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Calypso's (aka berkley) Tiny Slice of the Net

Well it's July 2002 and I have done squat on this page. Don't expect any huge surprises this time around. I actually almost forgot I had this page!! Everything is good right now. I have a job I love, a fella I'm absolutely nuts about, and the future looks brighter than it has in years!! At some point I may update some of the pictures on this page, blah blah blah...but we'll see!! I just don't get online that much anymore. Anyway, just wanted to let anyone know that happens to still check this that I am alive and well and if you're looking for me you can email me at Ciao for now!!

About me
  • I live in Canada (yeah I know it's a big country...if you want to know where exactly just ask..*g*). I've fallen madly in love with England tho and wouldn't be surprised if I call that home someday, even if only temporarily.
  • I'm 29 years old.
  • I work as a geological tech for an oil and gas company. I'm looking into getting into some computer techie type work tho.
  • I have no kids except for my doggy Max
  • I used to spend too much time on the computer but that damn thing called reality got hold of me so I'm not online that much anymore. THOUGH I email way too much I think...*g*.
  • I got the name Calypso from a figure in Greek Mythology not from the musical style...*g*
  • I'm a huge fan of the 80's, especially the music....*crosses fingers*...I just hope the fashions don't come back to haunt us!!

Friends.....under constuction I'm a Classic Pooh fan (as you will see by this page)
Pics.....under construction
Bart, My Adopted Dragon.....under construction
Friend's Web Pages....under construction

My Favorite Web Sites

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Free Web Building Help

This is my little brother's old band's webpage. Awesome site!! Check it out and if you want CD's just lemme know and for a price I can get a hold of some for you!! The newest endeavor is now called Buffalo Bud Buster. I'll let ya know when they get things going!

The Park
This chat site is no money or something like that. I paid my dues, not my fault!! Anyway, I met a ton of very cool people there and I'm leaving this up because I really like the icons..heheh.

Radio 80s
This USED to be my fav net radio station but apparently they got bought by yahoo...damnit!!

Greek Mythology
This guy has put together an awesome Greek, Roman and Norse Mythology well as other stuff too. I love this page!!

Pick a Sven
This is a truly unique page. You never know what you're going to get!!

Please be patient!! I'm new at this webpage thing!! *s*

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