Chapter 4

Oz held up his hands for a moment. "Can't we just wait a minute before fighting? I mean, I would really hate to get angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

"What are you, Bill Bixby?" Xander asked drunkenly. Oz smiled.

"You haven't changed a bit, have you, Xander?" That's when Maghan cracked him across the face. Oz tumbled backward, running into Xander. Two of the lesser demons made thier way towards the table where the other strangers sat. Angel tossed the table out of his way, and lept at the closest of the demons. He tackeled the slimey monster into the floor and hammered away at it with his fists. Larry lifted a chair and swung it with all his massive might. It shattered across the demons face. The creature crumpled to the ground,and then rose to it's feet. Angel snapped the neck of his opponent and looked back to see how his comrade was fairing. The demon had gotten on top of Larry, biting at him. Larry held his wrist under the demons neck, holding it up away from him. Angel walked over and grabbed the demon. He lifted it up over his head and then slammed it down onto a table. He heard some boots coming up the stairs outside and watched as more Vampires entered the room.


Xander drunkenly reached under his coat and pulled free a pistol. He fired two shots at the vampire constable, and he fell back a bit, and then pressed forward. Xander lunged at him, wobbling under his own weight, and caught a swift uppercut to his jaw. Xander hit the ground hard. He rolled over to escape the boot Maghan smashed down towards him. The boot slammed into the wooden floor, and Xander got to his feet. Maghan stomped towards him, his face in a vampire form. Xander kicked for the man, but the vampire caught it, and tossed him to the floor. He then twisted his leg around and held it there. Xander screamed in pain, tears shooting from his eyes as he sobered up more quickly than he ever had in his life. He closed his eyes, waiting for the snap of his leg breaking, but it never came. He heard a loud roar and watched as Oz-wolf leaped across the bar and landed on the vampire. Undead and Lycanthrope alike went sprawling onto the floor, and Xander tried to pull himself to his feet. ...........................

Giles watched the fight, wanting to join in. His leg prevented him from doing so, so he remained in the back, watching how his slayers and thier slayerettes had changed in fighting. He saw Xander stumbeling to his feet after a hard fought battle with liquor and vampires, and saw Oz-Wolf on the floor, snarling at the vampire that had given Xander the hard fought battle. Angel and Larry had cut off the advance of the other vampires by blocking the door. Larry was obviously outmatched pound for pound by the physically superior vampires, but somehow held his ground, swinging his fists methodically. Angel was doing quite well, but that didn't come as a surprise to the watcher;Angel had always been good. Nastassia was the real dazzling force,however. The blonde was whirling through her lesser demon opponents like a hurricane through a trailer park, her kicks and punches hitting the exact right spots, her stakes and holy water bottles striking major blows. He watched as a vampire lunged for Buffy, who stood off to the side, staring ahead. He screamed for her....


Xander heard the yelling and turned to see Buffy standig off to the side, her eyes staring ahead at nothing. He saw the vampire running towards her, fangs exposed. He watched, expecting her to turn and smash the vampire like she had always done, but only watched as she seemingly remained catatonic. He rushed forward, guns blazing, hoping that it would at least delay the bloodsucker. It did. Bullets smacked into the head and shoulders of the creature, and he fell back momentarily. Xander rushed over and grabbed Buffy around the waist. "What the hell are you doing?" He screamed over the noise, but she gave no indication she had heard him. She just continued to stare ahead. He saw the vampire rushing him, but didn't have time to react. Just as the vampire was about the hit the slayer and her friend, the vampire burst into a cloud of dust. He looked over to see that Nastassia had thrown a stake thier way. He looked over to see Oz-Wolf cleaning house with the lead vampire, his fangs tearing into the monster. He saw Giles limp over. Giles nodded at him, a relived look in his eyes, and then moved Buffy away from combat.


Maghan managed to knock out the werewolf with a mass of adreniline. He stood up and walked towards the slayer. She was occupied with lesser demons, and so decided to take advantage of it. He snuck up behind her, and then felt the stake slam into his back. He turned, shocked, and looked into the face of the drunken whelp that had started it all. Xander grinned, saluted, and gave him the finger. The vampire burst into dust.


Nastiassia moved over towards Giles. "There are more vampires rushing in. Oz is out, and so is Larry. Angels blocked the door with tables, but he doesn't know how long it will hold." She looked around at the tattered remains of the bronze. Angel hoisetd the uncouncious football player and the bald monk/musician on either shoulder. Xander walked over, slinging his guns back into thier holsters under his jacket. "What are we doing?" He asked. He was temporarily sobered up, but who knows how long until the adreniline wore off and went back into drunk symptons. He had had several drinks. His eyes were bloodshot and he was swaying slightly.

"Go to my house." Owen said, tossing his keys to the drunk. "It's two blocks down. 264 elm." Nastiassia smiled at him and nodded.

"Thanks, Owen."

"We're sorry about the bar..." Angel added.

"It's okay." Owen said "Was going to close the old place down soon anyway. Now get out of here before they break down the door." The group hurried out the back door, Angel trailing behind.

"Come with us." Angel said. Owen shook his head.

"Nah. I always figured my life would have a purpose. I think I found it just now. I want to do something to help you all beat harvest, and this way I have. You have a fighting chance." Angel put a hand on his shoulder."But what about you?"

"I've lived my life. Now get the hell out of here."

"Thank you." Angel said, running out the door.

"You're welcome." Owen said, watching him go. He made his way back to the bar and stood there as they broke down the door.

"The slayer." The lead vampire growled. Owen shrugged.

"No slayer here." The vampire grabbed him.

"Where did she go?" He asked, grabbing Owens' shirt.

"Fuck you." Owen said, spitting in the vampires face. "You all don't have a friggin' leg to stand on you bums." The vampire snapped his neck.

"Asshole." The vampire looked back at his companions "Search every house. Door to door. I want the slayer and her little friends found."