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In Search of my Sister - born 1/11/1958

1/11/58 Brookings, SD - Three girls were born alive but 2 were connected at the side. All 3 girls were identical. The single girl and 1 of the siamese pair lived. A boy was also born, but born dead.

That leaves only two girls alive so I guess that makes us "twin" sisters. The twin that was born single is me. I am looking for my twin sister who was adopted by a different family than I was.

I just found out about being adopted and about her existence April 27th 1997. That knowledge made quite a few past experiences that made no sense at the time make perfect sense now. Anyway, I am trying to find her. Someone out there has to have known her at some time and any knowledge of her full name or whereabouts (past or present) would be so much appreciated.

I should have believed her 2 adoptive brothers when they saw me and tried to tell me about her sometime around 1978. They made no sense to me. One of them was reaching to try to lift my shirt to see if I had a big scar on my side because he did not believe me when I told him I didn't. They other one said, "No, if she says she doesn't, she doesn't. They never said which one lived." I convinced them they had the wrong person because I look like the man I grew up knowing as my father. It turned out that's because he's really biologically our uncle.

There are many other times it was near miss to find her, but I did not know about her........ I believe she's the girl my 2 roommates brought home with them in about 1980 or 1981. They had met her in a bar where I worked. They brought her home with them. She said her name was "Cissy". She asked us if we knew her sister. I asked "What's her name?" She said "I don't know. That's why I'm looking for her." She was catching a ride out to the hills to look for her sister & I gave her a yellow guaze shirt with big purple embroidered flowers. My roommates were standing in the bedroom doorway and 1 commented to the other "Don't they look alot alike?".

Now I'm trying to remember what her adoptive brothers said about her in 1978........ She lived in/around Madison, SD at that time. She was called "Chrisy" or "Cissy" (perhaps spelled differently) and her last name had originally been something like "Harnes" pronounced without the "e". At that time her last name was something like "Powell"..something? It sounded like she possibly celebrates her birthday as being 1/13/58. Her brothers said her favorite color was yellow and that she liked to party,...alot.

She looks like me so I feel fairly safe giving a physical description of....white, 5'4 1/2" tall, dark blond thin hair w/no natural curl, blue eyes with either glasses or contacts, large scar on one of her sides.

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