Chapter 6

As night fell the dead walked. Harvest had a control over the dead, andraised them to do his work. It was usually his last ditch effort to findsomeone. He figured that so many zombies couldn't miss ahandful of people. The various walking dead wandered the streets, theirmoaning filling the night air. "It's creepy." Buffy said, shivering. "It's still creepy. I just can'tget used to it." She folded her arms and shivered again.

"But can you fight them?" Xander asked coldly. She flicked him asideways glance and then moved away from him. Xander bowed his head fora moment, and then raised it, pulling out his guns. "I guess I can shootthem and cover you guys..."

"The whole few blocks?" Giles asked, looking at him doubtfully.

"Then what do you suggest?" Xander snapped. He was still on edge.

"I can go for my van." Larry said. "I'm strong, and I can run for a longtime."

"I can go with him." Angel said from behind them. He walked up, his coatbillowing about him. Buffy looked at him, and he stared at her,intently. Buffy broke the fixed gaze and then moved over next toGiles. Giles tossed Angel the keys to his van.

"Umů Okay." Larry said, looking at the vampire a little nervously. Xanderwatched Angel from the side, not really trusting him. He bit his lowerlip. Now was not the time. Larry stepped outside. Xander pushed pasthim.

"I'll distract them." He said, running out into the yard. He fired twoshots, each hitting their target square in the head. Two zombies droppedto the ground. Xander ran for a car nearby and dove onto thehood, firing a few more shots.

"I'm impressed." Buffy said, watching him. Larry and Angel ran out intothe street, heading off into the direction of Larry's' van. Angel backhanded a zombie that got too close, and Larry kicked one ahe ran off. The pair ran side by side, each one dropping Zombies oneither side. Nastassia pushed past Buffy out into the yard. She kicked a zombie, and then swept another. She turned toward the veteran slayer.

"Ms. Summers...a little help please?" Buffy looked at Giles. He smiledand nodded an encouragement. Buffy walked into the yard a littletentatively. A zombie rushed her, and in desperation, Buffy kicked it inthe face. Buffy smiled a bit.

"I...It's starting to come back to me...." Buffy swung a roundhouse intoanother zombie. She kneed one in the crotch, and then head buttedanother. She gave a triumphant cry, and knocked the head offanother with an elbow. "Ladies and Germs, Buffy the vampire slayer isback!" Two Vans drove up and Oz ran out, half carrying the limpingGiles. Xander ran towards her and turned in front of her.

"Buffy, get in the van."

"You first!" She said, taking down another zombie with a well-placedkick. Xander re-loaded one of his guns and fired them both into azombie, leaving two holes in the dead man's head.

"Fuck you, I'm being the hero-guy-person right now, so get that cutetoosh of yours in the van!" Buffy smiled at him. This was the Xander she knew and loved. Nastassia jumped in the van. Buffy thenleaped into the van. Xander, still shooting, leaped into the van as itstarted to drive away. Xander sat down next to Buffy. Nastassia was inthe front seat with Angel. Buffy came up between the front seats.

"Giles and Oz?" She asked.

"In the other van." Angel replied. Buffy sighed. "Where are we going?"

"North. To Harvests' human processing plant." Buffy said. "We have someass to kick."