Willow wasn't even going to attempt to help him anymore. She saw Angelus take the sword, which means he no longer had a soul, which ment that Buffy and the Vampire had had sex in the hall while they fought. The one time Willow had attempted to enter the fray, Angelus backhanded her and swore at her. So she waited. And prayed


"I am going to kill you." Angelus said with a shrug and a smile "I just wanted you to know that."

"Is that so?" Harvest asked. The pair stood staring at one another from opposite sides of the room. Angelus had a creepy confident smile on his face, Harvests' face was a mask of anger, hatred and frustration. "I really hate people like you and your friends, always trying to oppose me when you know I am supposed to win!"

"Oh...........fuck off." Angelus said, circling the room casually. He sat down at a table and put his feet up. He looked out the window. "Is the sun still up?" Harvest roared and charged the vampire. Angelus pushed off of the table with his feet and rolled backward as the sword sliced through the table. He got to his feet and charged Harvest, swining the sword quickly. Harvest put up his sword, and they both stood, locked together, staring at each other.

"Why are you fighting me?" Harvest asked "We could do this together, you at my side....a right hand man!"

"No....been there, done that." Angelus said "A) I play second fiddle to no one and B) You killed Buffy. Evil I may be, but I still loved her. Or at least the ensouled woose Angel did. Plus, she brought me back. So I owe it to her to kick your demon ass." They broke the hold, and Angelus stepped back, swining the sword in his hand. He then lunged, clanging his blade with Harvests' again. Harvest spun and sent the sword Angelus' way. He dodge and turned and kicked the demon in the gut, and then stabbed for Harvests' heart. Harvest parried and punched Angelus down. Angelus rolled as Harvests' sword stabbed into the ground. Angelus brought up a foot into Harvests' groin. Harvest roared and lifted the Vampire by the throat. Angelus laughed. Then Harvest felt a blast in the back. He dropped the vampire, who used the advantage. He buried the blade into the demons' gut. Harvest looked down, shocked. He then looked up, face twisted in rage, and tackeled Angelus. They! both went out the window. Angelus burst into flames with a scream, while Harvest melted away into the air like water


Larry and Amy looked up to see the fireball hit the ground. They waited for a moment, to see what would happen. And then the clouds dissipated quickly, and for the first time in five years, the sun shone brightly in the sky.

"Holy shit." Larry breathed "They did it. They fucking did it."