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MagdaRom and Zurc2

Amanda Collins - VikkieGee            Bramwell Collins - GraemeCree
Brutus Collins - RM2U                 Laura Murdoch - Sidhe danz
Judah Zachery - MagdaRom              James Forsythe - Oblbobl
Julia Collins - MagdaRom              Constance Collins - KahluaKat
Flora Collins - Kay Lhota             Mary Phips - SWphips
Sarah Collins - VEP KAT               Miranda DuVal - CBailey459
Amos Miller - BramwellC               Catherine Collins - VEP KAT


 SWphips:        BEGIN ACT I, SCENE 1
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (sneaking into locked room) I have to get one more look at this room before they seal it.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  The locked room.... so much tragedy here.
 OnlineHost:     Userreader has entered the room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Such sadness... yes (looking behind curtains).
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (poking into alcoves)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I don't know how we're going to explain all this to Quentin when he returns from Boston.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Gabriel, Morgan, Justin... all gone.
 MagdaRom:      JULIA:  (patting Flora's hand) But at least we have Bramwell and Catherine with us now.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, Julia.  Bramwell is a fine man.  I wonder why I never saw it before.
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  (follows Julia into room) What are you doing in here?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  What kind of man would build a place like this?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (pulls curtain aside from stairwell) I don't remember seeing these before.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I wonder where they lead...
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  There's no need to be prowling around in here.  Let's just leave it be.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Flora, have you ever seen these?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  No.  I can't imagine where the stairs could lead to.
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  We should seal up this room and forget it.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Julia, come.  Catherine is right.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Aren't you the least bit curious?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I've seen enough of the dark secrets of Brutus Collins to last a lifetime, and Melanie needs the attention far more.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  You want to see?  No, perhaps not.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I'd like to find out... just once before you seal the room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  There could be... ANYTHING... up there.  Don't you want to find out?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I don't trust them.  We've seen too much go so wrong.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  But the curse has lifted.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We're free now.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Nothing more can harm us.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I'm more concerned about the animal that attacked Melanie.  The curse is gone, but best forgotten.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, but what can these stairs mean?
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  Julia I don't want to know what is up there.  I have had enough of this place..
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Well, I'm going.  I'll wonder till I die if I don't find out.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Julia, please.  No good can come of it.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Julia, if you go up them, don't go alone.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Well Flora, no one else seems to have a sense of adventure.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (pulls curtain back fully) I'm going.
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  No Julia, please don't go up there.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Very well Julia, I cannot let you go alone, so I will accompany you.
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  Bramwell, no!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (bats lashes) Thank you, Bramwell.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Please, Bramwell.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  However, mark my words.  The most you will find will be yet another dark family secret that must be hidden.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Surely something good must have happened in this family sometime.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I am going too.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (amazed) You, Flora?
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  (grabs his arm) Please don't leave me.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I'm sorry, Catherine dear.  I'm sure there's no danger from the curse, but I don't want her falling down a stairwell or something.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  That's the spirit.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (stepping onto first stair)
 SWphips:        <<<2 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (reaches back for Flora's hand) Come on!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (climbing stairwell)
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  Bramwell, I know something terrible is going to happen if you go up there.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I'll try to talk them into coming back quickly.
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  Think of our child.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (kisses Catherine passionately) Don't worry, I'll be right back.
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  Oh, please hurry back, Bramwell.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Flora, what are those lights?  Do you see them?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I envy you, Julia.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Envy?  Me?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  See, my hand is trembling.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  But you've always done what needed to be done
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Practical, yes.  But not brave.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Look, a door!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (follows Julia) Cousin, be careful.  This part of the house has been unused for so long, that it may no longer be stable.
 OnlineHost:     SWphips has left the room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (stepping through door)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Why, it's just like the room we left!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  How could this be?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (follows Julia over the threshold) Please come back, you're upsetting Catherine.
 OnlineHost:     SWphips has entered the room.
 VEP KAT:        CATHERINE:  (Stands at the foot anxiously watching them)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  But, it is not the same at all!  Look at the furnishings.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Wait -- I want to understand this.
 SWphips:        <<<30 second warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  You're right!  They are new.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  New?  Why, how can they be?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  My God, is it possible we have somehow gone back in time?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  This is old, but it's new.  Time!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Perhaps you're right (gasps). Perhaps those stairs are cursed!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (realizing Catherine is alone, and tries to return)
 SWphips:        END SCENE 1, BEGIN SCENE 2

     Scene 2:  1679PT: Drawing room (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Constance Collins, Miranda Duval, Amanda Collins, James Forsythe, Mary Phips
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (enters Drawing Room, circa 1679)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (walking into Drawing Room, bringing Miranda into room) Follow me, dear.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (looking around at the splendor of the house, begins to notice James and Amanda)
 OnlineHost:     BramwellC has entered the room.
 OnlineHost:     RM2U has left the room.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Now, this is the family Drawing Room and.......... good gracious!
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Yes missus?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (spins around surprised) Constance!  I didn't hear you come in.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (spies James, Amanda) I had no idea anyone was here - what ARE you doing in here?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (looking guilty) We were just discussing the weather, Constance.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes... the weather... Hurrrummph!
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Good evening, Miranda.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Miranda, please fix me a sherry - I feel a bit faint.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Good evening, I will get it.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (walks to sofa and sits down graciously)
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, the room you gave me will do very well.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (eyes people in the room with interest)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (looks up delighted) Mary!!  Please, come warm yourself by the fire.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Watching and taking in all that glitters)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  It looks as though it might storm.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Seasonable isn't it, my dear??
 SWphips:        MARY:  Thank you, dear.  It is unseasonably cold.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Mary, you of course know my brother James.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes, of course.  How do you do, James?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Handing sherry over) Is this all I can get you?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Miranda dear, please bring Miss Phips a sherry also.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Yes, right away.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, thank you (sipping delicately).
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (whispers)  There must be a more private place we can talk.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (interrupts James) And this is............ Amanda.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (arises and advances to shakes Mary's hand)
 SWphips:        MARY:  Amanda?  How do you do?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Mary, it's so nice to meet you.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Amanda, my very dear friend and sister-in-law, Mary Phips.
 SWphips:        MARY:  James are you working in at the shipyards?
 OnlineHost:     RM2U has entered the room.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes, I work for Brutus Collins.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  We are partners in the concern.
 SWphips:        MARY:  How interesting.
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (stifles a shudder) Miranda, my dear.  Do run to my room and bring me a shawl.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Yes, I go right now (eager to please).
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (whispers to Mary) A dear, sweet girl, if not too bright.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (whispers to James) We'll have to finish our conversation at another time.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (whispers back) Alright Dearest, do stay well.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Turning her head to watch James and Amanda)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (to James) The lumber here is in much demand.
 SWphips:        MARY:  A ship load of it would fetch a pretty price in Boston.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes, lumber brings a fair price on the market at this time, Miss Phips.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (sits back, sipping sherry, eyeing James and Amanda's glances to each other)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (gazes longingly at James)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Amanda dearest, what HAVE you been up to while I've been away?
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Catches sight of gold broach, Smiles and continues to obtain shawl)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (watches covert looks around the room with interest)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (sighs softly) Oh, all the usual, Constance... nothing changes here.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Really dear, do tell...........
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (tries to look businesslike, but is all to aware of Amada's admiring glances)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (walks past James brushing against him)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  What a wonderful house to be WORKING in. (thinking to herself)
 SWphips:        <<<2 minute warning>>>
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (tries not to, but (blushes) furiously)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (sits back to watch proceedings, wondering if things will ever heat up)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (smiles sweetly at James)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Coming back with shawl) Here Misses, will there be anything else?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Thank you Miranda, that will do.........
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  James darling, you look a bit flushed - are you feeling well?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (covertly gives Amanda a wink)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Perhaps the fire is too hot, Constance.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  It does feel a bit warm in here, don't you think?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Well........ something if definitely TOO HOT in here.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Quite fine, Constance.  And what is new with you??
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Sits next to fireplace to take in the activity of the room)
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Who knows what I might find out that will come of use to me?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Well, I really have much to tell about my trip, which I will do over dinner - How do you like the new servant girl?
 GraemeCree:     [ooh la laa!]
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  She seems quite eager to please, Constance.
 GraemeCree:     [Never mind pleasing Constance....]
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Yes, as are most of here.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Too eager if you ask me (he thinks).
 SWphips:        END SCENE 2, BEGIN SCENE 3

     Scene 3:  Foyer, Collinwood (10 minutes)
     CAST:     Elijah Trask, Laura Murdoch, Brutus Collins, Amos Dawson Miller, Sarah Forsythe
 OnlineHost:     BramwellC has left the room.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (patting her tummy, looking out the windows of the coach)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (whispers) There, there, darling.  We'll be there soon!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (pats her hair, pinches her cheeks for colour)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Whispers) Almost there, darling!  Soon we'll be with your papa!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Ooof, what a bumpy road!  There, love.  There's Papa's house, up on the hill!
 RM2U:           ELIJAH:  (arriving with Amos:  to CW)
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Well I guess this must be the place.
 RM2U:           ELIJAH:  Quite huge, isn't it?
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Yes, Old Brutus has money.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  It is quite a fine house, Mr. Miller.
 OnlineHost:     BramwellC has entered the room.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Very large indeed, Sarah.
 RM2U:           AMOS:  Think anyone is home, Amos?
 RM2U:           [should have been ET asking]
 MagdaRom:       [Are you having an identity crisis, RM?]
 RM2U:           [me? never]
 GraemeCree:     [Well how about you then, RM?]
 RM2U:           [nope not me either]
 KahluaKat:      [RM is her own best friend]
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I do hope my brother James is here.
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  I'll knock and see.
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (pacing back and forth for an expected visitor)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (Brutus hears noises outside, goes to see who it is)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (gruffly) Hello, who are you?
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  Hello, sir.  My name is Amos Miller.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Miller?  I know of no Millers.  What do you want?
 GraemeCree:     [It's a blunderbuss salesman, RM.  Slam the door in his face]
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  And this is my friend, Elijah Trask.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Trask, you say?  Hmph!  And who is that with you?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (comes inside rather timidly) Good Evening, my name is Sarah Forsythe, James' sister.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (curtsies)
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  Oh and this must be the lady of the house.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Who are you and what do you all want here?
 RM2U:           ELIJAH:  No, I believe we were expected, sir.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I am expected (shies back from Brutus' bluster).
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  We were invited here.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Expected by who?  Is anyone else with you?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (looks over their heads for someone else)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  My brother James Forsythe sent for me.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Oh, YOU are Forsythe's sister.  Well, come in, come in.
 SWphips:        <<<2 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           ELIJAH:  (walks inside)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (comes into foyer) Is James here?
 OnlineHost:     Opatty has entered the room.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (still looking out the door) Was there another traveler?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Here's another carriage.
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  There is another Carriage that was to arrive here.
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Well, look darling, we're here!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (shocked) No!  It can't be.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What are you doing here?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (waves out the window) Hello!  We're here!
 GraemeCree:     [Dramatic theme music stinger]
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Surprised to see us? (pats stomach)
 GraemeCree:     [Dunt, dunt DUHHHHHHHHHH!!]
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (looking around the foyer, (pauses))
 SWphips:        END ACT I


     Scene 1:  Foyer, Collinwood (30 minutes)
 SWphips:        BEGIN ACT II
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (in upstairs hallway, not in view of foyer yet)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (trying to go back down the staircase, but it ain't there!  Go figger!)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Bramwell, I'm sorry you couldn't get back.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I know how worried you must be about Catherine.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  She'll be all right.  She's always been a resourceful girl.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Julia, Bramwell.  The house is filled with guests.

 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (taking off cloak, looking around)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (shaking out of cloak)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (Looking at Laura) Why are you here?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Why, you invited us!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I did?  I don't recall doing any such thing.

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (hears commotion in hallway) What is going on out there?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Yes, Constance.  What is that noise?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (arises from the loveseat and heads towards the foyer)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Rises and walks to door, throwing it open)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (follows Constance into foyer)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Amanda, your HUSBAND is home - Hello, Brutus dear.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Oh!  Brutus darling, you're back.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Brutus, how nice to see you again.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (eyes Sarah) And who is this precious young lady?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (walks through the Drawing Room door and into the foyer, and spots his sister Sarah)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  James! It is so good to see you.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Sarah, my dearest little sister.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (raises eyebrows)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Brutus, your manners.  Please say hello to Mary........

 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (pecks Brutus's cheek)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Oh!  You are such a tease!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Brutus???  Who is this woman?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Come now, Laura.  Why are you REALLY here?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Why, to have my baby.  As per your invitation.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What do you want of me, Laura?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Baby?  What baby?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  BABY??
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Yes, Amanda, dear.  Your husband is so sweet!
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Whose BABY?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Baby!!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Hello!  You must be little Amanda!
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (watching exchange between Brutus and Laura) What is SHE doing at Collinwood?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  When my husband was lost at sea, he invited me to come here for the birth.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Wasn't that dear of him?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (grabs Brutus by the arm) WHO is this woman?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Huh?  Oh Amanda, this is Laura,
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Laura is married to a friend of mine.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Oh?  And which friend would that be, husband dear?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  One of the men I do business with, Amanda.

 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Did you have a comfortable trip?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  As comfortable as can be expected.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  With the roads as they are.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (sympathizing) Yes, those carriages are not too well sprung.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Come my dear, and let us talk here in the Drawing Room.

 BramwellC:      AMOS:  (Amos Miller sees Miranda)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Walking towards a corner to take in the commotions)
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  (Amos seems to be taken by Miranda's beauty)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Sees Miranda) Miranda - Quickly, close the front door.  Take these people wraps.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Please, I will take those for you (Taking wraps).
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Misses, do you need your sherry?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Yes.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Walking behind Constance taking in the new arrivals)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (withdraws a bit from the crowd)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (being the perfect hostess) PLEASE EVERYONE,  come into the drawing room to warm yourselves.

 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (heads for Drawing Room with James)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (pulls Sarah from the foyer into the Drawing Room)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Mr. Miller and Mr. Trask kept me amused during the trip.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  And how did they amuse you, Sarah?
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh, Mr. Miller tells the most interesting stories.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  About what, my dear?  Do tell me more.
 EDITOR'S NOTE:  [About BOC.  Please don't ask to hear more.]
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh just little things.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Such as??
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  He is well traveled, you know.  He was telling me about places he has been.

 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I got here a bit ahead of schedule, I'm afraid!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Constance, Amanda.  Meet Laura, er huh?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Bustles into Drawing Room, right next to fire)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (concealing amazement) How do you do, Laura?  Welcome to Collinwood.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Goodness it's cold here!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Shivering by fire)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (beginning to perspire)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Well, Brutus.... invite her in by the fire.  She looks chilled.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (stares into fire)

 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Thinking this could be a lively house after all)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Miranda, please fetch us some Brandy and warm biscuits.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (walking towards kitchen) Great orders again.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  A pot of tea, also.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Tea and Biscuits, tea and biscuits.

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Amanda, do we have room to put up all these guests?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  I don't know, Brutus.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (interrupting Brutus) Of course we have room - I shall handle this, Brutus.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Thank you, Constance.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Thank you, Constance.

 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Full of guests?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We'll find our way back.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I can hear people in the main Drawing Room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Quick, we've got to come up with a plan.  How are we going to get out of here?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I don't know!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Julia!  Flora!  The stairs!  They're....gone!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Oh, no!  Gone!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  How can that be??
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  But how will we return?  There must be a way.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Then we have to stay in this Collinwood.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I don't know.  There must be another way back to the main section of the house.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  But this is not our time!
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Do you recognize this area?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Well, of course -- it's the wing with the locked room.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I've dusted it a thousand times.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes, I know.  But do you know another way back downstairs?  You must, considering that you'd never seen those stairs before.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Bramwell, perhaps we can slip out the front way later.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Slip out the front way?  What do you mean?  Why should we have to do that?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I don't suppose we could slip down to the kitchen and out the side door?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  The side door?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  While they are all partying?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Well, we can't exactly be seen by the people here.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  People here?  What do you mean?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (For those of you playing along at home, Bramwell has not yet figured out what's going on)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  It's the only option I can think of.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  The people here are not our people.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  What does that mean?  Whose people are they?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  They must be... our ancestors (frowns).
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, Julia.  From centuries ago.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Our incestors have come back to life?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I wonder if they are living with the curse....
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  The curse?  Yes.  That began in the 1680's, I think.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Don't you see, Bramwell?  They may be Collinses, but we never have seen them before.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  What about Kendrick, and Melanie, and Stokes?  Or Harris?  Have they seen these people yet?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (making a decision) I am going to try for the front door.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Don't yet!
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora makes her way to the top of the stairs)

 SWphips:        MARY:  (hears voices in the background)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (goes back to investigate)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (sees Julia)
 SWphips:        MARY:  You, there!!!
 SWphips:        MARY:  Who are you and what are you up to?
 SWphips:        MARY:  (louder) Constance, come here a minute.  There are people back here.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (hears Mary) More guests Mary?  Good gracious.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Walks into foyer)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (grabs Julia by the arm)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Let go of me!  Who are you?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (the light bulb comes on) Nooooo!  They haven't come to us.  We've gone to them!

 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  May I have a cup of hot tea, please?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (eyes Laura but is afraid to say anything while Amanda and Constance are around)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I am so cold!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What is wrong, Laura? You seem to be shivering.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (sipping tea, eyes closed)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Laura, are you alright? (whispers) What do you want here?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Shelter while I bear YOUR child, man!
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (pours, watches Brutus and Laura with great interest)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Baby?  Did I hear baby? Oh great, now I will have to fetch for it too.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (sees Amanda looking his way and steps away)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  It is due in three months time.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What?  3 months?  What are you going to do?
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I expect shelter, food, and child support!
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Or I will raise such a stink!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (grumbles under his breath)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (whispers to Laura) I will see what I can do.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  The whole world will know of your occult activities if you don't care for us.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  You will take care of us, period!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (seething) You know how I hate ultimatums.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  You prefer exposure?

 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  What next?  I'll miss all the action.
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  (ill) Have some please, my dear.
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  (Amos walks into the Drawing Room)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Smiles at Amos and introduces herself quietly)
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  And who might you be in all this mess? (asking Amos)

 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes, it is interesting when you travel.  I often wish I could travel more.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  My, James.  The house is full of people.  Please introduce me.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (can't help but cast James longing glances)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (eyes the fracas and motions Sarah to silence)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (stands by James looking on with interest)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (whispers) Wonder who "those" people are???
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (whispers) What is going on, James?

 SWphips:        MARY:  They are very strange, Constance.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Who are you?
 SWphips:        MARY:  Constance, how many servants have you hired?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Only just the new girl - these people are not on my staff.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (eyes strangers) Hello, I am Constance Collins.  May I ask your business?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  See here, what are you doing at Collinwood?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (catching her breath) Are you one of the Collinses?
 SWphips:        MARY:  No, of course not.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Coming in from the kitchen with food and drink) Here madam, as you wish.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (waves Miranda to drawing room) In there, child.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Going into Drawing Room, wonders who all the people are and what has she gotten into)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (points to Constance)
 SWphips:        MARY:  She is your mistress.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (draws herself upright) I am not a servant.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh? (eyebrows arched)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Flora, they've caught her.  What shall we do?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (sees Julia is working the crowd) Don't worry.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  To whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?????
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I am Julia Collins.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Collins?  Julia??  I am sorry, I don't remember you.......
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  And what are you doing in my home?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I came to visit your home.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Where are you from?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  We've got to go help her.  There's no good in secrecy now.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Bramwell, we are cousins visiting our relatives.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I am from....  (searches desperately for explanation)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (whispers to Mary) I don't know these strange people....
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I am from a distant branch of the family.  Yes, that's it.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (notes the strange clothing worn by the visitors)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We became a bit lost trying to find our way here...
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Cousins?  Yes, there's certainly a family resemblance.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  HELLO.  My name is Flora Collins.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (always the hostess) Well, please, come into the Drawing Room and warm yourselves.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (smiles ingratiatingly) It is such a big house.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Lost, from where?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Well, lost here in the house, actually.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (glides into Drawing Room, motioning for others in foyer to follow)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Thank you very much.

 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (pours herself a cup of tea and slides next to James)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (whispers to James) Who do you think that woman is?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (whispers back) Seems as if we have some uninvited or unknown guests.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (Looks at Amanda) Hello I am Sarah, James' sister.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  I'm sure I don't know, my dear.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (smiles at Sarah) Hello, Sarah.  It's very nice to meet you.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  And you are?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  She is a very fine lady.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (smiles and bats her eyes at James)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  More than I can say for her husband (to himself).
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (goes over to James) And this is your sister Sarah, I imagine.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (notices how close Amanda is to James)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (moves away from James as Brutus approaches)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (sees Amanda coying away)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes, allow me to introduce my beloved sister Sarah.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  She's lovely James.  Why didn't you tell me you had a sister?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (looks at Sarah) Hello, Miss Forsythe.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I wish I could say I was sorry about the rude behavior, but I was not expecting you.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh, I am sorry.  I thought James would have told you....
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  James, you should have told me about her arrival.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  He's always rude, always up in arms about something.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (giggles) Brutus is rude even when he IS expecting company.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (Turns her attention to Amanda) You have a lovely house.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Why thank you, Sarah.  I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Glides over to door to see the new arrivals)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  EVERYONE, these are distant relatives from........ ah, where ARE you from?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  England.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  This is Amanda, Sarah... Brutus's wife.....
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Yes, that's it, England.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Yes of course, England.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Of course.  England.  (rolls eyes)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (smiles, satisfied)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (mutters under her breath) Everyone is from England, lately.

 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (appearing at top of stairway)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora pushes Bramwell forward to speak up)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Julia, there you are.  Yes, I told you that that wasn't the front door.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  And you were so right, Bramwell.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (sees Bramwell) Oh my God, it is him.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  We certainly got lost trying to find you all.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  May I present my brother Brutus and his wife Amanda....
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (quakes at the name) Brutus?!?!
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Not... not Brutus Collins.
 SWphips:        MARY:  (notes Julia's reaction with interest)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (collecting herself) We've heard so much about him, that's all...
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I hope we will be welcome.  My, that is a Magnificent color.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (holding back emotion at the sight of Brutus)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Oh, so you are Brutus Collins?  You're the man we've come calling on.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  A business associate, James Forsythe and his sister Sarah.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Yes, may I present my dear Sister Sarah...
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Say hello to Mr. Collins, dear.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  My good friend, Mary Phips..........
 SWphips:        MARY:  How do you do....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (stumbles) and....... and........... this Laura person...........
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  How do you do?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (Flora thinks that the portrait of Brutus doesn't look much like him)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Well you see Flora, in these days portraits are painted to a romantic ideal, rather than as a true depiction of the idiosyncratic facial features of the person in question, but that's not important now.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Looks at newcomers) If you would all be so kind as to introduce yourselves.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (sees Sarah as another intrusion, bows)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Yes Mr. Collins and I have met.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Hmmm, Sarah doesn't like him either.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Well, we are a bit early, I suppose.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  I am Laura Murdoch, pleased to meet you.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Oh, and I am a servant of the Misses Collins.
 SWphips:        <<<15 minute warning>>>

 BramwellC:      AMOS:  I am Amos Miller, a friend of the family.
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  My father is a close friend of Master Brutus.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Ah yes, Mr. Miller.... in the crowd I overlooked you - I do apologize.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  And do you live around here as well?
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  I am from the Bay Colony.
 SWphips:        MARY:  We ARE the Bay Colony.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  So busy tonight.  Perhaps you can show me around later.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  That is if the Misses and company doesn't keep me too busy.
 BramwellC:      AMOS:  Actually, I am from outside of Salem.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Well then, maybe we can explore the grounds ourselves.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  With all of this going on, I wonder if they will miss us.

 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I am Julia Collins, from the English branch of the family.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (looks at others) And you two?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, Julia is my devoted friend and sister in law.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Sister-in-law?  Who is married to a Collins then?  And who is the real Collins?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (puts chin in air) I assure you I was born a Collins.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (eyes Julia suspiciously) Of course, my dear.  I never meant to imply...........
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  And her brother was my late husband.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (nudges Bramwell)
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  My cousin is quite fond of art.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I'm very sorry, Mr. Collins.  We tried to write you, but you know the state of communications these days.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (pours himself a brandy as he looks on at all the *guests*)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (deep in thought)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I used to live in Logansport, but I have traveled a great deal.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (eyes Bramwell through the crowd)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  James, do you know that man who just came in with the strange women?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  No I don't, do you??
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  No, but he seems so familiar.  I don't understand it.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  And those ladies are dressed so strangely...
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Maybe they're from another colony?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (watches Sarah apprehensively)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Do you think that is the fashion from where they come from?
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  It's a possibility.  But it's rather fancy, don't you think?
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  We have been travelling, and the cuffs and ruffs are too much trouble.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes, also 50 years out of date, at least.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I know that our travelling clothes are a bit unusual.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  You see, the truth is we encountered some highwaymen along the way....

 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  (eyeing Constance)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Good heavens Julia, the resemblance between you two is rather pronounced.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, there is a resemblance.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (glares at Bramwell, then recovers) Well, we are related, dear.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Well yes, of course.

 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (shivering beside the fire, looking quite pale)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (approaches Brutus) Dear, you seem rather "familiar" with this woman.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I don't know what you mean, Amanda.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Do you know her "well"?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  What are you saying?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (grins) SHE seems to know you very well also.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (sternly) Only through her husband, Amanda.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Yes, of course, darling. Whatever you say (smiling to herself).
 SWphips:        <<<10 minute warning>>>
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  I must say, you seem quite busy with Mr. Forsythe, Amanda, why is that?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (growing annoyed) James merely makes conversation with me, Brutus.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Something YOU rarely do these days.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Conversation?  Woman, I am sure there is something more you could be doing with your time.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (surreptitiously mops his brow at Amanda's explanation to Brutus)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (becomes angry) And what would you suggest I do, Brutus?  Constance runs the household.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Is my sister Constance the only one needed to run this house, Amanda?
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  It appears so.... she handles things so well, I'm not needed.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  You promised you would help her with it.
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  BUT she doesn't want my help!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  If there is nothing here for you to do, then maybe we can find time for those idle hands of yours.
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Well, Amanda?  Speak up, woman
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  What do you have in mind for me to do, Brutus?
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Anything to relieve you of some of this conversation time, you seem to have.

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Yells) MIRANDA!
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Miranda, child come here at once!
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Miranda - child come here?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (becoming flustered) Where ARE my servants - I have rooms to prepare.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Yes, Miss Collins.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Ahh, there you are - go to the kitchen and enlist some help - we have several rooms to prepare.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  And be quick about it.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  Rooms, how many rooms need prepared?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Good heavens, child - MANY.  Just start preparing them - I'll come up shortly.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (mutters going into the kitchen, to get help)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (stands back, begins counting "guests")

 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Yes it is (moves over to Constance).  I am sorry, we haven't been introduced.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  I am Sarah Forsythe, James' sister.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (thinks) Forsythe, hmmm??

 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I'm afraid they've stolen our luggage.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Ohh, that's good.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (winks at Flora, looking relieved)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  You might wish to ask the Constable if he has seen dark, foreign looking men.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  My heart has been in my mouth since we began.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (whisper to Flora) Why does that young woman keep staring at Bramwell?
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I don't know Julia, and I hesitate to ask.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Is she staring?  I hadn't noticed.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Perhaps you remind her of someone...
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (looks Sarah over suspiciously)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (busy overhearing Flora's conversation)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes, most likely.  She's certainly never seen me before.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (turns and sees Mary)

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  Looks as though we shall need several more hams for supper.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Let me help you get settled in....
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (whispers to Mary as she passes by) I must speak with cook - watch these "newcomers" please.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Of course, Constance.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Well, I have a trunk with me, and some bags... perhaps some of you men would help with them?

 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (beginning to wonder why Sarah is so intent on Bramwell)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (moves around the room feeling inept in the crowd)
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (Waves to Brutus) never mind dear - I have everything under control.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (smiles smugly at Amanda) You just continue to "amuse" yourself, dear.
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (watches Sarah as she moves through the crowd towards Bramwell)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  (moves over to Julia) Good Evening, I am Sarah Forsythe.
 SWphips:        <<<5 minute warning>>>
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (looks Sarah over critically, then extends hand)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Are you guests of the Collins too?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  A pleasure to meet you, MS Forsythe.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  We are relatives of the Collins family.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Just arrived from England.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Are you also a guest here at Collinwood, Ms Forsythe?

 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (walks towards Constance) Misses, I have 2 rooms finished, how many more are needed?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  At least a half dozen more, child.  Get some help dear, I don't expect you to do it all.

 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (sighs, goes to get some of her bags)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Laura, don't.  I will have a servant get them.

 SWphips:        MARY:  So, is it Flora?  What part of England are you from?
 SWphips:        MARY:  My husband was there just last year.
 SWphips:        MARY:  I myself don't travel much, but William loves the sea.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  I live near Oxford Circus.  Before that I had a flat in Cadogan Square.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  We just arrived from London.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Ahhh, London.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh I see.  Is that what they are wearing in England?
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (eyes Julia and Mary) Good, Mary shall get to the bottom of that mystery.
 OnlineHost:     GraemeCree has left the room.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Yes, my Papa was a ship's Captain.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Oh, really?  So is William.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  I know our traveling gear is a bit unusual...
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  As a young girl, I travelled a great deal.

 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (begins to be disturbed at the way Brutus is speaking to Amanda, but helpless to do anything about it)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  Well, you think about it, Brutus.  And let me know.

 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (leaves to get supper going)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (To Constance) Miss Collins, I'll make up my own bed.  It's no bother.
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  I can help you, Missus Murdoch.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Thank you Miranda.  I am rather tired from travelling.
 KahluaKat:      CONSTANCE:  (pause)

 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Yes, I am here to see my brother James.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  This is the first time I have traveled.  I find it all rather daunting.
 SWphips:        MARY:  You poor child.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Ah, and which one is James?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (recognizing name, looks around eagerly for James)
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  He is over there by Mrs. Collins.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Ah, the young dark haired man?  Yes. (to self) Yes, just as I imagined him...
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  And who is that young man with you?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Ah, that would be my cousin Bramwell.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Did he come from England with you?
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  Yes, we all just arrived from London.
 VEP KAT:        SARAH:  Oh, has he been to America before?  He seems familiar.
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  You know Sarah, I read somewhere that there are only 12 faces in the world...

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (rings bell for servants to retrieve bags and assign rooms)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (walks away from Brutus and pours herself another cup of tea)
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (watches Amanda covertly, proud of the way she handled a potentially explosive situation)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (throws hateful glances at Brutus)

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (looks at Amanda contemptuously)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (puts arm around Sarah)
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  (wishes that her heart would calm down)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (grumbles) Women, bah!
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (Walks toward stairs to start Laura's room)

 SWphips:        <<<2 minute warning>>>
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (Lugging her bags up the stairs)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (approaches Laura) Here, give those to me.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  Why thank you, dear Mr. Collins!
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (takes Laura's bags and heads upstairs)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (watches Brutus and Laura with amusement)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  Don't thank me now, Laura.  We have some talking to do.
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (heads up the stairs, grinning like a cat)
 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (continues up the stairs in sour mood)

 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  I really should tell you of some of the lovely places I saw.
 SWphips:        MARY:  Yes, I would love to hear about them, my dear.
 SWphips:        <<<1 minute warning>>>
 OnlineHost:     GraemeCree has entered the room.
 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  Bramwell!
 CBailey459:     MIRANDA:  (afraid of the Mr. Collins, stays near Laura)

 RM2U:           BRUTUS:  (pauses)
 LauraMurd:      LAURA:  (pauses)
 SWphips:        MARY:  (stands looking down at crowd from head of the stairs and pauses)
 AmandaClns:     AMANDA:  (excuses herself and goes upstairs) (pauses)
 GraemeCree:     BRAMWELL:  Yes, as I said, I live near Oxford Circus.  Before that, I had a flat in Cadogan Square.
 GraemeCree:     [a little variety to the old Cadogan Square schtick]
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  (arises from the Sofa and moves towards the door)

 Kay Lhota:      FLORA:  A guest in my own house.
 MagdaRom:       JULIA:  (squinting at teleprompter) Caddington Square -- or something like that
 Oblbobl:        JAMES:  Sarah, come, it is time for us to go.
 SWphips:        END PLAY

 Womb of Darkness ep 2.