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Troop 53, our punk band from Darien, CT. started in October or November of 98. Back then it wasnt called Troop 53, it was called 206. James played guitar and sung a little, Chris played bass and sung also, and Nick played drums. After about a month and like 3 songs, 206 decided that it needed another guitarist for solos and stuff. We also decided that we needed someone to help write songs. We were really bad and wanted to get going. Chris knew Matt and quickly invited him over to play with us. Matt couldnt play guitar at all but somehow we agreed for him to be in the band. Matt and James became fast friends and soon became the only ones to actually show up for practice. By then we had gone through different names including; MOP, Dow Jones and the Industrials, and something else weird. Matt had writen a lot of lyrics and was now the lead singer of the band. During the summer they decided that they would be better off with another bassist. They didnt know anyone that played bass, so they stuck with 2 guitars and no bass. At the beginning of school, Matt had heard that a kid by the name of Dan plays bass. Matt nor James had even talked to Dan but they decided to ask him to listen to the music and see if he would like to join the Troop. Dan liked our music and we soon became friends. As soon as Dan joined the band we got some gigs. Troop 53 now is Matt/Guitar,Vocals. James/Guitar. Dan/Bass. Nick/Drums.

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