ME, Me, and More about ME!!!

Name: Lisa L.
Title : ***SuPeR StAr ***
occupation: bum/poor,sleep deprived student/girl/sister/daughter/friend/stranger
J'habite a Toronto
Phone# ask and you shall recieve (maybe, but probably unlikly)
icq # 13406645

Well, well well, so u want to know more about me, nosy!! j/k

NAME: Lisa M. L. ( I will not disclose my middle name, few know, they are the privliged, but then again, I can black mail them too...)

D.O.B: June 25th, 1980

SEX: yes please, j/k Female

HEIGHT: various depending on shoes(somewhere between 5'3-5'4 all people don't laugh, milk doesn't work!!)

WEIGHT: 115-120 lbs. (fluctuates)

EYES: blue and brown (clear & coloured contacts, to see, not just for fun)

HAIR: chin length layered bob, dark brown (naturally), also enhance with some toxic and non toxic chemicals altering it to be blonde, red, orangey, purple and blue depending on how bored I am with my hair

LANGAUGES SPOKEN: english, petit francais and pig latin

DESCRIBED AS: crazy, hyper, happy, loud,easily distracted,talkative, bold, a procastinator, friendly, unpredictable, and weird ( i prefer to think of myself as an individual, we all are ; ) )

OCCUPATION: university student

SCHOOL: University Of Toronto, St. George Campus, SMC

MUSIC PREFERENCE: House,R'n'B, HiP HoP, Alternative, classical, umm..reggae...basically anything but Satanic stuff

I LIKE: food, chocolate, pasta (yeah pasta festa!!) chinese, greek, italian, my canadian bacon and american pie (hahah), sleeping, babies (so cute) little dogs, my baby brother david, umm... did i mention sleep (i don't get enough), reading, talking and getting this page to work (translation:look good...understanding html etc.)

I DON'T LIKE/HATE: my job, school, liars, cheaters, farters (darv - u and ur blue angels), mean people, selfish people, uumm...cats (cause they make me itchy), roller coasters and public transportation (esp. during rush hour)and people who stare

FEARS:heights, bugs, dark swampy lake water, bad dreams, ghosts,my male friends' washrooms (ohmigosh!! I there's pubs all over the floor!! AAAHH there sticking to my socks!!)

GOALS: to be happy, no matter what i end up being or doing

DREAMS: to win the lottery, make my parents retire, start my own charity, go to university for fun, live on a shack in a secluded beach and surf my days away; travel through time

PHILOSOPHY ON LIFE: It's not easy, but somehow we survive all the crap we go through and become stronger

PHILOSPHY ON LOVE: I'll get back to u on that one

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"I said who's that Spartan doin' some tai-chi? It's me! It's me!
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