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tree Worldwide Marriage Encounter - Diocese of Orange County, California

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    dialogSample Dialogue Questions

    Here are some sample dialogue questions to get your started or renewed for daily dialogue! If you have suggestions, please send them to

    1. HDIF when we are asked to help the Marriage Encounter movement?
    2. What gifts do I feel we could bring to the Marriage Encounter movement?
    3. This is the start of a new year with new possibilities. HDIFAT?
    4. HDIF about beginning a dialog challenge with another couple? DILD.
    5. Mary is the mother of our Lord. HDTMMF?
    6. HDIF when you say you need me?
    7. HIDF when you touch me?
    8. How has our love grown since our wedding day? HDMAMMF?
    9. When did I first realize I loved you? HDTMMF?
    10. What were the most important aspects of our wedding ceremony to me? HDTMMF?
    11. Do we make being married attractive by the way we live the sacrament of matrimony? HDTMMF?
    12. HDIF when we reach out and are rejected?
    13. HDIF when you come home in the evening?
    14. HDIF when there is distance between us?
    15. Do I believe we are called to be a sacramental couple? HDIF accepting this vocation?
    16. HDIF now about the role our Priest played in our wedding? Is he important to our marriage now?
    17. When I have a serious issue to discuss, what would help me the most? HDIFAMA?
    18. What is one thing I would like to try differently when we have an issue to discuss? HDIFAT?
    19. How did I feel about the last time we solved a problem together?
    20. What is the area that is most difficult for me to discuss with you? What feelings come up for me?
    21. When you bring up a topic for discussion, how do I feel?

    And if you need more ideas, follow this link to a site with 39,600 questions! You'll never run out of ideas again!

    HDIF = How do I feel?

    HDTMMF = How does that make me feel?

    HDIFAT = How do I feel about that?

    HDMAMMF = How does my answer make me feel?

    DILD = Describe in loving detail