hWo (The Hut World Order)

Okay guys I will say the Hut is going down in flames, Saturday was my first day back and I was like who are these people ( P.H. the new generation)? I don't think anyone is over 16, As u know andrew is Mr. belding, and shane was Screech, but he is no longer. Shane is now G.M. of finch and midland. anyhoo, this page is dedicated to all u guys (u know who u are) ******************************************* Markham p.h. has some nice assets, and remember Emma took this picture not me!!! hmm... I see some RUM BALLS haha ********************************************** after our little swimming escapade, does anyone remeber why we had to stand behing anna lisa? hahah ****************************************** This was taken at damon's. Hey why are we always getting wet? Nice boxer briefs conor *************************************** New years, cubans (well not real real ones), beer and a big bottle of champange from andrew to the Hey Jay, here's the picture of semi, don't worry i had a good time, and forget about Camille being a bitch, she's not worth your time.

a columbian crackdealer who works with me made a page about our work, Pizza Hut
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"I said who's that Spartan doin' some tai-chi? It's me! It's me!
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