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Okay, so like I told u all, I love pictures. Here are some that I shot myself. Some I developed myself, in the closet sized darkroom of my highschool, spending many painstaking hours geting photochemicals on my hands,clothes etc. in order to get the perfect print, as dust, scratches and fingerprints plague many prints before u get the perfect one, but I'll end this run on sentence so u can see for yourself.......................

Every Picture is worth a thousand words, so i'll talk a little about each one

"SEXYBABY" This is a picture of my baby brother waking up after a nap

<"PEEK-A-BOO-KUNG FU" When my baby brother was 1 and 1/2 (he's 5 now) he used to run away from us before we could put on his diper. He would strip off the rest of his clothes and run around naked, one day i happened to have a camera in hand and the rest is photography
Okay i also decided to share some stuff friends have drawn of me.

This was done by my friend Johnny Lo, IFS (International Film star. Our Law teacher used to always call him "Johnny Lo, Internation film Star" refering to like jackie chan and chow fat yun (or is it chow yun fat)? Was I your sidekick because MacNeil couldn't say my name with out saying my last name? Mock trial--The Kimble Trial (Cross examiner)
This one is supposed to be me screaming done by my bud Stanley when we were in art class. "Stan, do u like my haircut? Stan!? StAnLeY!!!!!!!STANLEY!!!!!!!! " "Yes Stan!! I know I'm just like Pheobe, OK!!", "VJ is a F*#&ing @ssohole!

This was done by my friend dave, I think it was a warning to me if I ever pissed him off, like calling before 3 pm on the weekends or sending him to many forwards (u'all know I am the imfamous forward queen). But Dave says it's his expression of undying love to me ( he is a real "s" and "m" -sadistic and masochistic), but i've ways thought he was strange.


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