Xander watched from behind the bushes as the three vampires all finished thier spell. A ring of flames appeared in front of them and out of the ring stepped a large monsterous beast. It's hair was green, and it's skin had a scaly gray color. It's eys gleamed yellow. It looked at the three vampires that had summoned it. "Why hast thou summoned me?" it asked, it's voice loud and booming like thunder.

"To get the Slayer, oh great one." One of the vampires answered. The demon stood for a moment, and then nodded.

"Very well. First we will kill the slayer, then I will rule this puny world of mortals." Xander took off into a run. He had to warn Buffy. He rushed down main street sunnydale, breathing heavily. Just as it felt like his heart was about to burst from his chest, he was tackled from the side. He fell hard and rolled over, looking up at his assailant. Angelus grabbed hold of him and held him down.

"hey,Xander." He said with a grin.

"Angelus! Let go of me you slimey fuck!" Xander cried. Angelus lifted him slightly and then slammed him back down onto the pavement, knocking the wind out of the weaker human. Xander watched, slightly dazed, and Angelus bent in close. He felt his teeth rip into his neck, and Xander knew he was going to die. Angelus pulled out quickly, looking down on him again.

"Don't be afraid,Xander." Angelus whispered "I've chosen you. I'm bored, Xander, and need a counterpart."

"Wha...." Xander asked, gasping for air.

"Now you have two choices: Death or unlife. Now, you're too young to die, Xander." Angelus said, grinning.

"Don...wanna..die." Xander whispered. He still had to warn Buffy. She needed him. He had to go on living. Angelus cut himself open on the wrist with a knife.

"Then drink,son." Angelus said, grinning maniacally. Xander drank, disgusted with himself, but at the same time enjoying himself. His vision dimmed and he screamed


"I'm really worried, Buffy." Willow said, her brow creasing as she spoke. "Xander didn't come home last night."

"I'm sure he was just out late and is sleeping it off today." Buffy replied. The two girls where on thier way to history.

"But we live on a hellmouth and nothing is ever that simple on the hellmouth and what if some big ugly got him?" Willow rambled.

"Will, chill out." Buffy said, putting a hand on her arm "I'm sure he's fine. I don't think there are any more Mantis ladies around." She smiled, and Willow almost did the same.


"Will, I'll ask Giles if there any more deadly prophecies or people trying to suck the world into hell, if it'll make you happy. Just after school stop by Xanders' and see if he's there." Buffy said, nodding.

"Okay. I'm just worried is all." Willow replied.

"I'm worried about this History exam." Buffy said, making a face.

"You'll do fine." Willow reminded her. "We studied for hours last night."

"Right." Buffy said nervously "We did...."

"You forgot everything?" Willow asked.

"I got to thinking again last night, Will."

"Still no sign of Angel-Angelus?" Willow stuttered.

"No." Buffy frowned "I need to find him."

"I wish I could do the spell for you again." Willow said, frowning "But he already destroyed all that stuff, including my orb of thessela."

"I know, Will. But don't feel bad. I'll find Angel, and put and end to this for good. And this time, nothing is going to save him."


Xander's eyelids fluttered open as the sun went down. He sat stright up with a scream and saw Angelus sitting off to the side, grinning. "Waky waky, eggs and baky." Angelus said, with a little laugh.

"What have you done to me?" Xander asked, leaping to his feet. Angelus smiled.

"You haven't noticed the feelings your body has been sending you?" Angelus asked. Xander looked down at himself.

"I....I'm not breathing." Xander said in asstonishment.

"Give the man a prize." Angelus said, laughing a little. He walked over and out a hand on Angelus' shoulder. "Hungry?"

"Yeah." Xander said, staring at him with horror. "I am." Angelus nodded.

"Okay, we'll go out and find ourselves some virgins. They taste really good, and I want you to really enjoy your first night as a Vampire."

Angelus smiled at him. "Let's go." He smacked him on the back and went out the front door. Xander followed slowly, his head bowed.


The pair went to a nightclub the next town over. Angelus told Xander that he now avoided to Bronze to avoid Buffy. Angelus being the handsome guy that he was got a hold of a pair of young high school juniors who had gotten in with fake ID's. He then rented a hotel room and went about pleasuring his girl: A tall buxom blonde with deep blue eyes. Xanders' girl was a shorter, less shapely girl with a pair of glasses. She was attractive, though, and Xander considered it. "Well,sweetheart, it's time to go." Xander heard Angelus whisper to his girl.

"Oh, but why?" The girl whined. She then gasped, followed by a moan of slight pleasure as Angelus drank. He then lether fall limply to the bed. Xanders' girl screamed and ran for the door.

"Stop her!" Angelus hissed at him angrily. When Xander didn't move, Angelus was across the room in the flash. The girl was screaming in horror as she ran out into the hallway, but Angelus caught her and snapped her neck with frightening ferocity. Xander shuddered and then backed away as Angelus stalked toward him, head bowed slightly, looking at him with cool dark eyes. Angelus backhanded him against the wall, and then stood over the fallen vampire as he slid to the ground.

"Why didn't you take her?! She was yours! Didn't you notice the way she looked at you?!" He was furious "You could have done anything with her! And then you would have fed! She was a virgin!"

"How..how did you know she was a virgin?" Xander whispered.

"You can smell it. Vampires have better senses than humans, and then some. Couldn't you smell it?" Angelus asked.

"No." Xander said.

"Well, you're young. You probably just didn't notice. But why didn't you kill her?" Xander got to his feet. When he didn't answer, Angelus shoved him. "Why didn't you kill her?"

"Beacause I can't!" Xander yelled, shoving back "It's one thing my parents taught me that was worth a damn. Killing is wrong."

"Your parents taught you that?" Angelus asked "Your parents don't mean shit now! All that matters is what you feel!"

"It feels wrong!" Xander yelled back. "I couldn't kill her, Angel! I wanted to but I couldn't."

"You couldn't? It didn't feel right? How can you feel that? You're a vampire! The only time vampires ever feel that type of thing is when they have..." he slowed his speech as he came to the final realisation

"souls." Xander stared at him blankly. "What do you feel right now?"

"Hunger." Xander said, bloodlust filling his eyes.

"Past that." Angelus pressed.

"Sickness." Xander replied "I feel like shit." Angelus nodded.

"You have a soul. But how the hell can you have a soul? Willow can't cast those spells anymore, and even if she could she doesn't know you're a vampire yet.... does she? She can't... We'll get to the bottom of this."

"Can't vampires keep thier souls?" Xander asked.

"No." Angelus shook his head. "Well, you've managed to put a damper on my whole evening." He growled "Okay, let's go rob a goddamn blood bank or something." he stormed out, and Xander followed slowly behind.


"He never came home." Willow said. She sat at a table across from Buffy in the library with Oz holding her close to her left. Giles paced the length of the library. He didn't want to admit it, but he was concerned for Xander.

"You're sure there's no world ending prophecies or anything that might involve the dissapearences of one of the slayers' friends or anything?" Buffy asked desperatly.

"I-i wish that there were, Buffy, beacause at least we might be able to figure out something we can do." Giles said, cleaning his glasses. Buffy nodded.

"Hey, he'll turn up." Oz said enthusiastically. Willow and Buffy looked at him and he smiled hopefully, then frowned as he realised that they weren't going to adopt his way of thinking. he got up and walked towards the door. "I'm going to drive around for a while. Maybe I'll find him."

"Good luck." Willow moped.

"I'll drive all night if I have to." Oz said, looking at her meaningfully "I will find him. I swear I will look for as long as it takes." Willow tried to smile for him, loving more than ever.

"Be careful, Oz." Buffy said "If something did take Xander, than something could attack you." Oz nodded and left. Buffy sat down next to Willow, who grabbed her and sobbed into Buffys' shirt.