What you are to me... When I am weak and all the world is coming crashing down on me. I trudge along heavy in heart, long in face and the problems i face weighing down on me. I look to the heavens and pray for some help, strength and sanity to help me get through the day. They send me an angel to help carry me through the difficult paths to catch me when I stumble and help me along the way. The one that God made especially for me. Blessed with Grace, Patience and the true embodiement of Love in human form, he soothes my hurts and wipes my tears away to let me know that everything will be okay. Never have I known such peace that eases all my pains with such a simple act of a hug or kiss but I attribute this to the fact that he is my soul mate because only he has made such an impact on me like no other person i have ever met. He is the sun in my world that brings brightness, joy and happiness to my life, giving me direction when I feel lost. He shows me who I am and helps me discover who I want to be. I pray that Love will be strong enough, to help us make it through to see our dreams come true. That in time I too can give him a precious gift because he has given me his heart, body and soul that is ever so precious to me. And I know no matter where life takes me, he will always be there in my heart never too far even if we are apart. I Love you P.B.