My Sweetheart!!!!!!

Don't worry babe, we'll run away to the dirty south ok!?!

This is My Sweetheart Dean a.k.a. G-Ride, he is the sweetest, most coolest guy in the world and a hottie (as all the girlies and darv agree). And as rare as it is these days, he is a gentleman too.......


"G-RIDE?!?! What was that? GREEK Ride?!" hahah

"From tha Dirty South, representin' 211 for tha 2k!!"

Me and My Sweetheart

Gotta love those dimples....u got perfect 10's baby!! I love that___!!!hahah

THE STICKER PICTURES: NEVER AGAIN!!!! "You can put them up, just cut me out!!"hahahaha