is here!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (filled with glee, embraces her)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Isn't that marvelous?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Yes!  It is!!!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (wraps her arms around him)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  This is just wonderful news, Laura.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Kisses Brutus on the cheek)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I am so happy!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (allows her to kiss him) So am I!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Now we can go on with our plans
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (smiles to herself thinking) I must tell James about this!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  He should be here soon.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (continues holding her and not aware he is doing so)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (snuggles into Brutus's shoulder)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  We must make preparations for him.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  MMmhMMMm.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I will ready *the room*.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (walks from her in, deep in thought)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  That's lovely, darling.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (pauses)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I was so cold......................
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (runs to the foyer and grabs her wrap to go look for James)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (walking towards stables)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (spots James and calls to him) James!!  Wait!!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (turns) What?  What is it?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (runs up to him breathless) You'll never believe what I just saw!!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  What is it you saw, my dear?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Brutus..... and that woman!  Embracing!!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  What woman?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (laughs gleefully)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Maybe there is hope yet!  That Laura person....
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Laura??  How VERY interesting!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  James, I think they are having an affair!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Better and better!!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Come, my dear.  We must talk more.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (throws her arms around James) We WILL be together, my darling.  I promise.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (walks towards the stables with Amanda and (pauses))
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (pauses)
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>>
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (looks down hall over Mary's shoulder) We mustn't let anyone see us - Brutus would be most upset.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, stuff Brutus!
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (stifles a laugh) Brutus is stuffed!!!!!
 SWphips:        MARY:  (lock springs open)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  YES!
 SWphips:        MARY:  (Takes Constance by arm and slowly enters room)
 SWphips:        MARY:  I see the servants don't clean any better in here...
 SWphips:        MARY:  (swats cobweb)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Well, we could never get in here!
 SWphips:        MARY:  (looks around...)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (coughs from dust)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (pulls Mary back) Wait - I'm a little scared.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, look, over there...
 SWphips:        MARY:  Behind the curtain....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Wait, let me light these candles.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Stairs....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Comes up behind Mary with candle) What in the world - where do those go?
 SWphips:        MARY:  (begins climbing)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Do you think Brutus is keeping a mistress up there?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Perhaps.  These Collins men are supposed to be quite randy.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (laughs with glee) Wait till Amanda finds out!
 SWphips:        MARY:  (drawn by the sudden sound of a soft song.....)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Listen - do you hear that?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Listen.
 SWphips:        MARY:  I can hear a man singing along....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  What an enchanting melody.
 SWphips:        MARY:  He sounds drunk....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Oh my!  Brutus is keeping a male mistress???
 SWphips:        (voice finishes singing "Always")
 SWphips:        (voice begins to mutter "Shadows Of The Night....")
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Well, I'm going to get to the bottom of this - (walks to top of stairs)
 GraemeCree:     [How can you get to the bottom by walking to the top?  I'm confused]
 SWphips:        MARY:  LOOK, he has such strange whiskers.....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (pauses)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (pauses at top of stairs)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (looks around, startled) Mary, we're not in MY Collinwood anymore.
 GraemeCree:     [It's all black and white in there.  Must be Kansas]
 KahluaKat:      [shut up Toto LOL]
 SWphips:        ED SCENE 2. BEGIN SCENE 3

Scene 3:  Blue Whale (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Judah, Amos, Elijah, Garnet McCoy

MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (polishing off another round of brews with the boys)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (sipping ale)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  I must not gorge myself with too many drinks.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  I know what you mean, Eli.  Me neither.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  So, Mr. Zachery is it?  What are your plans?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  So, lads.  You know me good friend Brutus.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  What say you accompany me to Collinwood?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Sure, we can do that.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  I think I'd like to call on my business associate.  Assuming you don't think it too late.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (laughs)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  I haven't been to Collinwood in a few hours, anyway.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (Readies to go out the door) No, he is always awake it seems.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Let me tell the porters at the dock to follow us.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Ok fine, Mr. Zachery.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  I'll be right back.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (exits back door of pub)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  OK, we will wait here for you.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (shuffling along the dock)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (draws her shawl up closer, wipes her nose)
 Nubcat:         BIG AL:  My kinda woman!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET MCCOY:  (totters through the door)
 GraemeCree:     [McCoy:  Blast it Jim, I'm a hooker, not a doctor!!]
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (sees woman entering)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Lo, gents!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Look Eli, a dancing woman.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Don't disappear on us, though!!
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Not tonight, my friend.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Hi Miss.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Fancy buyin' a girl a drink er two?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Sure, be glad to (orders drinks).
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Are you a singer?  And dancer?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Oo?  Me?  Wot a larf!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Oh, why so funny?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  You look lovely, to me.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Oi'm game, yer wanna song, oi'll sing fer me drink!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Just like some of those dancing ladies I have heard about.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Here is your drink, ma'am.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Awl aroun' me 'at, Oi will wear a green ribbon.
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  You always like a pretty lady.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Sssshh Eli, she may dance for us.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Aw, garn wif yer, oi'm a hag!
 OnlineHost:     Kay Lhota has left the room.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  No way Miss, you're lovely.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (Laughs loudly)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Isn't she, Eli?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (Swigs her porter)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Truly.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Awl aroun' me 'at fer a twelvemonf an' a daaaay.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (looks at Garnet) OK, Miss.

 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (chuckles to self as he makes his way)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Good ol' Brutus.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Have we got surprises in store for you, my boy.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (whistles as he watches the porters loading his luggage onto a carriage at the dock)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (a woman in bright silk catches his eye, he smiles appreciatively)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (enjoys the people on the dock, the bustle)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (entering the bar)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (watching his young friends with a lady of the night)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (sees Judah returning)
 GraemeCree:     [Stop me if you've heard this:  headless warlock walks into a bar....]
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (evil smile as he steps up toward their table)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Hey Eli.  That Mr., Zachery is back, look.
 SWphips:        <<<3 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (quiet voice) Hello, my dear....
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  'Ello, luvey.  'Ow yer.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 OnlineHost:     Kay Lhota has entered the room.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  No, NO!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  (jumps at scream)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (grabs Garnet's arm and steps away from the table)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  What is it?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Oi never tol' no one!
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Not never, never!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  What's going on, Eli?
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (quietly) And yet here you are, my dear
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (evil smile) I'm sure you'll prove quite useful.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Please, please, don' 'urt me!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Eli, can you hear me?  What is happening to her?
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  NOOOOO!
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  It's strange!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  To say the least.  LOOK!
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Oh, I would never *hurt* you now, my dear (smiles).
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  Oh, pleaase, please, please!
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Evil!
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Evil?  Where?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Think she knows him?
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Undoubtedly, but they don't appear to be the best of friends.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  No they don't, but he seems like a good gent.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (Sobbing, trying to pull away)
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (tosses head back and laughs loudly)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  That man is evil, I know it.
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (Screams loudly) AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Evil? I don't know (jumps back).
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (as she crumbles, his laugh becomes more gleeful)
 LauraMurd:      GARNET:  (falls down flat)
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  Good?  Can't you see.....
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Maybe she is just ill.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  Gentleman, collect her -- we may find a use for her...
 Tracy11:        ELIJAH:  No, too much of a coincidence.
 MagdaRom:       JUDAH:  (pauses)
 SWphips:        END PLAY

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 Womb of Darkness ep. 3

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