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Sri Aurobindo

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'THE sex-trouble is serious only as long as it can get the consent of the mind and the vital will. If it is driven from the mind, that is, if the mind refuses its consent, but the vital part responds to it, it comes as a large wave of vital desire and tries to sweep the mind away by force altogether.'

'O THOU!, that lovest, strike! if Thou strike me not now, I shall know that Thou lovest me not.'

'THE psychic is the soul, it is a portion of the Divine that supports the mind and body in the evolution. The psychic gets the Divine's help directly from the Divine.'

'THIS Hindu nation [speaking of India] was born with the Sanatan Dharma, with it it moves and with it it grows. When the Sanatan Dharma declines, then the nation declines.'

'IF there is the will to surrender in the centre being, then the psychic can come forward..'

'REASON has a legitimate function to fulfill, for which it is perfectly adapted; and this is to justify and illumine for man his various experiences and to give him FAITH and conviction in holding on to the enlarging of his consciousness. But reason cannot arrive at any final truth because it can neither get to the root of things nor embrace their totality.'

'OF COURSE the ego and vital with its claims and desires is always the main obstacle to the emergence of the psychic. For they make one live, act, do sadhana even for one's own sake and psychicisation means to live, act and do sadhana for the sake of the Divine.

' IF desire is rejected and no longer governs the thought , feeling or action and there is a steady aspiration of an entirely sincere self-giving, the psychic usally after a time opens of itself.'

'TO bring the psychic forward, selffishness and demand [ which is the base of the vital feeling] must be got rid of - at least never accepted.'

'ASPIRATION, constant and sincere, and the will to turn to the Divine alone are the best means to bring forward the psychic.'

'WHEN the psychic being awakens, you grow consious of your own soul; you know yourself. And you no longer commit the mistake or indetifying yourself with the mental or with the vital being. You do not mistake them for the soul.'

'THE soul in itself contains all possible strength, but most of it is held behind the veil and it is what comes forward in the nature that makes the difference.'

'THE psychic being has to be surrendered consciously and with more and more knowledge. The psychic aspires to the Divine or answers to things divine, it is surrendered in principle, but it has to develop its surrender in detail carring with it the surrender of all the being.'

'NOTHING done in the past or present can prevent the psychic from coming forward if there is the true will is the get rid of these things and live in the psychic and spiritual consciousness.'

'THERE is a psychic sorrow which usually comes when the soul feels how strong is the resistance in the world and how much the Force in it rage against the Mother.'

'THE psychic sadness is of a purifying and not a depressing kind.'

SRI AUROBINDO on Francis Thompson's Hound of Heaven:

'Take Francis Thompson's Hound of Heaven Everybody does not understand it : does it follow that Thompson is not a great poet? Or take the Upanishads. They deal with one subject only and have one strain : can we say, therefore, that it is not great poetry?

'"Creative" may be something which gives a picture of life creatively, representing the life-situation of the Spirit. "Expressive" is that which is just the expression of feeling, vision or experience, In the Hound of Heaven you get a true creative picture.

'Poetry is creative where it gives a complete picture of life as in the Hound of Heaven. There you have such a picture of the life of a man pursued by God.

'The Hound of Heaven is a far greater poem than any of Oscar Wilde's or Chesterton's.'

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