EC Pics

This is the site on EC (Electric Circus) was if u found it....well then u just found it.

I've only been on EC about 4 or 5 times, I'm not a regular (like my 2 friends Jaycee and Ryan) and I only go when there are guests. So far I have got to meet:

  • Eiffel 65
  • Alice D.J.
  • 3 Deep
  • The Venga Boys

Here are some pics....

me kissing Ry A.K.A. Taty (which is a long story as to how he got that nickname...but basically it means he's one of my bitches)

Me and Jaycee.....bapos 4 life...hahah three again

Leesel, Jaycee and Ry....Leesel came once...

aznhorizons (al Friscos...oh god!!)...hahah...glossamer bay eh!

Leesel, Ry and Me......

Tata....let's be like tammy and jay!!!! we have to get Glenn to come!! Blue Crew....affectionately know to Nadine as "Your (Mine) Crew"....gaypride week was interesting.....drag queens ("nice pants" "there dolce & gabana" "ohh." and hot but gay go go dancers!!! haha megs!~!

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