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*~*~A Taurus' Quest For All Things Beautiful~*~*


Hi there!

So glad you dropped in!

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Carrie, aka Lady KeriMae.

I live on the outskirts of a small rural town in the beautiful "Endless Mountains" of Northeastern Pennsylvania with loving Hubby of thirty-one years and two very spoiled chihuahuas, "my furbabies" (they just don't know that they're dogs), "S", a "rescued" outside dog, three saddle horses and a miniature stallion.

I have a son and a daughter who are my pride and joy, and a seven year old grandson, who is the "sunshine" of my life.

I am a Bookkeeper/Secretary, but lately, it's been a little of

"Jack-of-all-trades", lol, master of none.

Some of my favorite past times are: Spending time with Family and Friends, Flower gardening, Collecting vaseline glass pieces and Faerie treasures, Reading, Riding my horse, Montana, and of course, playing with my WebTv.

My favorite types of music is Golden Oldies, from the 50's & 60's, Country, and New Age.

In season, my very most favorite place to be, is in my flower garden, where you'll find a large variety of herbs, perennial and annual flowers, fragrant roses along with birdhouses and birdbath, an arbor with heavenly blue morning glories clinging to it, hanging baskets bursting with color, hummingbirds and butterflies making their daily visits, chimes, crystals, faeries and guardian angels. Hence...

'My Garden of Enchantment'.

Truely a place of Beauty, Tranquility, and Enchantment.

...."So tend your garden gently,

be careful with each flower.

Know everything has a purpose,

with every passing hour.

Do not be afraid of wild creatures,

For the Faeries tend to all.

That is no easy feat,

for one that is so small.

If you want to see a fae,

and you want to believe they are true,

it is how you live your life,

that will draw the fae to you."

~*Poem written by Liza Lambertini of Faeriewood*~

~*~*Thanks so much Liza, "Hugs & Smiles"*~*~

(Please note that this poem is copyrighted & use for any means without the written consent from the author is prohibited!)

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please stop by again sometime, as I will keep building and updating my pages. I welcome any comments or suggestions. Email me at


even if it's just to say "Hi".

Thanks for stopping by!


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This Clover was picked and put up for my son, 'EJ'.

Good Luck in the 'Grass Drags' Son!!! :-)

May Your Day Be Blessed With Loads Of LOVE, LUCK, & LAUGHTER!


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